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  1. Can only take a focus after having been Ionized. Droids have calculate, not focus.
  2. This. This is my current jam. Along with Palob + Old T + Guri.
  3. Madtheos

    Initiative 6 Pilots

    I just can't see that being the case with the cost of I6. With far less dice-altering defensive upgrades, I think generics are going to be a strong option.
  4. Palob Godalhi — HWK-290 38 Trick Shot 1 Lando Calrissian (Scum) 8 Moldy Crow 12 Ship Total: 59 Old Teroch — Fang Fighter 56 Fearless 3 Ship Total: 59 Guri — StarViper 62 Daredevil 3 Advanced Sensors 8 Shield Upgrade * Ship Total: 81 More tokens for me. Less for you.
  5. 2017 Regionals. Top 16. Flying Decimator/Inq into Jeff(?) Berling's Kanan/Biggs and Ion Bombing his full HP Ghost off the board on turn... 3 or 4. I was shaking so bad as I helped him move my ships when I knew it was over prior to the deci moving. Declared the bomb and he replied, "That's two tokens, isn't it?" "Yup." "Well good game then." Hand shake and dice in hand! He took it on the chin extremely well.
  6. There's nothing better than dropping an ion bomb and sending a full health ghost off the board.
  7. I disagree. Executing a maneuver involves three things: Moving the Ship, Checking Pilot Stress, and Clean Up. I don't see any reason why executing a maneuver prior to revealing your dial would impact how you actually execute things. That said, the whole debate is silly given you can't perform the AA maneuver if you're stressed. I do agree that Twin Ion should make AA green however.
  8. Store Championships, even official ones, aren't considered premier events, so you can play as long as you have a secondary judge.
  9. Madtheos

    Epic 2.0

    Disagree. Rebel Transport is still the best 60ish points you can spend in epic.
  10. You can get a stand-alone deck, but you'll need templates with the new lines down the middle still.
  11. This was my thought as well. I don't see how you could roll back to picking a new target for the coordinate. Ruling that you can choose a new target for the coordinate action if the receiving ship can't perform an action opens up another chance for "measuring" abuse as well.
  12. I'm liking the flavor of the ship. I agree the two ace abilities are a little wonky. I was thinking Minax should have something like... "After a boost or barrel roll, you may acquire a target lock on a enemy ship at range 1-3."
  13. Sekac is correct with his assessment. Feedback Array and EMP Device are worded the exact same way. Cloaked = No activation in combat phase. Thus, no opportunity to forego the attack and use one Array or EMP.
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