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    Sharego reacted to Green Knight in Nordics (nationals) 2018   
    Winning list: 4-0, 38 pts
    Name: ISD-VSD-Demo
    Faction: Imperial
    Commander: Admiral Motti
    Assault: Most Wanted
    Defense: Contested Outpost
    Navigation: Solar Corona
    Victory II (85)
    • Chart Officer (2)
    • Gunnery Team (7)
    • Disposable Capacitors (3)
    • Heavy Ion Emplacements (9)
    = 106 Points
    ISD Cymoon 1 Refit (112)
    • Admiral Motti (24)
    • Strategic Adviser (4)
    • Intensify Firepower! (6)
    • Gunnery Team (7)
    • Spinal Armament (9)
    = 162 Points
    Gozanti Cruisers (23)
    • Comms Net (2)
    = 25 Points
    Gozanti Cruisers (23)
    • Comms Net (2)
    = 25 Points
    Gladiator I (56)
    • Captain Brunson (5)
    • Ordnance Experts (4)
    • Assault Proton Torpedoes (5)
    • Demolisher (10)
    = 80 Points
    = 0 Points
    Total points = 399
    2nd, 4-0 34 pts
    Name: NORDICS Thrawn 2-ship
    Faction: Imperial
    Commander: Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Assault: Close-Range Intel Scan
    Defense: Planetary Ion Cannon
    Navigation: Superior Positions
    Imperial II (120)
    • Grand Admiral Thrawn (32)
    • Governor Pryce (7)
    • Gunnery Team (7)
    • Electronic Countermeasures (7)
    • Leading Shots (4)
    • Quad Battery Turrets (5)
    • Avenger (5)
    = 187 Points
    Quasar Fire I (54)
    • Captain Brunson (5)
    • Flight Controllers (6)
    • Boosted Comms (4)
    • Squall (3)
    = 72 Points
    • Colonel Jendon (20)
    • Maarek Stele (21)
    • TIE Defender Squadron (16)
    • Dengar (20)
    • Mauler Mithel (15)
    • Tempest Squadron (13)
    • Captain Jonus (16)
    • Valen Rudor (13)
    = 134 Points
    Total Points: 393
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    Sharego reacted to Green Knight in Nordics (nationals) 2018   
    Yes, but I only just got home by plane. It's been an intense weekend. 6 x-wing games and 4 armada. Now I sleep ?
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    Sharego got a reaction from Maturin in Spain National this weekend.   
    Nobody spects the spanish meta
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    Sharego got a reaction from Crewgar in Spain National this weekend.   
    Nobody spects the spanish meta
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    Sharego got a reaction from NairoD in Spain National this weekend.   
    Nobody spects the spanish meta
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    Sharego got a reaction from Lord Preyer in Spain National this weekend.   
    Nobody spects the spanish meta
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    Sharego got a reaction from Lightrock in Spain National this weekend.   
    Nobody spects the spanish meta
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    Sharego got a reaction from Darth Veggie in Spain National this weekend.   
    Nobody spects the spanish meta
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    Sharego got a reaction from chr335 in When are we getting our next SSD article?   
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    Sharego reacted to clontroper5 in Is Armada balanced in your opinion?   
    How Dare you try to have FUN, you need to Sell your Soul to the Competition god's and  Waste your Hobby Time endlessly Min-Maxing for Deadly Efficiency
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    Sharego got a reaction from clontroper5 in Big Gladi, little gladi with Jerry   
    I thought about contested outpost, I'm going to know where the ships will go, but in the other hand my opponent too,  I think I will try hyperspace assault, mostly of the games I will be outdeployed so it isn't a great setback.
    Thanks all for the advices!!
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    Sharego reacted to clontroper5 in What do you think of my thrawn build?   
    Mostly redundancy, plus it gives me options to pass emergency tokens to the Arqs if they need something
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    Sharego reacted to chr335 in Big Gladi, little gladi with Jerry   
    Hmm apts want screed but with OE it is less of a concern.  I would move Kallus to Insidious to get that extra activation.  Other then that can't think of anything
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    Sharego reacted to chr335 in Big Gladi, little gladi with Jerry   
    I always enjoy Apts to get solid damage through shields especially if you get the lose shields face up
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    Sharego reacted to clontroper5 in Big Gladi, little gladi with Jerry   
    I think he wants the glad-2 for AS ability, not a  bad thought imo.
    Maybe drop Insidious to a gsd-1 to save the points? Heck if your desperate you can drop Insidious as well
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    Sharego reacted to Khyros in Big Gladi, little gladi with Jerry   
    Yeah, putting SaD would be a good idea.  Honestly though, you want to be player 1, so I would recommend a higher bid - at least 10 points.  I would also recommend BTvenger instead of Vader.  All of those changes add 3 points total.  And we want to trim 6 additional points.  
    First, I would downgrade APTs on the Kuat to ExRacks.  You should be doing a faceup damage anyways, so APT is just adding a single damage, whereas Exracks will basically add 3 damage.  I question the GSD-2 instead of GSD-1, and that's where I would pull the remaining points unless you can give a solid reason for why you have the -2s.  Actually, with that change, you shouldn't need the Exracks instead of APT if you wanted to keep the APT (though I would still change it out personally).
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    Sharego got a reaction from gounour in Our July Armada "Stop the SSD" game   
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    Sharego reacted to duck_bird in Nova   
    Yeah it's Cymoon, Arq, Arq, Raider1, Goz.
    Tell us how the games are going today!  Keep us updated!
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    Sharego reacted to thecactusman17 in Nova   
    I'll let @duck_bird give upgrade specifics,  but the general combo was Vader, a Cymoon, two Arquitens, a Raider (think it was a 2), and a Gozanti.  Very solid barrage setup.
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    Sharego reacted to Mad Cat in How to...Triple Cymoon! (Chapters 1, 2 and 3)   
    Well it was sort of.... yup not great. I got 26th overall with this fleet. Compared to 7th last year I was disappointed to loose out on a top 16 prize.
    399/400, Blockade Run, Contested Outpost, Solar Corona
    ISD Cymoon, Vader, Gunnery Team, Strategic Adviser. 159
    ISD Cymoon, Gunnery Team, SFO. 120
    ISD Cymoon, Gunnery Team, SFO. 120
    So here's a brief battle report.
    Game 1 v Vader.
    ISD Kuat, BT, Avenger, EWS, Sadviser, Vader.   
    Gozanti, Comms Net
    GSD, Demolisher, ET, ACMs, OE, Brunsen
    Fel, Cienna, Howlrunner, Valen
    I was second player in Solar Corona. He had Demolisher in a corner and Avenger near the centre with a flotilla either side of it. I deployed up sun to rush Avenger with a right hook with the outer flagship ISD at speed 3 and the others at 2. I killed a Gozanti turn 2 as it was at speed 3 then Avenger went nose to nose with my leftmost Cymoon but I got a shot with 5 red in before the turn break. Demolisher was engine teching in fast but still a bit far out. Turn3 Avenger shoots but he forgets to spend his squadron token. I noticed and thought about being sporting so I asked him twice if he wanted to do anything before rolling the dice. I could have spelled it out for him but it was the Nationals after all. So 9 damage was braced and all 3 Cymoons killed Avenger with some double arcs and a little ramming. We circle as my damaged ship is hit by the passing demolisher but then escapes to kill the other flotilla late in the game. Demolisher gets shot once form a long range front arc then gets double arced from flank/rear by my flagship and dies giving a 10/1 400-0. If he had used his BT card the victim Cymoon would have ended the game on 5 hull rather than 9.
    Game 2 v Raddus piloted by @noggin
    MC75 Ord, Profundity, OE, Lando, EWS, APT, E-Rax
    Hammerhead-T, OE, E-Rax
    GR75-T, Quantum Storm
    GR75-T, Bright Hope
    CR90B, Raddus
    Jan, VCX, 5xYT2400
    Second player again in Solar Corona. He deployed CR90 in the left corner, a flotilla in the centre with all fighters and the other flotilla in the other far corner. He could bring in two ships from any of these so didn't really care about where the sun was. I deployed facing the flagship to scare it away and I decided to try and kill time and try to loose no ships and go for a 6-5 default win. It could have worked but my opponent used skill and careful planning. 
    My opponent realised what I was doing maybe turn 3 I think. I successfully kept unengaged until turn 4 taking a little fighter damage but repairing most of it then I had to get our of a corner. Maybe I should have kept away another turn and sat in the corner but I went for my escape keeping each ISDs route clear so it could attempt to outrun the MC75 when it appeared.  He dropped on the left side of my flagship and put the Hammerhead in front which shot first with E-Rax and rolled poor but those OE got him 7 damage and an accuracy on the brace. The HH then ran but was a little fast and faced the table edge. I wasn't sure if it would run off map next turn but there was nothing else in the front arc so we blasted it to dust with 7 and later 5 dice. (it would have run off map, even with a nav, we checked before removing it). I also shot the MC75 with a flank shot and a long range obscured front shot. It then positioned itself double arcing Vader's ship and again the fighters swarmed in. I lost Vader, killed one of the flotillas with 2 hull damage and a final overlap. The MC75 on about half hull then ran for open space. A 4-7 loss.
    Game 3 v Vader
    Cymon, Intel officer, Spinal, XI7
    Cymon, Intel officer, Spinal, XI7
    Gozanti Comms Net
    Gozanti Comms Net
    Raider-I, Vader
    I was first player in Contested Outpost.  I corner deploy facing the base but he abandons it deploying centre with one ISD slow and the other flanking faster along my right hand side. His Vader lifeboat was miles away and didn't come into the fight. I wheel over the base and face the enemy. He banks a lot of tokens with comms nets. His activation advantage allowed him to get the first shots and the XI7s really hurt when he ganged up on the middle of my Cymoonsat the turn break it was on 2 hull but medium range of both enemy ISDs with a good GT shot. T2 it shreds both enemies and piles on the speed into flank arcs. It then died to flank shots and the flotilla. I kill the other flotilla by ramming with my flagship on my left near the base and also shoot his ships with long range GTs. I loose a second ISD but his are both in tatters and I kill them with the flagship's GTs - now at medium range. His Vader turns away and we end up with 3 tokens and a 7-4 win as my Cymoons were cheaper.
    Game 4 v Vader
    Cymoon, Vader, GTs, Brunson, H9, XI7, 7th fleet, Shields to maximum
    Cymoon, Sadviser, H9, XI7, GT, Intensify fire, 7th fleet
    Gozanti Comms Net
    Gozanti Comms Net
    First player in Station Assault. A base in each corner. He deployed slow in between them, I deployed centre right at high speed. I have tried facing GT Vader Cymoons before armed with XI7s and it doesn't go well. They concentrate on one ship with their XI7s and accuracy your brace and you almost loose a Cymoon a turn (maybe two with GTs) and cant kill one back as he can redirect and maybe brace once. He would also get a shot or two before me with his extra activation. I decided to go for the bases. My left Cymoon approached and turned left, double arcing his flagship ready to fire and then run for the unattended base and kill it. The other two would GT his other ISD and the base on my right then run past the enemy into their rear areas.
    Didn't work. My left ISD was killed before it could activate first on turn 2. OK then - go for a 5-6 loss. So I kill the other base and get around the back also slaying a flotilla.  But my flagship is hit by one front shot and a lot of flank/rear shots with great quality from Vader rerolls, XI7s H9s and IF. It dies only just at the end but we kill the other flotilla. 2-9 loss and I drop from table 8 to 11.
    Game 5 v Dodonna (I noted the other lists down but this one is from memory)
    MC80S, XI7s, Mon Karen, Ciatken, Raymus, Nav Team
    MC80A, XI7s, LS, Defiance, ECM, EWS, Sadviser. 
    GR75T Comms Net Bright Hope
    GR75T Comms Net
    CR90A, TRC, Jiana's Light, Dodonna
    Second Player doing Blockade Run.  His large ships on my left. Me in the centre facing flotillas, Jiana's Light on the far right. To get to top 16 I need a good win so have to charge the large ships but with his activation advantages and Last/First he kills the left Cymoon and gets the damaged Star Cruiser away to my rear. Defiance gets traffic jammed and I kill it but Vader's Cymoon is in tatters. TRC90 eventually kills Vader and I almost kill it and do smack Bright Hope. I score one touchdown for a 4-7.
    Being out activated is ok against balanced fleets with one large and a medium and some small ships and fighters. That doesn't have the clout to kill your Cymoons before you can get good shooting out of all three to even the odds and maybe redress the activations early.
    When you face 2 large and several small/flotillas the activations really hurt. A pair of XI7 large ships will kill a Cymoon quickly if they can concentrate on the same hull zone and with no ECM if the braces fail you can die without firing back occasionally. I was quite surprised that the top 10 tables contained such a concentration of double ISD with flotilla support type lists. You can beat this type of list as I did in game 3 but it is tricky and in that game he did split his ships a little too widely.
    I played triple Cymmon at two store championships, winning one and coming second in another. Once you take it to the big leagues however I'm not that confident against today's chosen top lists. It's fun to play but I think it lacks flexibility and there are lists out there that can out joust it.  
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