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  1. From what I remember, Shelob's Lair needs to be managed carefully to prevent too many resources from piling up on Shelob. As others have said, any direct damage is good (so dwarf allies with Dwarrodelf Axe is handy and I think how my brother and I got some extra resources off). It's been a while, but I don't remember Shelob's Lair being as hard as some of the other saga quests. But that's just how my brother and I experienced it.
  2. Jeez. It's one quest out of what, just over a hundred now? That's no reason to sell your entire collection.
  3. Why only one copy of citadel plate?
  4. I'm going to paint. I have leftover supplies from IA, but I'll likely need to buy some more colors and maybe some more brushes. I know that I'll run out of matte finish, so I'll end up getting more of that too.
  5. This does ignore the IA skirmish mode, where the allies are more useful, and the skirmish maps can be fun additions.
  6. As far as the app goes, just download the exe, save it to some external hard-drive or cloud storage along with a Windows 7 or 10 (probably 10 would be better at this point) consumer ISO file, then just update periodically. Worst-case scenario, you end up installing Linux onto an old clunker laptop, downloading some virtualizing software, installing Windows from the ISO file into that virtual machine, and then running the exe there (of course, you might be able to get it to work in WINE).
  7. Additionally, it would almost certainly not be cost-effective to make a one-to-one adaptation of the physical game. There are far too many fiddly rules, wonky interactions, etc. It would be a development nightmare.
  8. Yes, the shadow card is dealt. This can either be a great help if the shadow card was nasty and/or had a nasty effect if it entered the staging area during questing, or it could be bad if it wasn't a bad encounter card or if it was one of the player encounter cards (the Dunedain, the Ship, or the Eagle).
  9. I was under the impression that the main reason why Hands Upon the Bow didn't work against immune enemies was that the developers didn't want anything to be able to attack immune enemies in the staging area, in which case, quick strike (which allows you to attack "any elegible target" i.e. following the normal rules for only attacking enemies engaged with you (or another player if the character is ranged) and Grimbeorn would both work against enemies (although this gets weird when Grimbeorn is defending against some boss enemy that is immune and attacks out of the staging area without being considered engaged to any player). Does such an enemy exist?
  10. As for your first question, it's the latter. You don't need a resource match. However, there is a caveat: 0-cost cards still require a resource match, since you are not "spend[ing] resources of any sphere" when playing it. So you can use A Good Harvest to play Fili when you don't have access to the Leadership sphere, but you can't use it to play A Very Good Tale.
  11. Yep. It's a restriction on playing the card. It gives you a resource, but the hero must already have two resources to play it. They could also have made it a 2-cost event that said ``"Action: Gain three resources".
  12. If you are referring to saga Bilbo, then he starts in play as a hero. The first player always controls Bilbo and his resources, so as the first player token passes (usually through the standard event at the end of the round, but there are a couple of cards that can pass the first player token), Bilbo is also passed to whoever has the first player token.
  13. I go sphere, type, alphabetical. I have the cards in the core box, although I'm about to move the spirit cards to a binder.
  14. It might be. Although the indication that this is an online-only book may indicate no significant change to the current in-print rulebook, with this simply serving as the Rules Reference book that is actually printed for other games. I honestly don't know.
  15. @timbolton The quote you point out and the note at the bottom of the cover page do point to this being only part of the rules. But this is consistent with modern FFG rulebook layouts. They did the same thing with Imperial Assault.
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