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  1. They announced that the event will be next spring instead of this fall/winter. I think it was either a FaceBook post or a Twitter thing.
  2. I just got an email notifying my that my pre-order for Wrath and Ruin was going to ship soon, so we can expect it to hit stores soon as well!
  3. I wouldn't buy a second core until you get everything else. If you really want/need the extra 1/2-ofs (like Unexpected Courage) and you sleeve your player cards, you can always photo-copy the original and put it into a sleeve along with a different player card for the back.
  4. I also wasn't too impressed by the core set experience. I actually bought the entire first cycle while in college, but I petered out because I wasn't really good at the deck building thing. Not to mention the lure of Skyrim and the responsibility of school-work. A couple of years ago, I found Beorn's Path and finally deck-building started to "click" with me (although I'm still not a very good deck builder). So I invested in some more cards and I've been hooked ever since.
  5. How did you deal with the Wraiths on Wings? Did you kill them in the Black Gate?
  6. Actually, you probably would get less criticism and better feedback if you went into detail on how the deck wasn't helpful. By just bashing it and claiming "it's not a good deck at all...I don't advocate using this deck whatsoever." is going to ruffle feathers and make it easy to write you off as the brazen, foolish loudmouth who doesn't understand how to run other people's decks; particularly with the tone that you adopt regarding the game (with statements like "I'm going to sell this game if I can't beat this quest in X number of tries!").
  7. I was one-handed for a while, but just finished Heirs of Numenor and Khazad-dum two-handed. I intend to go into Angmar Awakened two-handed (one Noldor quest deck and one dunedain combat deck). After that, I may switch back to one-handed. When I re-play the campaign, I'll almost certainly do one-handed.
  8. I use penny sleeves as well. I used to sleeve my encounter cards, but then stopped (although I may have enough sleeves now, since I accidentally bought another 1000).
  9. I've beaten Assault on Osgiliath a few times, but most of those felt a bit cheap due to that one swingy treachery, so I'm planning on playing it a few more times until I decide to move on and take my technical win (one on turn 1 due to the treachery, one several turns in after I had taken control of a location or two due to the treachery) or I get a satisfactory win. I'm pretty sure my current decks can beat it, but I have a mono-tactics replacement for my mono-spirit deck if need be. Once I'm done with the Heirs of Numenor, I actually plan on taking a break in order to paint my miniatures for Journeys in Middle Earth, then it's on to the Angmar Awakens cycle (I already played Ringmaker).
  10. We have several. Forest Snare, Followed, and Outmatched. The latter two are tactics sphere.
  11. You can find some of the art online. Whether this counts as fair use for that art, I have no idea. My suspicion is that it does, provided you don't sell the tokens. Unfortunately, not all of the art is available online. However, you could always take an image of the regular card from Hall of Beorn, crop it to the token, and then print it on cardstock or whatever material you want the tokens made from.
  12. I often end up at 52-54 cards. Mainly because I have a vague memory of an article from Tales of the Cards that went through the changes in probability for opening hand composition, and added 4 extra cards didn't change the probability of getting your must have card too much. This lets me have an additional copy or two of some core cards, or even a copy or two of an entirely new card that would otherwise be cut.
  13. Unfortunately, The One Ring 2nd Edition will likely not be released until December/January timeframe.
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