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  1. Anyone got a 2.0 X-Wing with moving s-foils and happy to swap with a 1.0 X-Wing with fixed foils? UK-based. Thanks!
  2. That list is interesting and is composed of my favorite pilots so I'll be trying them out for sure!! I also like the Phantom+Juke+Perceptive Copilot build. One evade and two focus would really help! But maybe a shield instead of stealth device. To those that say flying Phantoms in 2.0 is different from 1.0, please imagine that I'm at total idiot and explain to me how to fly Phantoms in 2.0?
  3. How? Vader affects the other ship, not my own.
  4. I should've known that but I guess I roll so badly it's a miracle any of my opponent's ships die. Speaking of hammer and anvil, what would be a good pair up for the Phantoms then? I think my mistake might be pairing up fragile ships.... interceptors and phantoms. Maybe some cheap TIEs? Thanks for sharing your list! I stopped playing well before the Reaper and the Aggressors came to the scene so never had their models.... and I guess I have a nasty habit of not looking at stuff I don't have models for. Regarding decloaking, again, why not? I guess it can mess with the opponent if they were expecting me to be doing a 2 straight boost (if I was next to an asteroid, for example) then they find out I'm going to be way out of range, but not decloaking does not free up an action, if anything, I miss out on a free evade. A no-name, PS4 Phantom with Juke isn't anywhere near tricked out But I guess it is better than what you could push out in 1.0 I like that and it just might be more threatening than my current Echo+Juke+StealthDevice+CollisionDetector build but with +3 cost, but how is the force point handy for turtling up? Why Whisper and not Echo?
  5. Not really. You still can't fit more than 3 tricked out Phantoms and even for 4 Phantoms, they're only taking Juke, so.... What was the rest of your list? I think the trick here is getting the enemy to prioritize the rest of your squad but with all those upgrades on Whisper, this can be a challenge! The rest of the squad should present a worse threat or at least an easier target. I may not be appreciating Juke as much as I should.
  6. Why not decloak? It's required for pew-pew and even just for positioning, that 2-boost or barrel roll is great for moving about! You can cloak/decloak even when stressed, but good catch on that free Evade action! But like I said, I'm used to being able to pew-pew and still have the 4 evade dice in 1.0 --- going down to 3 attack dice and 2 defense dice for a 1HP gain doesn't seem worth it for me, but I'm probably flying these things wrong anyway and that's why I'm here to find out! The first point is only assuming you decloaked that turn and/or weren't stressed, but I see your point. However, is Juke really that much better than Outmaneuver? Is changing dice better than really denying the opposing player the actual roll of that die? Granted Juke works regardless of positioning whereas Outmaneuver isn't. I'm glad you feel that way in your second paragraph, it gives me hope that the issue is with the player and not the ship! Even in 1.0, I realize they did not have everything. It just feels like they have even less in 2.0 --- in 1.0, they had 4 attack and 4 defense with 4HP if you had ACD, but you'd still pay the price if someone out-initiatives you and you are de-cloaked when they fire. You can still shoot, but you'll be 2 defense for those above you in initiative and 4 defense for those below. In 2.0, they now have 3 attack and 2 defense regardless of initiative with 5HP. In comparison, the X-Wing still retains 3 attack and 2 defense but how have 6HP in 2.0 when they had 5HP in 1.0. So much for 3 red is now what 4 red used to be.... If that's all cloaking is good for now, then yeah, no use in taking Whisper. Can you tell me what the rest of your build was? And what tactics did you use? I think I'm quite an aggressive pilot so I may be pushing some bad situations. I should probably learn to skip attacking for a round or two to get a better postion on the enemy, and decloak-evade-cloak is quite good for covering ground. How'd you get 2 Evades? Am I reading the rules wrong? I do agree with you on Krennic and having to play with MORE ships. My builds are usually 3-ship, I rarely play 4-ship, so maybe they need a bigger group to fly with to shine? I'd love to know of your build and how you flew!! Care to share? I'm not really after the wins, I don't mind a loss but on a well-fought battle, but at this point, I feel like I'm missing a major lesson in how to fly these things especially in 2.0. *EDIT* I see you've shared your list, how do you fly it? What's your mind going through during the game? I would really, really LOVE to know your thoughts on why you'd say this! I was thinking of trying my beloved Interceptors next or even Vader's Tie Advanced (loved it in the quick-build games I've played) but I really had fun in Phantoms in 1.0 that I'd love to return to them in 2.0. Yeah, both of them had Stealth Device and Collision Detector which was very useful! Both had Jukes too. Then Soontir with Outmaneuver and Stealth Device. I don't get what you're saying with R3?
  7. Yeah, had to make that choice a few times already!
  8. I guess I was spoiled by Advanced Cloaking Device... but to lose 2 evade to shoot? Seems expensive to me. Probably should take Perceptive Copilot to have two focus, that way I can save the evade to re-cloak and use one focus on the attack and one on the defense, but even so, at this rate, the cloaking is really only for repositioning options and doesn't do anything for defensive capabilities.
  9. Not saying Juke is confusing, what I'm saying is Juke is only useful if the opponent hasn't focused or if attacking one ship with multiple Phantoms with Juke. Most opponents will focus to counter Juke and I can't always target the same ship twice.... I usually fly three-ship builds. Juke is probably awesome on the 4-ship Sigma build. Compared with 1.0 however.... ability to get target locks and thus modify your attack rolls, gunner for two attacks, etc. We now have Fire-Control System in 2.0 but no way to use it on Phantoms outside of Krennic. Thanks for that! I've flown Phantoms before so I'd like to think I know how to fly them but maybe I'm doing something wrong... but still don't see the point of having to save the evade. Would've loved to be able to have two evades. The Phantom didn't like getting shot at at 1.0, it's even more so in 2.0, I guess! What do you mean by Comm Relay? I can't find it anywhere. Also don't know what you mean by Avoid Scary Things. 3 attack dice may be the new 4 attack, but it's now also crippled by the lack of ability to modify those attack dice. Aside from the 4x Sigma with Juke, what's a good Phantom setup? I agree that there are an absurd number of crew options, but that holds true for any of the ships that has a crew slot, so..... don't know how that's really a thing?
  10. Yep! That's what made me want Stygium to have given a token rather than as an action. Also pointless to get an evade token for decloaking but needing another one to cloak. Maybe that's me coming from 1.0 and Advanced Cloaking Device but why defend with 2 green dice when you can have 4?
  11. Would love if you'd expound on that. HOW should it be flown in 2.0? I've flown with Juke as well but can't really see the point as the attacker modifies defense dice first so if my target has a focus token, that's basically the counter for Juke. Not saying it's useless as I've had successful kills thanks to Juke but I was wondering if Outmaneuver would be better at +2 points....
  12. Games'n'Geeks


    Anyone fly the Phantom successfully in 2.0? I used to fly Phantoms in 1.0 pre-nerf, not so much post-nerf, but flying it again in 2.0 just feels very different. I never flew with the Sygium Particla Accelerator in 1.0 but now it's built in on 2.0 Phantoms. I always used the Advanced Cloaking Device so the Phantoms in 2.0 felt very vulnerable with just 2 evade dice with the "stealth" function just basically allowing me to block or end up in a suprise position. However, with decloacking giving an evade action as opposed to a token, I'm then limited to just focus or barrel rolling for my action.... would've been nice if it gave an evade token instead then I can double-evade. Another painful change is the loss of 1 attack dice. I felt it was worth it flying the Phantoms as glass cannons with good maneuver options but with -1 attack dice in exchange for +1 hull point, I don't quite feel the punch of the Phantoms anymore. I also used to fly with either Gunner/Rebel Captive/Recon Specialist/Weapons Engineer on the Phantom plus a Fire Control System in order to modify attack dice. In 2.0, Director Krennic or Percpetive Copilot seem to be the only sensible options. Vader seems cool but him and the Inquisitor seems like they're just going to make whichever ship they're on as primary targets and on a Phantom with 2 defense dice, they don't last very long. I'm hoping a 2.0 release of the Phantom will have an Advanced Cloaking Device or some cool upgrade to make the Phantom viable, but in 2.0, it seems quite "meh". Having said that, I've only played with the named pilots. I've read that people have had great results with 4x Sigmas with Juke so would love to see how that works.
  13. Bling is always good! However, where does it say in the rules that official 2.0 stuff must be used at all times? I thought so long as you and your opponent were clear on what token denotes what....
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