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  1. ..... again, so the answer is yes; Iron Body reduces the PC's natural unarmed attack stat block, not the weapon used. And the PC may always choose which crit rating to use.
  2. So then does that means Iron Body actually does work with brawl weapons equipped? the PC just chooses which crit rating to use?
  3. Not to beat a dead horse, but why does Precision Strike (Supreme), which was also introduced in the same book, cites 'unarmed attacks' just like Iron Body but then clarifies that "Combat checks used to activate this talent cannot be made with any weapons?"
  4. Oh! And in the various corpses the crew finds they see that they aren't the first salvage crew to arrive.... "do you hear something?"
  5. Exactly, just have certain areas be exposed to vacuum and have most of the ship had its emergency systems sealed itself off from exposed areas.
  6. Sooo many to choose from.... well there was the time my group's ship gets boarded by pirates. A firefight ensues, my character(not the big gun) and another(the real big gun) are trying to hold off 4 groups of minions until the rest of the team can make it too is(why did the turbolifts have to fail NOW?) Anyways, one minion group gets downed, but so does our big gun. My character, a smuggler, probably won't survive until the others arrive for backup... so he waltzes out of cover, juggling a plasma grenade, and orders the boarders to surrender...successfully with 2 despair... Well, the grenade goes off, setting himself aflame in plasma fire, then calmly explains to the boarders "if you don't throw down your weapons, all burn this whole ship to ****!!!" Weapons dropped, pirates surrender, chicks dig scars, glory last forever!
  7. Yeah, at my table we applied the same train of thought as Blast toward Burn. Passive qualities affect ongoing burn, Active qualities would not. But again, just our interpretation since it was never addressed.
  8. "The attacking pilot, not the targeted pilot, counts the ship as 1 silhouette lower. As the targeted pilot still counts it as silhouette 4, barrel roll is a no go" ... there is the explanation for the player. If you want to house rule it, I did see one I liked: A player may use barrel roll for a silhouette 4 ship by suffering 3 system strain AND 3 personal strain.
  9. -Gag 1 PC #1: "Don't forget the 'safe word'." PC #2: ".... Who uses safe words?" - Gag 2 PC #1: "....Nickelback" Table: (uncontrollable laughter) And a fan favorite, no matter the game: "CUT OFF THEIR NIPPLE!"
  10. Combined is deadly, but is a good idea to check with the gm first. Some (like myself) house-rule that attachments sharing the same identifier of type(barrel, sights, scope, grip, xciter, etc) would take up the same slot/area of the weapon.
  11. I think you mean the spread barrel, from the core rule books
  12. Let's see..... should I just write the check now for a preorder?
  13. Maybe it's been answered already, but now that we have new careers coming... does that mean there are new splatbooks in the works? To finish out the 6 specs and signature abilities like the 6 base careers per core rulebook got?
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