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  1. Blasphemy! Heretic! Silence the lies!!!
  2. I like what you've done with this, but I fo have one suggestion. The choice you have for "4 Advantages or 1 Triumph" is up to two optional mods... that seems a bit much. If someone has 4 advantage, sure take two as they are spending 2 Advantage twice... but 1 Triumph gets 2 freebies? Would it be better to replace that option with adding a boost to all combat checks? The weapons crafting templates have that as an option for that tier. Also, maybe flip your 2 Advantage slot with your 3 Advantage slot? Getting a free mod for 2 Advantage could get op quick. But like it all in general.
  3. Ok, I missed that. Took me a while to find that answer. Not culmitive, but each item individually carries a penalty should they have a cumbersome over the character's Brawn. And those penalties do stack. So if a character with brawn 2 were to TWC the Ryyk blades, 1 difficulty increase for each blade plus the difficulty increase for dual- welding. Ouch!
  4. No, just like encumbrance values, cumbersome is culmitive. So if using/ carrying another item or piece of gear with a cumbersome rating the total sum of the cumbersome is what the character needs to be able to handle. I.e. if you add that to a flamethrower to a rifle(+1 cumbersome), but the character is carrying something else with a cumbersome rating of 1, then the total cumbersome value for the character is 2.
  5. Randy G

    Suggestions on Flame Projectors

    In a home game one of our PC's wanted one, so we took the under-barrel flame projector and the wristmount weapon attachments, had our mechanic make a check to combine the two, and added a few caveats to it: - Takes 2 HP on the armor, and the cost/rarity of both attachments. -Limited ammo 1, with the option to modify it at the cost of more HP to add a fuel reserve. -Dangerous - upgrades the difficulty once, a Despair means he flamed himself too.
  6. Randy G

    Spamming Inspiring Rhetoric

    I find being told things like my "mother was a hamster" as very disconcerting... what does that make me? I really calls my whole existence into question.
  7. Randy G

    Saber crystals

    That talent specifically calls out 'Melee' combat checks, not 'Lightsaber' combat checks. A GM would have to house-rule allowing that talent to apply.
  8. And off course the house rules.... "Its a pistol AND a carbine?" Throw on a BAM and a Forearm Grip(carbine mode only) on the same weapon? Silly stuff like that.
  9. Randy G

    Active / Incidentals

    Most talents that are incidentals will state once per round, anyways. But again, the GM always has the final say as to if something is reasonable. But if the PC has multiple DIFFERENT talents that allow an active incindental, as long as it made sense and wasn't redundant, I'd allow it... within reason.
  10. Randy G

    Solo: was it murder?

    Lies!!!! BLASPHEMY!!!!! Burn the witch at the stake!!!!! Lalalalala....I'm not listening to you.....
  11. Randy G

    Solo: was it murder?

    If talking about the characters and tree many things they've already done, yup. In this instance, Nope. Visible weapon (drawn or not), reasonable threat for life (known, dangerous criminal who has been seen first-hand killing), captive in distress and danger of life (Chewie), and a verbal threat (If you don't kill me I'll kill you). ****, a public defender would get you off as self - defense, or justified homicide at the very least.
  12. Randy G

    Closed topics

    .... But I thought pirates were nice... whoa, this changes my whole outlook on life.
  13. Randy G

    Struggling with a character concept

    This. Concepts are great to get you started, but unless you plan on mapping out your character and only sticking to the plan, your character WILL take on a life of its own as the campaign evolves. Do what is fun in the moment. In one campaign I'm in, I started out wanting my character to be the best pilot and best gunslinger around. 3 years later, he is neither. Maybe the best one at overselling just how good he really is, but he ended up being an overall generalists. Not what I planned for him, but for the campaign, definitely more fun than sticking to the plan... just means I still sweat bullets on almost every roll.
  14. Randy G

    Modifying pistols.

    Right. In our game if it shares an identifier in the name, like Module or Xcitor, we assume it takes up the same 'slot' on the weapon.
  15. Randy G

    Modifying pistols.

    If looking for making your pistol deadly, a fully modded BAM paired with a fully modded Enhanced Xcitor will net you a small weapon with pierce of +5. Cuts right thru most armor. Also reduces crit by 1. And again, if you have the HP for it, get the custom grip to cancel out the BAM's setback.