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  1. Oh that’s gnarly. Especially the Wes Janson. That could really ruin someone’s day. Very aggressive.
  2. Even if the bulk conversion kits are the only conversions they end up offering (which seems to be the case), you will undoubtedly be able to buy the broken up parts of the conversion kits on eBay and likely other online stores. People will buy the kits and sell what they don’t need. People will buy the kits with the sole intent of breaking them up into parts to sell. People (like me) will buy one conversion kit for the Rebel Alliance and one for the Galactic Empire, and then, for example, buy the other two T-65 conversions separately on eBay or wherever that I need to run four X’s. Same goes for whatever extra Ties I need. It’ll be ok. You won’t have to buy five conversion kits, unless you have just an absolutely massive collection, which some people do.
  3. Something’s thats been said already probably here and definitely in other threads, is that components of the whole conversion kits will undoubtedly be for sell on eBay, and I’m sure on other online stores as well. What if I want to run 4x T-65’s? Well, I buy one conversion kit, then buy the additional components I need for the other two X’s on eBay. And maybe while I’m at it I sell some of the components I don’t need of the conversion kit I bought to make a little bit of my money back. That doesn’t seem all that bad. Now, I would be upset if they charge for the app though. I’m already throwing a minimum of $100 at the game, just to play and use the stuff I already own. If they charge me an additional $5 or whatever for the app (or a ******* monthly subscription fee) I’m going to feel pretty well violated. Sure, the app development costs money, but they’re already milking that out of me for the other stuff. All and all I’m excited. I hope gameplay picks up at my LGS.
  4. Thanks for explaining that. I see. I mean, that really is a bummer in a lot of ways. Just tonight I was actually proudly thumbing through all my upgrade cards (almost all of the essential ones for competitive play) thinking that it was cool I had all these “format staples,” and that I was in a really good position to be starting a game I’ve been excited to actually get into for awhile now. So that’s a blow. It really is a substantial collection. BUT... I play Magic (specifically Modern), and the fact of the matter is that I’ll pay good money for stupid *** games if they’re good games. I have a feeling this will turn out pretty well for the game itself. I hope my LGS gets into it again. I could see it going either way. Either this will be the last straw and the few people who were hanging on will throw their stuff in a plastic storage container in their attic indefinitely, or this will be a morale boost and the old players will be happy with the changes and new players will hop aboard. We’ll see. And I’ll be somewhere awkwardly in the middle. I guess I’ll hang on to all my old cards. Maybe they’ll be worth something like ABU Magic cards some day if the game manages to stick around long enough. Who knows. I love Star Wars though, it reigned over other childhood obsessions of mine for a long, long time. And I’ve been impressed with X-wing’s gameplay/design since the first time I saw it played. I just wish they would’ve gotten all of it right the first time. Should’ve used some force vision. Still, I’m sure I’ll end up buying the stupid stuff. It’s eventually going to take a lot of conversion kits though to get all my ships squared away *folds arms and audibly huffs* Thanks again for explaining that. I really do appreciate it.
  5. I haven’t had the time to watch the covenant videos yet. I have a relatively large collection I got off someone who was getting out of the game, but I never really started playing because my beloved T-65’s sucked. Then I just found out a few days ago that the T-65 is playable again and got super excited and ready to play some X-Wing, and now I hear that I’m gonna have to buy a bunch more **** just to start playing. What do the conversion kits come with? Are all my upgrade cards obsolete? I’m confused and a little frustrated right now. I can watch the videos tomorrow, but can someone tell me now in simple terms how much of my relatively large collection is useless?
  6. I mean, Tarn Mison with R7 astromech has always been one of my favorites. With R7, Integrated Astromech, and all the new goodies, He’s still just 23 pts. It’s a simple combo but I love it. They were made for each other.
  7. I mean, I’m not outright opposed to running a T-70. Or even other original trilogy ships. Are stresshogs still a thing? Would XXY with the upgraded T-65’s be viable? I’m completely out of the loop of what’s being run and what’s viable these days. Also, any suggestions on some cool Luke Skywalker Loadouts? I like the “Draw Their Fire” on Luke. R2-D2 is obviously a great fit. Who makes the best stressbot T-65 pilot? Btw, I really appreciate all the input already. It’s helping. Also, I called the owner of my LGS and he said he wanted to get X-Wing back on the schedule. Here’s hoping.
  8. Thanks, Dr Zoidberg! Definitely looks like a fun list. Looks competitive to me, but really I wouldn't know. I love the classic Tarn Mison. I think when I last was playing I had a hyper aggressive Wes Jansen build, but I don't remember what it was. I think I had a build with a stressbot too. I've also been looking at all these other squad list posts with T-65's to get ideas. Since I haven't played the game nearly enough, it's hard for me to build with team/ship cohesion in mind. That's why I appreciate these suggestions so much. It'd be cool if they had an online version like MTGO for Magic, or if there were psuedo ones like Cockatrice or MODO to use for practice. It seems like it'd translate pretty well to computer. I don't play Magic on MTGO because personally I prefer something a little more tangible, but I do enjoy the advantage of easily finding opponents for practice games on Cockatrice. Helps with deck building a lot. It would be the same for X-Wing. It's hard to know how a squad list will perform without actually testing it.
  9. Hey everyone. In short, I was really hoping y’all could do me a big favor and post some of your favorite or best T-65 builds with the new upgrades included. I would be extremely appreciative. In long: I started playing awhile back when one of the guys from my LGS wanted to get out of X-Wing and was trying to offload all of his stuff. Coincidentally, Modern Jund (Magic: the Gathering) had gotten really nuked and wasn’t performing well and I had gotten tired of it, so I decided to trade some of the cards for his collection. After I acquired that I picked up some other expansions here and there, and now have a pretty decent collection. All I wanted to do was play a T-65 Aces list, and I ended up just getting really discouraged. I loved the T-65 pilots, I love the ship, but I’m a competitive guy and I didn’t want to try to learn a game that I was doomed to suck at just because I was flying my favorite ship. So I packed it all away and haven’t touched it in awhile. I checked back in the other night for the first time in at least a year and saw what Wave 14 had to offer and got really excited. It’s been so long since I’ve played though, and I never really had a great grasp on the game to begin with, I would really appreciate it if y’all could give me some loadout ideas for the T-65. Whether it’s your favorite pilot or just a build you think would be good. I have every T-65 pilot, including the Transport guys, so I’m all ears. I have a ton of upgrades and droids and all that stuff. If it’s an upgrade that’s just recently come out in a newer expansion, I probably won’t have it. Wave VIII is the latest I have, but I have most everything from then back, including the rare/pricey upgrades/droids/crews/etc. With that said, I have no problem acquiring any newer stuff necessary for great builds. I play Modern Magic. I’m used to spending exorbitant amounts of money on pieces of card stock, and I have no problem investing in this game again if I can fly my favorite ship. I’d like to build a XXX aces list, and again, I’d greatly appreciate any help or suggestions of cool T-65 builds. I’m gonna try to get X-Wing going again at my LGS.
  10. Raven19528- Yeah, I'm just not very familiar with Y's yet. I haven't ran any yet so it's hard for me to brew with them. Have TLT's made Ion Cannon Turrets obsolete? Or are ICT's still useful/used in some builds? WarriorPoet- I checked out the thread. Some useful and interesting stuff in there! I need to get some more games in so I can really get a feel for what works for me and what doesn't. PastrySandwich- I like that list a lot. I'm gonna head back up to my LGS sometime this week and get at least one T-65 expansion so I can get Wedge and an Expert Handling. I may have to try some barrel roll action myself. Is the roll more for just general added maneuverability for Porkins? I like how he can shed the stress better than anyone, but he's probably not dodging too many arcs at 7PS right? BleakSquadron- I really dig the 4x T-65 build. I keep wanting to run Tarn but it's been hard for me to get the points right with him in an XXX build. Those IA's start adding up into some real value too with 4 X-Wings. It'll be hard for me to run everybody without fully loading them with goodies, but I'm pretty sure that value will make it worth it. Does anyone have some good Garven Dreis builds? I was thinking maybe him and R5-P9? Or maybe R2-D6 and Deadeye with some bad*** torpedoes?
  11. I appreciate the feedback, guys! Since my last post I've acquired a couple of Integrated Astromechs and played a couple of games with a T-65 list. I've changed it a little since then. This is what I've ended up with: Wes Janson (29) Veteran Insticts (1) Flechette Torpedoes (2) R3-A2 (2) IA (0) 34 pts "Hobbie" Klivian (25) Opportunist (4) R2-D6 (1) IA (0) 30 pts Jek Porkins (26) PtL (3) R5-D8 (3) Engine Upgrade (4) 36 pts It weighs in at 100 pts. I wanted a Munitions Failsafe on Wes but I had to lose it and use an IA instead to free up the points for Porkins' EU. Porkins always seems to do well and hang around the longest, so I wanted to give him some more maneuverability. Hobbie's R2-D6 got a lot better with IA. I really like stressbot and flechettes on Wes with that PS10 because I can double stress key ships right out of the gate. I wanted to run a list like this with Dutch instead of Porkins, but had some extra points to play with that I couldn't figure out how to use. Any advice on a list with Dutch would be great. I also need to pick up a T-65 expansion so I can get Wedge. I really want to try him out.
  12. I have a lot to reply to! I truly appreciate all the input. Y'all are generous to take the time to post all of this. So, I actually got a couple of games in today. My first! The first one I played was against the guy who traded me all of his stuff, including the Ghost (I'm not sure if he pre-ordered it and then decided to quit or what, Grayfax). He was nice enough to play me despite the fact that he had renounced the game. I ran my rogue squadron list (which the fine people on this forum have been helping me with on another thread) with Wes, Hobbie, and ol' Porkins. He ran my list with Han (Kyle, Kanan, PtL) and Jake (Prockets). I got pretty lucky and double stressed Jake with Stressbot Wes and Flechette torps right out of the gate. That pretty much neutered him and I took him out not long after with some concentrated fire. Never got the Prockets off. Han was a lot harder. He never got his cluster missiles off though and I ended up taking him out with just Porkins left. My opponent hadn't played in awhile and also didn't realize until later in the match that Kanan's ability could be used on the Falcon itself. This was a good match though just to get acquainted with the game. The second game was very educational. I learned the hard way that the T-65 is not at all great at maneuvering. That, coupled with my being very green at this game, led to me getting pretty well stomped by a couple of Tie Defenders. That white 4 k-turn is sick. That's how you get better though. Porkins held it as long as he could. He couldn't hold it though... Anyway, I think flying the T-65's is a very helpful learning tool, and I will continue to do so. With that said, I want to fly some more maneuverable stuff in my next couple of games, Which leads me to: I traded for a K-Wing today for the TLT (the last missing piece for my stresshog). Once I started looking at the pilot's abilities and the ship itself (the K-Wing, that is), I realized that it's a pretty cool setup. I'll probably try to brew around it sometime, but I'll save that for another day. With my stresshog complete I put together the rest of the list that HueyNewton posted. I'm looking forward to trying it out. C-3PO should be coming in the mail on Monday, so I'll try that Falcon build out with Jake too. Also, I picked up some Integrated Astromechs today. That'll at least help my T-65's a little bit. Hopefully I'll fly them a little better next time too. All in all it was a fun day and playing those two games has substantiated my thinking that I will really enjoy this game. I meant to go into a little more depth in this post but I have to get to bed. Thanks again for all the help so far!
  13. Now I'm getting frustrated. I'm trying to brew some Rogue Squadron (or just T-65 in general) builds myself, and it's not going well. I'm chasing my tail. I can't decide who should get R3-A2, whether I should run Opportunist or not, just a bunch of stuff. There's so many ways to run these guys. I also don't own any IA, as stated before. I'll have to score the new Heroes expansion when it comes out.
  14. Aw... That explains a lot. I can hardly find a game though right now, much less a local meta representative of the larger one.
  15. I like that aces build. I also like the idea of Tycho with Jake and Poe too. I'll do some brewing for that today. Also, I acquired a Ghost last night (in addition to a ton of other stuff from a guy who wasn't playing anymore), so I might try that build with Jake as well. The biggest problem I'm having right now is finding a match. There's not a ton of people who play at my LGS, and the ones that do come on this day or that, never consistently or consecutively. I'm the same way. I just don't have time to spend my evenings at the game shop. It's kind of discouraging. Maybe I can get something scheduled...
  16. I like these! Thanks for all the ideas and feedback! So last night I acquired a pretty large collection of stuff from a guy who wanted to get out from under it. My resources have increased quite a bit, specifically my upgrade cards. I'm still lacking Integrated Astromechs though, sadly. There was even a T-70 expansion amidst the mass, but alas, no IA. With that said, I have everything else mentioned apart from Stay On Target. I was looking at Dutch Vander last night and it seemed like he'd be pretty cool with a couple of T-65 Aces, but I couldn't come up with anything definite. Any suggestions?
  17. Hey guys, I was hoping for help with consolidating some cool T-65 loadouts into one place (I'm not shooting for anything exhaustive here). Specifically the Rebel Transport expansion pilots, but other T-65 build ideas are more than welcome. Per a previous discussion on these forums, I've decided to fly what I like and make it work. I like X-Wings. The "make it work" part might take some time, as I am a complete novice, but at least I'll enjoy getting there. I've recently placed a bid on just the X-wing pilots and model from the Rebel Transport expansion. It's not a bad price and I won't be disappointed if I win it, but in hindsight I wouldn't have made it. Had I realized how utilized (and consequently expensive) the droids are from this expansion, I would have just gone ahead and ordered the whole thing for $40.00 from Amazon (and received it in two days). If I don't win the bid that's probably what I'll do. I want those pilots. With that in mind I wanted to start this thread. As previously stated, it'd be nice to have some consolidated loadouts/squad lists. But in addition to that I feel that it would really help me become familiar with different combinations and synergies, not only with individual pilots, but with whole squads as well, all in the context of one of my favorite ships. I'll get the ball rolling with a couple of builds I've seen recently while searching for topics such as this. I cannot attest to their functionality or competitiveness as, again, I am very new to the game. Tarn Mison (23 pts) R7 Astromech (2 pts) = 25 pts As good as this looked to me on paper, I've read some discouraging stuff about Tarn recently. He's still pretty cool though, and with the right application I still think he'd be solid (though really I have no ground to stand on). Hobbie Klivian (25 pts) R2-D6 (1 pts) Opportunist (4 pts) = 30 pts This build needs Wes for full effect (or so I've read). Also, Hobbie with R3-A2. What are some good ships/pilots to run with Stressbot Hobbie? That's all I really have for now. I'm eager to hear others' ideas. We can all agree that X-Wings are cool, right? As always, I appreciate the help!
  18. Oh that's really cool. I like that Han build a lot! It frees up an extra 4 points too, for a total of 7 spare points. What could I do with that? I guess I could lose Jake's Prockets and add a Bandit Squad Pilot? I really don't like taking anything from Jake though. Any suggestions on what to do with 7 points? I guess I could also run a different ace with that Han build? *EDIT* I ordered a Kanan.
  19. I've taken your advice Grayfax and am currently building another squad to pit against Han, Jake, and the Prototype Pilot. It'll be Corran, a T-65, and a T-70. I'm still working on the pilots and loadout for the opposing list. I'll take Han and the A's up to my LGS tomorrow and see if I can find a real live human person to play against. Maybe I can convince my wife to learn the game... That's doubtful though. She's entertained by Star Wars, but doesn't love it like I do. She didn't grow up painting the inside of appliance boxes to look like an X-Wing cockpit. I just got a pretty good deal on Ebay on a Predator EPT and promo C-3PO crew, so when they get here next week I'll have a fully loaded Falcon if I choose to run it. Does Procket Jake have the same synergy with Han as he does with Dash? I also got a BB-8 for $0.99! I thought that was cool. I wanted it for Poe. I've placed a bid on all the X-Wing pilots and model from the Rebel Transport expansion as well. I won't get R5-P9, but really all I'm looking for is the Tarn. I'm not certain I'll get it, there's still a few days left, but we'll see. I wouldn't be heartbroken if someone outbid me. Getting those few things from Ebay has really saved me a lot of grief, not to mention storage space for ships I don't need. I'll still need to trade my LGS some Magic cards for a StarViper. That seems to be the most economical way to acquire Autothrusters. I'm also still heavily considering trading them for a YT-2400 as well. As mentioned before, I need a lot of the cards from that expansion. Some for possible Han builds, some for possible Keyan builds, and I was even thinking about throwing Stay on Target on Poe. And, of course, it'd be cool to have Dash and his ship. *Edit* I have a quick question (that requires some setup) that I don't believe deserved it's own post: Opposing Practice List- Corran Horn (35 pts) R2-D2 (4 pts) PtL (3 pts) Adv Sens (3 pts) =45 pts Biggs Darklighter (25 pts) R7 Astromech (2 pts)?? Blue Ace (27 pts) R7-T1 (3 pts)?? My question is should Biggs or Blue Ace get the droid? I only have enough points for one, which sucks. They look like they'd go well together if I could take both, but I couldn't imagine taking anything off Corran.
  20. I sincerely appreciate all the advice guys. And you're absolutely right. I need to start playing and quit obsessing about meta calls, tournament lists, and optimization at all costs (with inevitable diminishing returns, fun included). I'm bad about doing this. Always have been. I'd be a real audiophile (and, consequently, probably wouldn't be able to enjoy my music nearly as much) if I made a six-figure salary. MtG (most formats at least) is geared towards this behavior. I played modern Jund for a long time (though I was never really a good enough pilot for a deck like that) and you had to know everyone else's deck, front and back (the backs were easy because they were all the same ), to run the deck effectively. It paid to be obsessive about the aforementioned things. I am looking forward to playing a game that readily rewards pilot (player) skill, even with homebrews. I was already thinking about procuring a YT-2400 expansion because I wanted to make an Ace B-Wing with Keyan (also Dash is cool. I still need to read Shadows of the Empire), and based on your suggestion of both Gunner and Lando, I may go ahead and do it. I like the idea of running a second A-Wing with Solo and Jake. Question: Are Prockets (on Jake specifically and also in general) worth the 5 pts? I'm sure it depends on the build, but I'd like some elaboration as to why, if it's not too much to ask. Another Question: Can a good pilot (player) make X-Wings viable? I really love the ship but stuff I've read about the viability of running it has deterred me from thinking too much about X-Wing builds or inclusions. I have Luke set up right now with R2 and a shield upgrade and was looking for another synergistic upgrade for him. What are some other good X-Wing builds? I wish I could get ahold of a Tarn...
  21. Thanks TgLoki! I didn't realize they had so many singles on Ebay. Some of them are competitively priced, others I might as well buy a ship I don't need (looking at you, StarViper). If I do decide to run the Falcon with Jake I probably will bite the bullet and just order a 3PO. BUT... I'm still looking at possibly running other ships with Jake. Aces? A bunch of A-wings? I dunno...
  22. "...it makes a lot less sense in a game with physical printed materials. They would need to reprint things and release an "errata" list of things that are different from their printed value, which FFG is trying very hard to avoid." *cough* Games Workshop *cough*
  23. So I just realized how good 3PO is... Is there anyone who comes close to competing with that at around that point cost and synergizes well with the rest of the build?
  24. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you can provide some input! I haven't even played a non-demo game yet... I've been accumulating resources and obsessing over my squad list, and I really just want to get the dang thing put together so I can start playing! My problem is that I want my list to be competitive. If I go out and get stomped I want it to be because I need a lot more practice piloting my list, and not because my list sucks. I've really locked on to Jake as a pilot. A-wings are awesome and he seems like the most viable/efficient A-wing pilot for his point cost. This is my Jake setup as it stands: Jake Farrell (24 pts) Test Pilot (0 pts) PtL (3 pts) VI (1 pts) Prockets (3 pts) *Autothrusters (2 pts) = 33 pts *I was going to go pick up a StarViper today Now I just need to figure out what to fly alongside him! I bought the Millennium Falcon yesterday for some of the cards it comes with, then noticed there was a pretty cool Jake + Han list that people were (are?) running. It looks fun (I've loved the MF since I was a kid. Who hasn't? It's iconic.), but I'm missing some of the cards from the tournament list: Han Solo (46 pts) Engine Upgrade (4 pts) MF (1 pts) Luke Skywalker (7 pts) *Predator (3 pts) **C-3PO (3 pts) = 64 pts *I can acquire Predator if I need to. **I have no intention of buying the Tantive IV to acquire 3PO. If I was going to buy an expansion like that it would be the Rebel Transport so I could get Tarn and the droids. Are there any adequate replacements for 3PO? What about Predator? I'll probably end up getting Predator just because it's so useful and I'll surely be needing it in the future, I was just curious if there was anything that could be a decent replacement for it in this build. I really need a 3PO replacement though. So, as it stands, I own 2x Rebel Aces expansions, 2x A-Wing expansions, 1x YT-1300 expansion, 1x E-Wing expansion, the original Core Set, and the Force Awakens Core Set (minus the two droids... the guy I traded wouldn't let them go ). It may seems silly to have all that and not have even played a real game yet, but I have a ton of currency in the form of Magic cards. I got it all in trades. Also, I already know I'll love the game so I have no concerns about committing. Anyway, that's what I'm working with. The only stipulation I have with my squad list is that I want Jake to be in it. Apart from that, I'm all ears and open for suggestions (even how to equip Jake). I'm not committed to running the Falcon, it's just an option. Any suggestions on what kind of list to make with what I have available? I'm also not opposed to getting an additional $30-$40 worth of stuff if it's necessary. I really appreciate the help. I'm ready to start playing!
  25. Hey guys, Thanks for checking this thread out. I could sure use the help so I hope you have some input! Let's jump right in. This is the list I'm working on: Corran Horn (35 pts) Push the Limit (3 pts) R2-D2 (4 pts) Advanced Sensors (3 pts) = 45 pts Jake Farrell (24 pts) Chardaan Refit (-2 pts) A-Wing Test Pilot (0 pts) Push the Limit (3 pts) Outmaneuver (3 pts) = 28 pts 2x Prototype Pilot (17 pts) Chardaan Refit (-2 pts) = 30 pts This puts me 3 pts over at 103 pts. I can lose one of the upgrades on either named character but I don't know which one to drop. I like all the synergies. Does this list look viable at all? It doesn't need to be just super competitive but I want to stand a chance at winning some games. I mean, my intentions are for it to be a solid list. Hopefully it doesn't fall terribly short. I own 2x Rebel Aces expansion, 2x A-wing expansion, an E-wing expansion, the original Core Set, and the Rebel half of the Force Awakens Core Set minus BB-8 and R5-X3 Is there a better list I can make with the pieces I have? I haven't played a single game with another player yet. I JUST started getting into the game. I wanted to build a decent squad first. I really appreciate any advice or tips, or just input in general. Thank you for your time!
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