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  1. How does one handle a droid that has repulsor lift movement? How would I possibly upgrade a droid to this? I can't find an item in any of the books that would work for this. Any help please?
  2. lords of pizza rule on this place, free delivery from the red topped huts
  3. A great distance a rimmed place be. A world with vast seas. A downed ship rests and awaits. With a sea so great, yet not a drop of water in it be. Governed by two great lords, Ever vigilant, every day.
  4. I looked it over. Didnt catch my eye very well. This might be a good place for us to end this thread. I have gained a great deal of info and i seem to have come across as a big jerk.
  5. Not sure why a custom skill is needed when its clearly set up in F&D. Its also a skill our shadow jedi has. So why is there a need to go beyond what is already provided? Each book is its own setting. We are not using a single limited setting. Too many years of playing WEG D6 Star Wars to limit the scope and imagination to "you are all criminals, or jedi, or republic soldiers". Already after reading the books i can see playing a version of the three books in one setting and you dump the obligation and duty stuff, give everyone a equal ammount of exp based on how their races are built up and giving everyone a similar starting budget. Just keep morality for tracking darkside build up. Might be interesting to see how that might work to reflect a open setting.
  6. And thank you for pointing me to that stuff about the F&D traits/talents. But I am also not very sold on my current idea.
  7. Okay so if you are going to bring this back up. Since lightsaber is not an option on this book why would they bother listing it in the spec trees. My GM and I both agree that a lightsaber IS a melee weapon and thus marauder works for them as well. Its fancy and may use a specil named skill but it is still a melee classed weapon. Now 2 years later it is an option. My group is not playing a strictly EotE setting. We are using a more play what you want setting where all three books are options and thus all their rules. I have a training saber. The shadow jedi has a duel bladed training saberstaff. I am not going to mess in his story elements or steal his thunder. I am rebuilt saber training droid. I am the jedi's companion. Not likely to get anything like a real lightsaber anytime soon. And If I do I am only going to treat it as a hull carving knife or a fun way to hack up droids and hard targets. I have been slapping things around with brawling otherwise. I figure a training droid might do that kind of thing.
  8. I am rules stupid.... meaning I am stupid on how the rules work. Not sure why people are reading into things i say as some insult to others. Never has that once been my intent or meaning. No need to be on the defensive.
  9. Well my group has a shadow jedi player. Also I was of the understanding a droid could not take a force talent since they have no force. I am perfectly fine with this idea and plan to stick to it. Eventually If I GM I am likely to keep it that way. It makes sense to me afterall, but others insist otherwise. Also others insist that lightsabers are not effected by the maraudur spec traits. Somehow a lightsaber is viewed as something other than a melee weapon. I dont understand that train of thought. My GM and I feel it does, that may change down the line. As for force talents. If i spec in a tree I will not take a trait i wont ever be able to use. Not dont want to use, or the like. But flat out lack the ability to ever use. So if you look at the trees my paths in it stop at the * marked ones. Which I am okay with. I only plan to dabble in it anyways not become a blademaster more just a skillful user. But i won't waste a point on something just so i can get something beyond it. That is not my way of doing things. I wasnt not planning on using anything more than the saber listed in the non F&D book. My head hurts when pondering all those crystals. Plus I am still rules and mechanics stupid.
  10. Actually I just figured it as a murder bot toy. I know jedi can parry with them and deflect bolts. I know they hot knife through butter on armor, and they increase crits by +10 points and crit at the drop of a hat. You can also swiss army knife open pesky locked doors and stuff. What else can you use it for? I was trying to learn more about them.
  11. Its my first character and my group is just people who starting meeting up at the local game store. Not planning on the game lasting long in running time. I have not started in any specs yet. All my points went into stats and skills. I got 10 points from the first adventure. Our GM is still open to letting us swap skills and stuff around until we actually spend our first bit of experience points. I may end up just going into the Heavy line up as I was also interested in that. Marauder and Heavy seem like a good mix as well. Shield generated and steelskin armor sounds like a fun combo. +2 defense +3 soak. but man it will be a heavy setup.
  12. I'm for one do not see the percived over powering effect of marauder abilities applying to using a lightsaber. +3 damage +30 to criticals Being able to upgrade 3 dice into yellows instead of green Knockdown Defensive Stance Whats the big deal? I seem to not grasp the OMG level of it. Then you clearly don't understand the system. Your right, I just started making a character 2 weeks ago and had my first game as a player yesterday. I have only run as a GM the beginner box adventure and that ended up being a one shot game. I am only at the beginning player level, the dice still confuse me and reading stuff sometimes does not make much sense. But when I learn and IF I see any problems with the lightsaber using marauder it will be a learning experience. But where i am currently sitting in my ignorance of it all. A marauding lightsaber using melee fighting droid sure seems like fun. Last night I punched 2 badguys with my Brawn 5 and slapped 2 others with my training 6 damage - crit stun only lightsaber I have only 1 rank in using. I took some damage from 2 kids punching me (my soak is 6 and I don't currently have any armor), and crashed a speeder bike into a canyon wall. took 6 wounds of damage out of 15 in all. Game lasted 2 hours and I earned 10 exp and 50 credits. Threat to the empire and Star Wars in general I ain't Spent 160 bucks on books and dice I did. Sorry if rubbed you the wrong way. The word fanboy was not a derogatory term, A fan is someone who likes something and while knows some things about it does not have a in depth knowledge, I have always understood a fanboy/fangirl to be someone who actually knows what they are talking about. You don't have to be done with me or the thread. I can be talked to just fine. I'm looking forward to being on the boards.
  13. To answer your question KungFuFerret.. "What the hell does fanboyism have to do with anything that's been said in this thread? You asked a question, we've answered it. How much of a Star Wars nerd is totally irrelevant to this discussion." As a fan.... I see a lightsaber as a melee weapon. Sure its fancy but you still swing it like a sword or staff or baton in game mechanics. A lightsaber would be at best a specialized melee skill if anything. A fanboy (this is not an insult mind you)... would break it down that the lightsaber is weightless, requires you to have the force so you can see where you need to place the blade to block an incoming blaster bolt, needs to sense the force to do something with the crystal so you can even build a lightsaber, and other such details. A fanboy is a deeper fan of something who knows all the little tidbits and details. Stuff that can turn a story into an mind grasping adventure or often turns a simple mechanic into a complex one that people instead want to "No it doesn't work this way because its not that way or yes it works this way because it is this way". Its not a bad issue it makes for a more enriching game and detailed experience.
  14. Sorry if I am gave some impression I was in a funk. I am not, I am only trying to stick to the theme and spirit of a droid and how they can or cannot use force traits or talents. In the spirit of taking a trait now but not able to use now vs taking a trait now and never being able to use because I can never take the require force awakened quality strikes me as meta-gaming and even munchkining. I just wanted to play a lightsaber training droid who could use a lightsaber and be good enough at it to give the bad guys a run for their money or even kick their collective backsides. I'm happy with what I can gain by smattering in the Shii Cho stuff. I won't be able to take stuff from the very last line but I could maybe use of the marauder traits to off sent what I won't be able to do. I'm for one do not see the percived over powering effect of marauder abilities applying to using a lightsaber. +3 damage +30 to criticals Being able to upgrade 3 dice into yellows instead of green Knockdown Defensive Stance Whats the big deal? I seem to not grasp the OMG level of it.
  15. It's not against the spirit of the game when one of the developers has stated you can buy it and continue on. In fact, with that logic, you're actually FURTHER penalizing yourself. So where do I find this of which you speak please? And also please explain to me how WASTING POINTS ON TRAITS I CANNOT USE is a good thing for my character? And extra rank of parry is not worth 50 points + its own cost. Buying force rating? Oh that is going to be so helpful. I accepted that there would be limits to what a droid can do or how far they might be able to progress in certain things because they would not be able to use the force or access the force. I was under the impression that you needed to have a force rating to even pick a spec out of F&D since all the backgrounds in that book give you force rating 1 to start with. But being told I could take a spec out of F&D I looked at and noticed i would not get very far if I could not go passed any talent that required me to have a force connection to make use of. Shii Cho is about the only spec I could take a good portion of traits from without running into a force power. I never expected my droid to equal a jedi at lightsaber fighting. Sure I could parry reasonably well, but i could not parry as well as a organic being could be able to nor would i be able to reflect blasts back at their shooters or perform a spiffy saber throw. But I will draw the line at saying a spec I can use as well as anyone else does not apply to a weapon just because people want to make it "Special" and say its not a melee weapon. IT ain't no blaster and just because I can hurt myself using it or the blade is a magnetically shaped and contained beam of plasma does not make it NOT function like any other sword is just plain silly.
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