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  1. How can anyone say that Rune Wars Miniature Game does not spell doom for BattleLore? They are essentially the same game with different mechanics on movement and actions... Why would FFG invest in both of these titles when one has the potential to pull from the other?

    Xwing is Star Wars - Rune Wars Mini Game is Terrinoth they don't compete and have similar feels.

    BattleLore is Terrinoth war gaming lite - Rune Wars Mini Game is Terrinoth War Gaming - they compete...

    BattleLore is over guys, I understand the denial because I am a BattleLore fan as well, but it's time to accept the writing on the wall.

  2. I wouldn't say there's much value in the conversion kit, even if you do happen to pick up a 1st Edition copy of Descent for the miniatures, the sculpts from the Heroes and Monsters packs are SO much better then what you'd be getting in the 1st Edition box that your better off investing money in the new stuff. Yes we are missing 12 heroes and yes all monsters are remade, however we did also get 2 new monsters (Crow Hags and Dark Minotaur) in a monster pack so nothing says they won't release the heroes along with new monsters in another pack...

    Although I was disappointed that another pack was not yet announced.

  3. Thanks for posting the video! Very cool, although a little bummed that the next expansion for descent or a new heroes and monsters pack was not discussed... Tripled descent sales and not a single announcement seems odd..

    At least we are getting what appears to be a amazing Doom game, along with a pretty cool Arkham Horror card game that takes up the Warhammer Adventure Card Game reigns. I dont know if I'm going to be investing in the Rune Wars game... I have Battlelore...

    Side note: love how the one dude was like Battlelore Elves!?!! And we got no response lol

  4. On the other side of things, I just played Trenloe the Strong in the Shadow Rune quest, and while he is a slow mover (equipped him in Act 2 Quest 1 with elves boots) he ultimately became an unstoppable machine of massive wounds and massive defense, which more then made up for his slower speed. I was also playing with a Spiritspeaker who was able to recover fatigue for me along with Trenloe being a Knight with Inspire, so he could easily add fatigue to each turn to "bring him up to speed" so they say (lol)... But ultimately I was very happy with my selection and Trenloe remains one of my favorite warriors, which now consist of Trenloe and Sir Valdir.

    Although speed is important, if Jain is rolling through 20+ spaces at once, that's actually an issue with the overlord player not blocking properly, or taking advantage of knocking Jain on her ass from range when she separates from her group if she's able to slip through monster spaces. There are extreme ways to punish a hero who separated that significantly, and more often then not (for me at least) an overlord card or two will teach Jain that it quite fast.

  5. Gotta call a spade a spade here... So you essentially want (Small Box Expansion): Descent: Warcraft? I mean... The way you described Shaman and Warlock are like literal World Of Warcraft class descriptions... I mean the similarities continue lol

    Khargal Bloodspitter - Cairne Bloodhoof

    Orcs Descend - The Dark Portal

    Just trying to figure out what the behemoth was inspired by...?

    I mean I do agree that Warcraft and Diablo have some perfect crossover monsters and story arcs but then we might as well call it what it is.

  6. Haha our avatars are awful :) although you have senior poster rights to the avatar! I just love bats, was looking for a razor wing avatar and this was as close as I could find!

    Anyway, in case anyone else is wondering, Army Painter offers Skeleton Bone and Dragon Red spray primer, which matches the minion and master colors pretty good, certainly good enough to be more then acceptable for custom content! I will be working on a few custom pieces!

  7. Hey all,

    So I have purchased absolutely everything that Descent has to offer, and my wife and I are such huge fans of Descent that we have decided to tackle making some custom expansions of our own. We have several miniatures that beg to become part of this amazing dungeon crawl experience as monsters, however we do not paint our miniatures, I would love too, but I simply do not have the time to sit and paint when we could be sitting and playing!


    My question is this: What color spray paint could we use to mimic the natural plastic minion and master colors?


    Simply buying any miniature and then spraying them a solid Cream? for minions and a burgundy color red for Masters would merge them into the game world flawlessly with the professional templates that are available.

    Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone has ever done this before, or knows a spray paint that could be used well for something like this with a color scheme.



  8. Not sure of the scale of Magic the Gathering Arena of Planeswalkers miniatures but the base set which is around $20 USC contains transparent blue human form miniatures that are suppose to be Jacye's Mirror Images. Here's the link to the miniature that come with the base core set, if I could figure out how to actually add a picture into this reply I'd have done so...


    It's the blue units by the way.

  9. I have the full complete set of Descent 2.0 with all expansions,  heroes and monster packs, and the last of the Lieutenant Packs will arrive July 5th. In total I have sunk over $500 into this game, but it is my wife and I's board game of choice, and was money very well spent.


    I also own Descent 1.0 Core set, along with the Conversion Kit. And like the poster above  me, when I found out RtL didn't accept the conversion kit, immediately purchased every H&M pack... FFG is a good company, with good customer service and quality products so I don't mind investing in a great board game that has and will continue to get great support.

  10. And I just checked, CoolStuff is out of stock again of 4 of the 6 core ones. Yesterday they had 20+, I think some people have been waiting a long time for them... Guess I will have to wait a bit longer.

    Indeed, first thing I did when I saw tomkat364 post that CoolStuff had them was immediately purchase every single lieutenant pack I didn't have from them, it was a spontaneous and reckless purchase, however now that they are out of stock AGAIN, I am glad I did it. My set will be complete July 5th.

  11. FFG I love your products, and your customer service is literally the best I have experienced, but who failed their Knowledge test on the product availability after releasing a full length App Campaign, who's key Villian has a Lieutenant Pack that is out of stock?

    I mean I would love to put together an order for the lieutenants I don't have... Except I can't... Because you won't restock the pieces... They have been out of stock for months now, and Splig is going for $75 on eBay which is just incredibly insane considering IF you guys restock he'll be $8.95 again...

    Anyone else frustrated by this? Like.... I WANT to throw money at the screen but the company won't let me lol...

  12. So, since the heroes and monster collections are essentially the same as the conversion kit, they went the logical route and just let you check of the conversion kit... Problem being the new monster groups , Crow Hag and Dark Minoaturs are not placeable... What have you all been doing to work around this?

  13. Hey, so I am totally a Descent fanatic now that the app is out and wanted to dabble in trying to make my own campaign. However, I cant seem to figure out how to get the Descent Font on the map area for my Text Boxes. Here is a link to my first Encounter, and the Font on the map appears to be Arial instead of the usual Descent Font, which I actually have downloaded as Windl.tff and added to my fonts.




    When you click preview on my quest, the map section as very general font text for the labels. Is there anyway of changing this? I see most other maps have the Descent Font.


    Thanks for the help.

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