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  1. Just picked my copy up from my FLGS, and three others behind me in line also picked up the last three copies. I can't wait to get home from work to crack this beast open and get my first game in!
  2. Any news on the availability of this prior to Christmas 2016? Would love to pick up a few copies and gift it to some family and friends! I looked on Amazon and it said Dec 27th.
  3. I see what your saying, and hope that you are not getting offended from some healthy discussion I guess the "good" factions obtained the land and assets they are protecting by asking nicely and not by Conquest at some point. As you point out the "bad" factions emphasize Conquest... All concepts of good and evil are prespective based, which is my only point. Waiqar believes himself the most powerful, and wants to conquer those he can, not necessarily any different then a king ruling over his people, except Waiqars thirst cannot be quenched until he conquers everyone who would oppose him. Sounds like a good leadership quality to me. If he wipes out Daquan Lords all together he'll never have to worry about his enemy rising up again to challenge his rule. Maybe if the Daquan Lords conquered more and defended less they would be able to destroy their enemies for good as well? All perspective. Books are written by the winning side, and they'll always make themselves sound like the good guys.
  4. I understand that the game has claimed them to be evil/bad and other races good, but being the bad guys or good guys is all a matter of perspective. You might relate to the Humans and Elves so you view them as good because you are closer to their likeness then the undead and Uthuk, but in the prespective of a necromancer, he doesn't inherently believe himself to be evil, just following orders from some higher commander, to carry out whatever tactical strategy to claim the world for the undead he has too. The book may read that the undead are the bad guys, but only in the perspective that the book is not written by the undead.
  5. This is something I really will never understand. The game is perfectly playable with two factions only, thus with the content of the core set. It's not like there is something missing making the game unplayable. And we don't have 2 factions only, we have 3, and each of them comes with several unit types, so, replayability is huge. Selling a game because there's no 4th faction seems rather senseless. Selling a game because it's no fun? Sure. Selling a game because it's repetitive? Sure. Selling a game because you want Elves but there are none? It's kindergarten behavior I agree with this, actually I couldn't agree with you more. The game is great as it currently is, and to sell the game because of the absence of a fourth faction, if you are already enjoying the three factions they released, is extremely ridiculous, and makes no sense. On a side note, who actually says the Undead are bad guys? Or for that matter the Uthuk Yllan? Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't the Daquan Lords killing the Undead and Uthuk Yllan, to the point of hoping to exterminate all of them once and for all? Are the Undead and Uthuk Yllan not doing the same thing that the Daquan Lords are doing, albeit in there own way? I always laugh when I see this conversation of good guys vs bad guys... if your on one side, don't you always believe your a good guy? Do you think the Uruk hai in Lord of the Rings knew they were evil? Or did they think they were fighting human monsters according to the orders of their boss and to survive? Just like Human and Elven knights fought Uruk hai according to their orders and desire for survival and to be the dominate races.
  6. I also decided to enter the world of Warhammer Conquest for the first time this year. My order hasnt yet arrived but I picked up just about everything I could on the Holiday site and then a few exra packs that I know I wanted from CoolStuffInc. While I cannot answer your question about how the factions feel in the card game (as I don't have it yet) I can hopefully give some Insight into the game flavor/cool factor at least for me. Obviously a core set is a must, and if your into deck customization, a second or third core set is useful. This is because in the core set you are given a lot of single copies of each card and your deck allows 3 of same card to be included. The Core Set comes with Space Marines; your typical humans in space with some brutal twists like chain swords. Orks; Literally Orcs in Space with some sloppy machinery throw together. Powerful yet dumb. Eldar: Space Elves, cloaking and deception, precision strikes. Dark Eldar; Dark Elves Chaos: Demons and Cultists in space Tau: Think high intelligent humanoid cyborg/robots Imperial Guard : Our traditional Military as it would be now, tanks and the army. Now aside from that, the two big box expansions will provide you with two additional factions, which in my opinion, are some of the coolest in Warhammer. You get the Tyranids, in "The Great Devourer" which are organic alien life forms that just want to consume the universe ( think Zerg from Starcraft or Aliens from Alien vs Predator) and are my favorite Warhammer faction. The other big expansion "Legions of Death" provides Necrons, essentially the "undead in space" which consist of a cool, yet complex play style. Now those are the only two big box expansions, and then you have the war packs which add full play sets (x3 of each card) to your collection and each pack provides some additional cards for each faction released up to that war pack cycle. So tyranid cards won't be included until the cycle after "The Great Devourer" released. Honest the most bag for your buck is going to come from the Holiday sale, $3 a war pack is unheard of, but if your on a budget I'd recommend a core set $20 with the sale, and one of each big box expansion $10 with the sale. Puts you at $40 and if you can pick up either a second core or a few $3 warpacks just to fill out your solo faction decks. Just remember that this game is going away, so what you don't get now is going to be extremely difficult to obtain later. Hope I helped you out a little, I know I can't tell you how each faction plays in the actual card game but hopefully I shed some light on the flavor of each of them for you. If you have any more questions feel free to ask!! -Mord
  7. I cant imagine they would 3rd Edition Descent already. They would create some serious aggravation amongst the players that they picked up specifically with the App's release. Plus, I can't see them sinking some time into the App only to move on to a 3rd Edition so quickly. Some other posters uncovered some unused hero icons in the Apps database, I believe there were four completely new heroes along with four 1st Edition Heroes that have yet to be released. I am hoping we hear something soon. I know I would be among the crowd that would be extremely disappointed by the end of 2nd Edition content. I am looking forward to FFG's year of Terrinoth (hopefully) with RuneWars Miniature game, and hopefully we can get some lore books and I wouldn't mind a LCG based out of the universe.
  8. Hey all, So I just recently placed my order for Arkham Horror: The Card Game core set, along with a nice Cthulhu themed dice bag for the tokens. I have not gotten my copy yet, but was wondering how the Curse of the Rougarou fits in to the main campaign? It says you can add it in as a side quest, but what effects will this have on the main campaign? Will it make it easier? Harder? How does one even go about adding it into the main campaign? Any extra information would be appreciated! Looking forward to getting into this game and mythos! Thanks, - Mord
  9. So just an update for anyone that is also wondering the same thing, Kalar with the Customer Service team responded with the following: "You are unable to place an order with items containing 'Holiday Sale sales items' - with items not found on the Holiday Sale. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, we also appreciate your understanding and support. As always, please contact us directly if you have any further questions or concerns." So I am guessing that they might be shipping from two different locations? I did go ahead and purchase Arkham Horror Card a game from FFG, and then I went ahead and picked up everything I could for WH40K Conquesf from the holiday sale. I noticed I got an email advising the FFG purchase is on the way however I am still waiting on the Holiday sale items tracking number. Who knows, hoping to get that conquest order shipped out soon! Side note: Thanks for responding you two!
  10. Hey all, I know this is a specific forum for the game discussion, however I don't want to miss the opportunity before the sale items sell out, so if someone could provide an answer it would be appreciated. I am trying to make a few purchases. I am looking at picking up Arkham Horror Card Game, which is under the normal fantasy flight web site, and am also looking to pick a large amount of Warhammer Conquest core sets and expansion packs, which is under the holiday sale web site. The problem is, shipping is running me around $14.00 on EACH web page... It strikes me as odd that I am unable to combine shipping since the only thing I am purchasing is Fantasy Flight Games products. Spending double the shipping cost for one order is tough to stomach. Am I doing something wrong, or is this actually how this is intended? Thanks, Mord
  11. Hey all, I am trying to make a few purchases. I am looking at picking up Arkham Horror Card Game, which is under the normal fantasy flight web site, and am also looking to pick a large amount of Warhammer Conquest core sets and expansion packs, which is under the holiday sale web site. The problem is, shipping is running me around $14.00 on EACH web page... It strikes me as odd that I am unable to combine shipping since the only thing I am purchasing is Fantasy Flight Games products. Spending double the shipping cost for one order is tough to stomach. Am I doing something wrong, or is this actually how this is intended? Thanks, Mord
  12. Just went to my FLGS and he had 2 copies left! One of them is now mine! Yay!!!
  13. Hey I just called my FLGS in Delaware, was told the release date for Chains is 9/1/16 so it looks like we arnt going to get to check this out for another 2 weeks...
  14. Errata isn't easily distributed to the mass of players that don't frequent the forums or company website. Not to mention that you then have to print it off and read the rule book and then contradict the rule book with an Errata page, which in and of itself is a pain in the ass. I understand it can be done, but it is not the same nor as easy to push a patch for a video game and simply overwrite the old version and force everyone onto the same page with a new version.
  15. That's great news! Since we are closing in on the end of August I'd like to be positive and hope for a release in the states sometime next week!
  16. This is good healthy discussion.... So how about FFG release the dang game so we can play test and continue health discussing...
  17. I think it's a neat idea to have hybrids, because it opens the way for a lot of different class flavors. A Paladin wouldn't fit into a healer or a warrior but it fits perfectly into a Warrior/Healer multi class. I think ultimately however, these expansions are for more tiles, campaigns, and new monsters, which bring huge variety to the gameplay.
  18. Yea... What was once anticipation is starting to turn into frustration....
  19. I am, for example. I've been holding off getting Mists of Bilehall so I can run Mists of Bilehall + The Chains that Rust as one big undead-themed campaign (and I'm getting some H&M Collections too, and deliberately not using some undead-ish monsters in our current games). When we do start the campaign, my heroes are going to go up against mostly unknown monsters, and a Servant, to boot. Looking forward to blindsiding them with Crow Hags and Wraiths, or bogging them down with Reanimates and Skeleton Archers. You sir, are doing exactly what I am doing. We are playing Heirs of Blood right now and I have been intentionally avoiding all undead monsters in anticipation for Mists + Chains. I can't wait to launch and undead themes campaigns as the undead of always been my favorite. I may stretch to include Plague Worms in my undead scheme since they are diseased. I have also not used any plot decks for the undead lieutenants! I can't wait any longer!!! Come on FFG!!!
  20. They just posted announcements for stuff today (12) and not a single word on Chains that Rust.....
  21. So this was up for pre-sale st Gen Con which means it's ready to be sold... Why are they not releasing it now? We are entering another weekend that Chains hasn't hit store shelves now and I'd really like to dive into an undead themed campaign, but refuse to start mists until I have the complete campaign!! Anyone have any idea on release date? What are your thoughts?
  22. Park your Ettin in the middle or better yet, a nice Shadow Dragon or Golem and lull the heroes into believing they are almost able to kill it, and play Dark Resilience ... Let them do it all over again.
  23. I think toenail is saying that the Hero Yeoman Archer would be placed within an already deployed group of Yeoman Archers, making the group of 3 actually a group of 4.
  24. Not a huge issue, but I don't like it. If I'm buying this expansion I'm paying for something I already have and do not need. It's obviously they cut a big box expansion into two this time. I agree, I don't like what they did here. Each boxed expansion brought with it new things, never repeats except for now... Hopefully this is not the way things to come are going... Mists and Chains should have been a big box expansion and moved on to the next one with a new condition or how about a big box that uses all of the content of previous expansions?
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