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  1. yay thats awesome i have already printed them and put them in my folder thank you so much the surprise is awesome. i have the ffg nemesis cards so these fit right in i give you 50 xp to your next game sir
  2. we have played a few campaigns and at least 3 people in the group have printed them both players and the gm at the time these are literally amazing so many thanks for all the effort you have put in
  3. well i am about to run Ghost of Dathomir soon so i would love these please, your other ship cards have been invaluable for making encounters "on the fly"
  4. why do you assume i am running it like an MMO boss fight, no Nemesis was alone and where screened as much as i thought was reasonable yeah one is a Lightsaber the PC stole off of a force wielding Night Sister, the main source is Concussion Grenades from the demolitionist Thank you i missed that Talent thats the sort of thing i was looking for thank you. i definitely will be using the self destruct idea i hadn't thought of that cheers most of these fights are not against the main protagonist and i do make my npc's act smart but these badguys are there to die or be captured to progress the story or have just outlived their usefulness, i just didnt want them all to go down quite so quickly thank you very much one and all for your fantastic ideas
  5. hello peeps i am after some help, all my pc's are quite powerful 500+ xp and so have a large amount of abilities and gear but i have a problem with them getting stun locked as soon as one player gets the nemesis staggered then they just pile on the staggered until the nemesis gets to do nothing its happening most combats and although i don't mind them doing this its becoming stagnant and boring, i have sundered the weapons and equipment in the past but that lead to the eventual buying of corstosis weave so that it wouldn't happen again. i have also had multiple nemesis, all with mooks but the amount of firepower they can throw is pretty high lots of explosives and auto fire any ideas how to spice things up throw them a curve ball every now and then
  6. while we are on that subject i would love a deck of cards with vehicle stats for impromptu combats
  7. there is one available here https://shinygames.uk/product-category/roleplaying-games/star-wars-edge-of-the-empire/star-wars-edge-of-the-empire-accessories/
  8. i would hazard a guess at it not being 2 weeks i am thinking 2 months, its currently out of stock on FFG store as well now and waiting for a reprint so i think they just never sent any out and used all the stock for the US and some other select countries
  9. cool thank for all the help i will def run this in the future but for now i think i will stick to a shorter adventure to make sure it gets all the time it needs. especially with the cave of crystals i would like the characters to be higher level before finding that much, so hopefully we can get him playing slightly more regularly.
  10. cheers peeps its been very helpful. i am looking at running 1 or more of the smaller modules as i was prob being too ambitious wanting to do chronicles
  11. thats one of the reasons i posted as i havent read it, we did the Aor gm kit one and the follow up adventure and that only took a couple of afternoon sessions, without rushing but i didnt let them muck about too much. thanks for the help though i will pick up the gm kit for force and destiny and see what its like and take it from there
  12. i have a friend (who doesnt get to play that much due to family obligations) and he wanted to play Starwars, i was thinking of running chronicles of the gatekeeper as a long one off session as he loves all things jedi and force related, and have a few questions. 1) how is it, especially with regards to being a one off thing and not part of a campaign. 2) would group composition be an issue is it set up for all force users or does it not matter either way 3) whats the power level like, (i usually adjust encounters to make them a bit harder.) is there adjustments to make it a knight level campaign? 4) how long should it take to run, can i run it one one session (will be from 10am till 10pm) cheers in advance for any help
  13. i would have them climb with an athletics check possibly talking longer or having setback dice and then if there where guards then an opposed perception vs players stealth to see if they are spotted when it would be appropriate. if there are no guards no need to roll. if its important that the guards get a chance to spot the player/players then they get the chance to do so but only if its important to whats happening
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