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  1. Holy ****, got a dispatch notice for my copy too! Finally!
  2. Definitely out on the 30th but already in minimal availability. I just finally found one I could order . . . but it is the same company that let me down on Endless Vigil so I shall suspend celebrations until it is in my hands.
  3. Next week's release sheet is out. No Disintegrations is not on it. So much for that '2 weeks' 2 weeks ago.
  4. Just a brief outage to excise any evidence of Games Workshop games it seems.
  5. 2 weeks. Well at least that's good news. I was convinced the ship had sunk or they'd used that Korean shipping company that went bust to transport it.
  6. Yup, not showing on next week's releases either. Beginning to think the ship sank.
  7. Release sheets for next week are up . . . . and it isn't on them. They have gone up a day early so we can possibly hope that there will be a FFG additions sheet to it tomorrow, but it is unlikely.
  8. It hasn't appeared on the UK distributor release sheets yet. Sometimes we get FFG books the week after the US, other times it takes a month or so to appear here. I'm hoping it will be on tomorrow's list for next week's releases. Worst FFG book ever for this was Tome of Blood for Black Crusade which took 2-3 months to appear in the UK.
  9. The Vigil is finally, definitely over for me. The book is in my hands right now, and it is time to actually read all the stuff I've heard about on this forum. I don't think it has ever taken me that long to locate and buy a 'new' book ever before. FFG!!! Send more books to Europe!!!!!
  10. I bought this to be the farewell game to end my AoR campaign before I reset to do an EotE one. Having now read it and this thread I'm not so sure I'm going to run it without some significant alterations, or perhaps just taking parts of it and inserting them into self written adventures. It just doesn't seem as polished as some of their previous adventures. Onslaught at Arda was great and outshines FLT by some distance.
  11. Shipping is expensive and last FFG book I got from the States I ended up with a £10 customs charge on, so never again. That all said, I found another UK listing for EV. This time I waited for a message to confirm they physically had the book in stock before ordering! Cheaper than the last one as well. Hopefully this truly is the end of the Vigil. (Gameslore on EBay for any UK reader needing a copy. They had five in stock when I ordered mine, so four still left as of posting.)
  12. I did indeed speak too soon. Retailer just cancelled my order. Apparently they were selling stuff on Ebay they didn't actually have and then discovered neither did the distributor. The Vigil is Endless once more.
  13. /sigh Still not appearing on the UK release sheets for next week.
  14. I thought we already had the Guardian spec decks out? Here for example.
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