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  1. You should check out Sins of a Solar Empire. There are several great Star Wars mods for it.
  2. I wonder if there'll be a Republic Nym in the eventual scurrg rerelease
  3. I believe that pilot is in fact M.D Geist on vacation
  4. Have some Digital Trip Synthesizer Fantasy
  5. They put it on the forthcoming Jar Jar crew card
  6. Will the app be VR capable? If not, that will be a big problem for me as after watching Steven Spielberg's excellent film Ready Player One™ (still in theatres!!) I have permanently grafted my HTC Vive™ VR-Capable headset directly to my face and can no longer remove it to look at other devices. Hopefully FFG will be forward thinking enough to accommodate me and create an indepth VR listbuilding experience.
  7. They should have made it that if you shoot it in the rear arc it does not get the armor benefit. The sides are just as unarmored, but the front being the only tough spot would make this thing pretty awful. I guess being armored all around works better, at least for balance purposes
  8. I'll never defend egregious borbafett wankery, but Soontir at least was a Baron and not just some pilot. That's actually probably what those later writers were thinking. They probably saw that he was a Baron in the reference materials and were like "Oh alright he'll be the new imperial bloodline 'cause he's like a Baron." Why would sheev bother to instate Baronies across the Empire in the first place? Star Wars reasons I guess.
  9. Man I wouldn't have thought they'd make another one considering the modest numbers the first did. Here's hoping this one's multiplayer scene doesn't die off so quick this time. Hard to get better when you're only getting matched vs the same 4 veterans.
  10. There are 3 really good SW mods for SOASE that you should try out. In a lot of ways they're more polished than the base game IMO
  11. Calling it now, Rian Johnson's trilogy will be an adaptation of Romance of the Three Kingdoms but with lightsabers
  12. Bike Stunts

    Ciena Ree

    How close to official is the Lost Stars manga?
  13. Do they even have a rank? Imagine being subordinate to Chewbacca.
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