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  1. You're correct - you can't take all the actions, but this gives you an extreemly flexible chassis that will let you get aggressive (PS for double mods), turtle (reposition + focus + evade), or acey (double reposition + focus). It's Howl, Iden, and a stranger phantom all had a baby... and it's beautiful.
  2. Just wait. 3 SNR Inquisitors with PS is the real sleeper on the way. Now you get to trade your force for a focus and either double mod your shots OR double reposition and end without stress! Oh, and good luck plinking damage against a 3 dice focus+evade every turn! These are going to be real boogers when paired with an ace. I'm seriously excited to try this... and pretty sure it may be busted 🙄.
  3. I was coming in to say this. Been flying a lot of the Imdaar naked and it seems really well balanced for the points. I hope they dont change. I think Juke is the real issue here as it's always best on higher init pilots and pairs so well with token stacking. If anything I'd like to see Juke repointed to 1 + Pilot Init. That would give Whisper pause to run it and make it a hair more viable for PS 1-2 ships. Rexler also seems to be right on the money to me.
  4. Thats interesting! I've been tossing a couple of the generic Barons in my lists lately with Marksmanship and Prockets. After that first 5 dice attacks they don't do a whole lot, but they are annoying little cockroaches. I haven't felt that they're hitting at a 40pt level though. Yall may be changing my mind with the Inquisitors. I need to give them a shot!
  5. Out of curiosity, how are yall building out a generic Inquisitor? Bare bones? @Okapi too?
  6. True. There is a skill/prediction factor (finally!). In reality I think it's a 180 arc because you're going to want to spread threat range. In the primary you are almost guaranteed to take damage and in the ion slice you are almost guaranteed to get walked off. You can arc dodge a 180 arc in 1.0, but it's not THAT easy on the first pass. With less repositioning in 2.0 I think it will make for some very interesting engagements.
  7. I've never been a big fan of the aggressor either, but I'm taking a real close look at Kestal. A loaded defender looks like a boogieman in 2.0. Fenn/Soontier/Vader all look like they'll be showing up. Phantoms are a wildcard now that will be seeing plenty of play. Boba will be around taking up near half a scum list... Kestal with an ion turret straight up murders any of these with the new way that evades work. At the very least he has a huge no-go bubble for any small/medium point tanks. All for a bargain at 42 points. Thats less than a bare-bones generic phantom! I'm willing to bet that Kestal is a sleeping giant. The generics are pretty cheap too. I'm giving them a chance, time will tell.
  8. I'm really excited for Rexler. Was hands down my favorite defender. A little iffy on how brutal he will be since I5 will be easy to predict and block. Juke is nice but he NEEDS that evade then. He (and defenders in general) will be in a world of hurt if lower PS jam action becomes meta though!
  9. Thats... brilliant! Does it work with Ailerons? Would the title overide Tie Mk 2?
  10. I know this topic has been covered over and over here. I think a good point has been made that the bidding war at PS 9 would go bonkers. Maybe that would be ok? At some point you would reach a level of diminishing return, which might balance it out? I've been wondering what would happen if instead VI and Adaptability only applied to the Combat phase. This still gives all PS 9 ships the opportunity to bid and play around each other. It also makes high PS ships care about their picked maneuvers because they can't "figure it out later" as easily. In that way it rewards good moves with the opportunity to PS kill an enemy. Fenn/Ghost is less broken, VI Poe and Kylo care about what their dial says, and Whisper still gets the benefit of shooting at high PS to cloak (but super cares where she lands to get the shot). Could also flop these to Activation phase only, but I think that leaves a lot of the existing problems in place.
  11. I was really hoping this would make generic Tie Phantoms viable again as a glass cannon knife fighter living on the edge. Evade and 4 greens vs an unmodified attack when you can't shoot anyways? Sounds pretty fair. In practice it feels too restricting with that range 1 requirement. It is far to easy to just boost out of R1 with a turret and then let the heavy combo modifiers push damage anyhow. Palp shuttle is the only solid maybe I can see.
  12. Low PS phantoms with Stygium. Cloak and block/run, decloak and kill. Sounds so simple, but all they do is go pop now . Rexler Brath is a close second. Even with the expertise build he never quite seems to pull his weight in points. Not sure yet if thats because he's Rexler or if it's me
  13. I think you and @Verlaine are touching on something else that should be discussed too. What is the right amount of variance for this game? Where it the sweet spot? Is it the simplicity of the core set where position and patience (2 turns for a TL+Focus) rewards you with a higher chance of a positive outcome, or did the fact that you pulled off a slick maneuver and have the mods virtually guarantee that you will be able to remove a ship? Do players appreciate a chess-like non-variable play experience, or the back and forth of the dice that might bail out a defender who blundered into an arc that they shouldn't have been. Was it the beauty of a perfect plan coming together that draws a new player in, or the thrill/hope for the swing of luck that hooks them until they lose their very last ship? I've never heard the argument that player skill and maneuvering SHOULDN'T be the most important part of this game, but it seems to me that casual and competitive players (podcasters included on both) disagree on where this variance sweet spot should be. The answer has to lie somewhere in between, because ultimately this game has to be appealing to both in order to thrive. Personally, I'm in the camp of more variance than what the game demonstrates today. That's not to say that there shouldn't be guaranteed damage or full-mod upgrades. If you like to play a game of guarantees then by all means load up your ships with combos, but those upgrades should be more expensive (and thus more prohibitive) than they are today. The ceiling should then be much higher for a player running a high-variance list than one of guarantees. Someone in another thread brought up a good point (sorry, can't remember who) that more variability in the back-and-forth also makes the game more interesting and winnable (and most importantly, enjoyable!) for a new player vs an experienced one, which I see as a positive thing for the state of the game. It also tones down the starkness of the rock-paper-scissors cycle that we have going today. I'm not saying this should be a game of dice, but as consistency, red dice, and complex combos have been on the rise the tone of the community also seems to have shifted. Anyhow, that's just my 2 cents. Back to lurking for me !
  14. Generics are in a rough spot and have been for a while with a few nitch exceptions. The game left them in the dust for a lot of different reasons. The biggest I think are: 1. Action efficiency/comboing is a much larger part of the game. Remember the satisfaction of spending 2 turns jockeying and risking position so you could get that money 3 dice TL+focus shot? That was once considered amazing! Now it's arguably subpar... Named pilots with abilities and tools leveraging consistancy or multiple attacks (consistency via more red) tend to be the best bang-for-your-buck and seriously outclass their frame's generics. Generics are left to the mercy of dice variance. 2. Blocking doesn't matter nearly as much anymore (see: combo-wing). 3. Red dice creep paired with more accessible modification. Used to be an Academy pilot at range 3 could weather the fire from 2-3 ships and probably still return fire. I think the Zuckuss wave was the tipping point here. Even though he was nerfed there were/are too many tools out there now to counter range and single-modded greens. 4. Named ships nowadays are more aggressively costed to make them more appealing each wave. Why would you even consider a PS3 phantom vs Pure Sabacc for the exact same point value? 5. Often generics don't have the reactive repositioning options of big league named pilots. Makes it a lot harder to dodge arcs or bubbles than their high PS counterparts. I don't really feel that leaving generics behind has been healthy for the game. I really enjoyed and embraced the varience of dice in the early era of X-Wing. It's a large part of why this game has been less and less appealing to me since wave 8.
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