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  1. Absolutely! Would love to see a Jabba's Palace with Gammorean Guards, Jabba figure, and a Rancor! I fully expect to see an Endor expansion with Speeder Bikes and Ewoks.
  2. As it stands, I don't see the app becoming much of a success if it doesn't include features people want. Though I have all of Descent 1st edition, I hadn't yet invested in 2nd. This app got me excited and, until I saw how limited it really is, I had planned on buying ALL the box sets. After I saw that each box set only adds ONE FIXED quest and that all the maps are pre-set, I decided not to bother. That's several hundred dollars worth of sales lost. I may still invest, but not if the campaigns are made up of nothing more than pre-set maps. (As a side note, it would be really nice if FFG would hop into this forum and give us some detailed information concerning exactly what kind of functions we can anticipate. The silence is deafening.) [Addendum to side note: I called FFG and shared some thoughts about how lacking the app was at launch. Their response: We are very happy with the number of times the app has been downloaded. They should be paying more attention to frequency of use than to number of downloads. I don't even own the game and I downloaded the app. I'm not sure they understand the potential of their own idea or how to measure its success.]
  3. If Fantasy Flight doesn't act quickly, interest in this app will fade. 1) Releasing the app with no content beyond a pre-scripted tutorial quest with little-to-no replay value was a huge mistake. People rushed to download, played through the tutorial, and now have nothing to do. For a product that was meant to revitalize interest in the game, they've given people very little to do; this will result in many people losing interest and moving on. RTL should not have been released without a more well-developed tutorial and at least one ready-to-go in-depth campaign for purchase. 2) Not including some method of randomizing dungeons failed to meet the expectations of a large number of RTL's customer base. Failure to include such a basic function (no matter what a vocal minority on the forums contend) leaves most of us feeling letdown and disappointed by a product that was meant to energize interest the game. 3) This looks like a missed opportunity. Hopefully they realize and address that.
  4. "Having the option to play randomly generated quests IN ADDITION to the role play style campaigns they're currently offering would give players a choice in how they experience RtL and would enrich the experience without taking anything away. Additionally it would keep the app relevant, useful, and fun even when no new campaigns have been released for a while. The utility and marketing potential of such a feature is so basic and obvious it baffles me that FFG released RtL without including it, and baffles me even more that so many people seem opposed to the idea." 1) It really does make very little sense that people are arguing on behalf of reduced functionality. 2) Why Fantasy Flight didn't include the feature is anyone's guess. Inclusion was the obvious choice.
  5. Best guess here: 1) Most conversion kit content has already been re-released in the form of H&M packs, so to include the CK would be redundant (with a few exceptions). The rules for the H&M packs already say that they are intended to replace, not supplement, the analogous content from the CK. 2) The H&M packs have minis, the CK doesn't, and the app requires minis. That makes sense then. They've essentially phased out the conversion kit.
  6. CONVERSION KIT It really irks me that Fantasy Flight have chosen to exclude the conversion kit from the Road to Legend app. Why do they refuse to include it?
  7. This bothers me as well. Why have Fantasy Flight chosen to exclude the conversion kit from the Road To Legend app?
  8. To the OP: Great post! So often online forums begin with condescension and degenerate from there. Yours easily could have gone that route. Thanks for breaking the mold!
  9. From everything I'm reading on the forums, it looks like the app was well designed. Guess it was worth the wait My only concern is longterm support. While I don't expect them to support the app for 10 years, will I still be able to use it in 5 or 10 years?
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