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  1. Yeah, focus does seem like a superior choice. However, does evade turn a blank into a success? Because if so, I could see the trade off.
  2. Why have evades been nerfed? Can anyone fill me in? Also, are Focuses still working the same as well?
  3. But, the previews are all for 1st edition. It's still irrelevant now. It is nice to know they will have 2.0 stuff mixed in, however.
  4. Well I appreciate the invite, but unless it's PBP, I don't really have time in my schedule for that many games (DMing Rogue Trader, rerolling to DND 5e with this mentioned group, and playing in a DND game on Fridays with the fiance).
  5. How are you guys going to be playing? Roll20 or something?
  6. Haha, I personally Love the system, I'm just burnt out dming for people who won't progress the story because they want to make more credits elsewhere, and that's all they want to do. I've also dangled story bits in their faces and everyone is just "bleh", which I guess I can't really fix, and changing the system probably won't fix it. (The player on his phone is a close friend and is also in my Rogue Trader game, and does the same thing while it's not his turn to roll dice).
  7. Well, in a fight against a Jedi Master and his Padawan (the party went evil), the problem PC and the Shien Expert we're both killed. So they rerolled characters, the problem PC this time being an alcoholic Twi'lek. Two sessions later, I'm getting burnt out running this game and Rogue Trader. One PC is neutral about everything and is on his phone most of the time, one PC literally only wants credits, period. One PC is a drunk who tries to run the party since no one else will, and the last one is a Jedi who's interested in the story when no one else is. We've also come to the conclusion that starship combat is wonky and unfun, combat is too "glass-cannon" like, and this whole system is based off of narrative story telling that none of the party members seem overly excited for. So, I told them I'm not feeling DMing it anymore, and we decided to have someone else DM DnD 5e instead.
  8. So, as unfortunate as it is, I've decided to shelve this game after 3 months of playing. A lot has happened in that 3 months, but I just can't continue.
  9. So I'm interested in implementing the Beast Riding rules into my game, but I'm unsure as to how you handle it in certain situations. My players are on Weik and fighting opponents who can potentially have horses. I've read over the rules and have a few questions. 1. When you attack someone on the mount, do you hit the mount or the rider? 2. If you have someone on a mount with others who are not, all in the same combat, how do you determine Speed? I know mounts have a speed rating, but how does that translate into "on foot" combat? How many range bands can they move and so on. Any insight would be useful. Thanks.
  10. So, back on topic, we had another session last night, and the players ventured to Weik to explore rumors of Jedi there (they're hunting them down for the Sith). Interesting tidbit that I think adequately punished the players: the were approached by Lucites who offered them gold coin and information in exchange for them slaughtering four Astromancers during their nightly ritual. So when they arrive, the Mystic PC approached them and tried to chat with them (to my surprise). He didn't believe in the magic they talked about, and was contemplating killing them since they looked harmless. He did, however, ask for a demonstration of this magic. So one of the Astromancers shot lightning out of his fingertips at him, though rolled stupidly good and ended up criting. It also knocked him unconscious, criting him again. The rest of the party was in dismay, and quickly stimpacked him. They decided that they wouldn't (and probably shouldnt) mess with these guys, so they left, with the intention to just torture the other guys for the information they seek and take the money by force. I said "Fair enough, I expect it at this point". On their way out of the house, while the Astromancers were still inside, the Mystic PC of course wants revenge, so decided to light their house on fire and watch them burn. He said he would wait about 10 minutes to see if any guards were around. I said, "Great". Just so happens the Astromancers have Foresight, so one of them rolled and knew what they were gonna do, therefor they came outside to defend themselves. The party then got royally screwed, and I even eluded to the fact that it was because of what the Mystic was planning. After several crits and unconscious players later, they woke up in a warehouse with their lightsabers stolen.
  11. Then I guess I need to not play tabletop rpgs. Every group I've ever played with usually tends to end up being murder hobos sooner or later, and they always try to do dumb stuff to test my limits.
  12. Sorry for the late reply everyone, got caught up in life. Pffft. I don't actually remember what his motivations are, exactly. Unfortunately this PC has a habit of staying in character (for good or ill), which never ends well regardless. I ran a star wars d20 game years ago, my first game, and he made a Twilek crime lackey who worked for the Exchange. He made this character knowing he would be in a party with 2 Jedi, essentially the glorified police of that time period. Needless to say things got heated and it ended with a Jedi PC killing his character and him getting pissy. I've considered fighting fire with fire, and turning the other team members against him, perhaps killing him. He did even say at the beginning of the campaign that he wanted to test my ability and resolve regarding killing players.
  13. Well taking advice from previous posts in this thread and throughout the internet, I didn't want to limit the players. There for they talked with the bad guy instead, charmed him, and now he offered them a job. Which they happily accepted. So I'm allowing them to do as they please, but I want to have incentive to not murder each other.
  14. You are correct. But when a party member voices his concerns and immediately gets shot down, with threats of "you're gonna have to make a new character because I just got a lightsaber and could end you", a healthy game that does not make. I don't want to lose a player because of this. Hence why I'm asking for advice on what I could do as a GM to help the situation.
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