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  1. Wow I didn't expect so much interest! Maybe after the podcast starts I'll run a PbP game here at the same time, if your interested. -Jim
  2. Matt what era and Carrers do you have at the table? -Jim
  3. Volunteers to help add to the worlds and get feedback from other points of view.
  4. "In combat the heat of the moment takes over and you do what you have to do to" that way lies the dark side it does!-Yoda Homestly have a session 0 to make sure your all on the same point of view for the story. You might have to just go Darksider for the story to play out (one of our podcast groups did a Sith of the old republic one shot and loved it!)
  5. Knight level play is a great tool for some games. Think of it as starting players in a fantasy rpg at level 5, especially if your blending books were you want some edge of empire careers with Jedi or Rebel skills. The 9K credits or Saber is a good addition too!
  6. First off you are so doing Parenting Right!!! Endless Vigil does a great job of working the Saber crafting rules IMO a few of my regular gamers are serious gear heads who love modding all their gear and this system works well. Love the Wookie!
  7. I love the set up you used! I might have added the well timed pneumatic doors shutting to save the sighs behind. Then as the group mops up the surviving defenders then turn back and see the reinforcements blast there ship at the nicks or a pissy Force push for the villain escaping! Remember when fighting droid venting the air (or adding knock out gas) is a valid tactic to help them out too! I agree shorting out his saber was super cheesy! It gets tough to continue to challenge players after about 300 exp If their focused one one aspect.
  8. Orphans of Order 66: The Galaxy is ablaze with the war between the Republic and the Separatist Alliance unknown to all secretly the Clone Wars will be manipulated to a fiery conclusion, for Chancellor Palpatine has just issued his endgame by branding the Jedi Knights as enemies of the Republic with issuing Order 66. On the mining Station KD-79, Republic forces including a handful of Jedi masters and their padawans are routing the Separatist base and securing the facility... "Commander Razor, have the technicians slice these loading droids and craft so we can redirect these supplies to Republic forces" ----------------------------------- Hey Guys, looks like we're getting to start another group of folks enjoying Fantasy Flights Force and Destiny! I'm really looking forward to it with Rogue One coming out next week! Last time we had a mostly Jedi group was out all Sith of the Old Republic a BS so much movie and book content has been released since then and I am excited about it! (I'm currently asking on forums and social media what places should be up on the Nav computer if they escape...) Race: Any released to date Careers: Any from the Force and Destiny books: Gear: standard gear depending on extra Morality Training Sabers and Light Saber kits can be purchased. Force powers: at Charater creation force powers cost 1/2 exp since you have a mentor...for now Starship: G-9 rigger light transport More to come, it's gonna be a fun group we're still debating YouTube or just podcasting
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