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  1. I'm out for now but very curious to hear more. I really enjoyed your "Warlords" game @LTD
  2. @Madaghmire @GhostofNobodyInParticular @The Jabbawookie @Bertie Wooster @PodRacer Hi yous guys, Thanks for showings up tonight. I was kinda hoping for more of the fellas to rep their team though. It's hard to decide the fates of the league with only 5 teams in attendance. Should we postpone or move forward? Lowe Dog
  3. @EbonHawk @Lord PreyerPreyer @Bertie Wooster @CaribbeanNinja Any thoughts?
  4. Adding some more. @Matt3412 @idjmv @Drasnighta @BiggsIRL Any interest in a Mafia game?
  5. Dear Team Captains, As you are all aware, with Kenner's departure to take a position at SliqIce, I'm taking over as Interim Hockey Director at Hart Memorial. Things were a little lax under Ken's watch and I intend to change that. You are required to attend, or send a representative from your team, to a captain's meeting in a few days' time. You may not bring alcohol to this meeting. More to come, Lowe Dog --------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings! It's time for an Ice Hockey-themed Mafia game. Players will play the roles of team captain discussing some very....unpopular....changes to league policy. Hockey leagues throughout the world vary in rules, skill level, and competitiveness, but what unites all is a love for consuming alcohol before, after, and sometimes during the game. However at most rinks it is considered against league policy to do so, and it is ultimately up to the hockey director whether or not these rules are enforced.... Players often also form fierce allegiances to the rinks they play at, even if there is really no good reason for it other than "that's where I've always played". Players who leave a rink to go play at the rival are sometimes considered....scum... There will be no killing in this game. Being dismissed from the league (vote), or being lured away (night kill) to go play at SliqIce fill this game mechanic. In game, there are two teams: Players (town) Scum (mafia) Usual rules apply, mafia wins when nothing can stop their victory. Town win when all threats to town are eliminated. During "game day" (day), team captains will discuss and ultimately vote on who they think is violating league policy of drinking beer on rink premises. Whichever player receives the necessary number of votes will be sent away from the league (killed). In between games, during the "work week" (night), scum will attempt to lure captains to take their teams away to go play at SliqIce, where you can drink beer. This has the same function as a night kill. When a player is voted off or lured away, they won't be able to reply to the game thread or like posts, as normal. Let me know if you're interested? The first match of the league starts on 6/8 at 8 PM EST (or earlier if we fill quickly). Lastly, I encourage you to stay in character. Hockey is a sport known for trash talking (chirps), boasting, and crazy celebrations (cellies). Consider this your primer: don't watch this at work or around kids @PodRacer in @EbonHawk @Lord Preyer @GhostofNobodyInParticular in @Madaghmire in @The Jabbawookiein @ovinomanc3r out @Bertie Wooster @LTD out @CaribbeanNinja
  6. PM sent to Gink to start planning next game
  7. Understandable. Ok let's give it a day or two to see if anyone else chimes in
  8. @Bertie Wooster @The JabbawookieJabbawookie @EbonHawk @Lord PreyerPreyer @CaribbeanNinja @LTD @ovinomanc3r @GhostofNobodyInParticular any of y'all want to volunteer to help me balance the next game? You'd be an observer
  9. Uhh well I probably won't do better but I can guarantee that it's very unlikely that any of y'all have played this flavor before. Is there someone who is experienced in modding these games that I could bounce my idea off of? Necessarily that person would be an observer
  10. I actually have an idea for a future Mafia game. I don't know that I understand all the mechanics well enough yet to pick a good roster so perhaps I could find help with that? Maybe some kind of online calculator or what not. But if you're willing to give me a few days I'll be glad to mod the next one
  11. Yes that was fun. Congrats to Ebon and Ninja. If you'd be so kind, I'd also appreciate any feedback y'all care to share about how to sound less scummy when I'm just genuinely curious.
  12. With absolutely nothing else to go off of beyond what you mentioned it does seem likely to me.
  13. Ok, but I repeat my question, is what I did bad? I just reread the rules and didn't see it mentioned. Is it a taboo thing? Also I wouldn't rely on my "Active" monitor thing too closely. Even when my phone is locked, i still hear the sound from the chrome app when someone posts an update. No other app on my phone does that. I'm wondering if that makes me seem active when I'm not? Idk. I guess I could log out then check out my profile and see what it says but honestly that's a lot of work for little gain. Believe me or don't, that's on you, I'm just trying to convey why I'm not as active as I'd like. Ahh thanks. Still learning things like this.
  14. You know this actually makes a good deal of sense. ##unvote ##vote GNIP Bertie, and is this a principle vote? I take it what I did was bad?
  15. Will anyone stand up and claim the doc role? It's not me. @The Jabbawookie you've played with me long enough to know roughly what time zone I'm in. You've also played with me long enough to know I have kids. I'll fill in the gap that I mostly only get to do things like this at night, and recently I've been working both nights and weekends. That's mostly to blame for me being quiet. That and me really not being sure. I'm going to go ahead and ##vote Bertie for now. If a doc shows up I'll unvote. If I'm convinced otherwise I'll unvote. But I can see the point that the argument Bertie is making is the same argument that scum would make in this setting.
  16. I'm suspicious now but I agree with his latest post that killing Gink would be a dumb move. I don't see Bertie making a move that dumb unless he's trying to trick us...
  17. So this is a principal vote? Seems like a waste to me. Also, you seem little quick to dismiss the points Ovi raises...
  18. Still analyzing.... Feel bad for Gink now. Maybe I read into that too much and was trying to find facts to affirm my opinions rather than basing my opinion on the facts. Anyhoo, Jabba seems more confrontational this match, which is interesting. Not sure if that's because his role dictates that play style or perhaps because I'm reading too much into it. Rn my top suspect would be Jabba for that reason but being willing to die and even voting for yourself is pretty town (or 3rd party?) So honestly idk. I'm going to sit back and brood a little more.
  19. Clearly you've never played a game with me where I AM scum 😉 There are a few here on the forums. Feel free to go back and read. This is standard town play for me
  20. Look at what you said earlier in this thread. 1 a vote with literally no context. 2 a no-value post other than to push 3 more pushing Now compare to what I did 1 paraphrasing what another player said to see if others agree 2 provide my opinion concisely So yeah, there is a difference. Admittedly you've gotten more verbose recently but I remain suspicious
  21. Here are some of the posts that read as scummy to me. Characterized by one sentence or less with little contribution to the game beyond a vote and some taunting. I'm then largely ignoring the Gink/Jabba feud that followed because that could just be a personality clash and not indicative of anything in game. Although Gink seems a little too eager to defend. Every town role I've ever played says you win if all threats are eliminated, not if you survive. So it's always a safety blanket of sorts for you. If you need to die to send your team a message or support a theory, you can still win. I agree with Jabba that this is a strange way to play town. ##vote Gink Also Ovi, thanks for noticing that I wasn't the one who originally suggested Gink first then Jabba. That was Jabba
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