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  1. Why not just say that for every 50 points bigger one fleet is, they get +1 bonus? That seems easy. That's an approximation of the method LTD used. It works for medium sized fleets and above. It breaks down for really tiny fleets (10 pts vs 50), which under LTDs system would be +7 but here would only be +1.
  2. Hey was strategizing with my team. Orders almost ready, but I need to make one more tweak before submitting. Will submit in the next 5 hours. Edit: my orders are in!
  3. "Forty" may, or may not, be a reference to the quantity of alcohol Clone Commander Hank is known to consume in one sitting, though details on what unit of measurement remain sparse. The GAR, needless to say, denies any allegations that it's soldiers have fun.
  4. Out of curiosity, what is your rationale? Also, @LTD Is it out of concern for changing a game that has already begun, because you think this will put your team at a disadvantage, etc?
  5. I too vote to allow transfer of units and credits between players. I say "players" and not "teams" here intentionally. Though nothing comes to mind right now, if a situation requires a credit transfer between players (the price of a peace treaty?) I'm ok with that.
  6. In past games we've been allowed to just give units to another player by sending the unit to a planet owned by that player and having it surrender. From a player's perspective, that worked well and I hope it wasn't too hard on the GM. That might be easier than having to keep track of whose GF are on whose ships. Also, it allows us to have "roles" on each side; banker, army, navy, etc. Personally I think this allows for a fun twist
  7. @GhostofNobodyInParticular I too will submit my orders over lunch break (4 to 5 hours). They're all decided and ready but I really struggle to format everything correctly on mobile
  8. Corrolary - let's say I have a unit in progress on planet A. I want to boost planet B. Can I spent planet A's resources on boosting B, and keep my in progress units for completion next turn? My reading of the rules say "yes"
  9. "Forward boys! If you die, you'll be briefly remembered before being replaced by an identical copy!" - Clone Commander Hank
  10. Got it. Oh the terror I would have unleashed with the ability to actually destroy a planet. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have bothered with GF and invasions at that point. Just show up in orbit and blow up the planet. Move on. Rinse, repeat.
  11. @GhostofNobodyInParticular also, it seems like keyword descriptions got removed. Was this intentional?
  12. Can you explain the logic here? If you can partially build a unit why can you not partially upgrade your infrastructure?
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