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  1. So it seems like credits are a commodity several of us have in excess. Does anyone have excess IC that they'd be willing to contract out to me? I'm willing to pay 1.5 to 1 credits for IC used.
  2. Yeah having the "deep space" option is nice. Thought experiment - one could make the argument that it is legal to put an infinite (eg more than 500 pts worth) number of ships into "deep space", in up to 500pt fleets, simply by arguing that they are in different "deep spaces" from each other, similar to how to players' fleets in deep space do not interact. Though I expect this is a twisting of the rules that @LTD didn't expect and won't allow.
  3. Sorry to hear that friend. Let us know if delaying the next turn will help you at all? Yes, I own B and will take good care of them for you. Thanks.
  4. If you require someone to oversee your forces while you take a brief haitus, I am glad to assist. If we misunderstood the subterfuge, no offense intended. You are also free to station a force at dsB if desired. With GNIPIA and the 5SA bowing out against the Tron'di, that makes it hard for @Matt3412 to have a strong impact on the war, given the known "stack of doom" operating in that vicinity. It also puts our friends with the t-shaped faceplates in trouble. If the chirping of the Tron'di is to be believed, what they require is urgent assistance in MU. In my mind that is the best service you could provide to the Southern Federation. Walls can be navigated around easily.
  5. Go on... Much appreciated. With some finagling, yes. Usually something along the lines of giving orders to surrender to someone, and only that someone. At some point I would like to return your ships to you and drink alongside you as brothers. As promised, your crews have remained honored guests and have enjoyed their stay with us. I do worry though that your crews might have a hard time... readjusting. They have taken a liking to "pou'tine" and moulson. You may also find some of the hangar bays covered to h'ckey rinks.. Let us see what fresh mayhem this turn brings.
  6. So you're saying you won't contest me trying to reclaim Umbarra then?
  7. Speaking of which, are you any closer to being able to intervene militarily? If the IC situation is as dire as the Mandalorians paint it to be, we'll need your help, soon. @The Jabbawookie do you still require assistance to retake Umbarra? We are in position if needed. Though, as always, we prefer a diplomatic solution.
  8. @BiggsIRL what say you to these accusations? Tempers flair in times of war. Will you renounce your vendetta and negotiate in good faith a resolution to this conflict that has claimed too many lives already? @The Jabbawookie also, I hope you'll agree that I'm negotiating in good faith, not out of desire to claim a planet. If that's a sticking point, I'm sure you and I can come to an agreement.
  9. In the name of galactic stability, we have a responsibility to try for a peaceful resolution to this conflict. What else might you be willing to offer the Mandalorians? Perhaps an IC tribute? I find that makes both sides closer and is a good deterrent to future conflict.
  10. @clontroper5 @The Jabbawookie I think we are close to something workable here. Perhaps the 5SA could swap the Mandos another planet to compensate for your denial to use P?
  11. @GhostofNobodyInParticular we have credits in abundance. I'm glad to give you some now as a token of our good will. If you are in a position to help us later, that would be appreciated. @LTD 50 credits from Consortium to GNIPIA.
  12. @BiggsIRL friend, thank you for not meeting me in orbit above G. That helped avoid putting us in the unfortunate postition of having to fire upon a friend whose only transgression against us was attempting to liberate my people. I have sworn to help liberate the home system of the Mandalorians @The Jabbawookie . I am prepared to do so and implore you not to resist. @The Jabbawookie the Tron'di have proven themselves a cunning enemy. If they are willing to agree not to contest the liberation of your home system, would be willing to negotiate a cessation to hostilities? They may be interested and able to help us against unwanted Northern aggression in the future..
  13. Turn 12 orders are due in approximately 25 hours, right? The anticipation is killing me. Where will @BiggsIRL strike next?! What will be that Mandalorian @The Jabbawookie response? What will happen at D? When will we see the fury of the Syndicate @Matt3412? Who is at dsTC? I know this is a pot-kettle-black moment, but who are we waiting on for turn 12?
  14. We are still playing to ten, right? If so this might take a while...