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  1. Other than going off the board, game went exactly as planned. You can't run from speed 4 ships, the plan was always to joust past and slip away. I needed to wipe the squads immediately as Truths choices were all absolute kneecaps to my list. Lando wrecks scatter aces with his ability, Dutch can shut them off where they eat a worm, and wedge can one shot them with a good roll. I knew I needed to kill the squads quickly, and honestly I would have in hindsight been better off just finishing that task and not trying to split and gamble on luck that I strip a def token from the lib early on. The critical error boiled down to using one too few yaw on my gap close maneuver because I was hesitant to take a damage from the worm. If I had overlapped the worm I would have had exactly the space needed to skirt right along the edge. Other than keeping my ISD on the board, changing that one click doesn't alter any other scenario, so while I wish we had been able to play out the valiant charge of the lib to see if truth could give me the honest tabling that he certainly had an opening to deliver me, or if the 2 rounds I'd have to shoot him with maarek, Jendon, dengar, and ciena would be enough to take the last 7 hull off the single brace no other def token lib, it wasnt in the cards. When you play a great player you have to be on your A game. I'm sure truth has a decision or 2 he'd like to have back just as I'd like to pick up the game at that turn 2 nav. That doesn't take anything from truth closing off every avenue he could to force me down a path that led off the board. It's a game truth knows how to play, and he did it well.
  2. Bad_dinner V Brobafett Concludes. Brobafett defeats Bad_dinner, 514 - 12. Brobafett picked first player and played Advanced Gunnery. Bad_Dinner flew well, had me in an extremely tight spot (he could have chose to go for broke and overextend to get me on the quasar's pryce turn, which is what I tried to bait him into doing, but instead chose restraint and patience and instead put the mc80 in a place where the quasar could not escape and my squads would have to overextend) but in the end the dice simply did not go his way. In my book he is forever gold because he has handled a tough loss with more class than most all of the players I know.
  3. @CyborgNinja (Weston on Vassal and Discord) V Brobafett Concludes. Brobafett defeats Cyborg Ninja, 220 - 157. Brobafett picked first player and played Rift Ambush. Rift Ambush does a lot of weird things for fleets, from speeding them up and slowing them down, and the rift was on display in this game. My ISD slingshotted around the rift and ALMOST got in position to start eating small ships, but Cracken likes to go fast and Cyborg flew like an absolute beast putting ships where I thought there was no way they could fit and somehow managing not to self ram back into the waiting ISD's front arc. In the end, I couldn't QUITE get the quasar out of harms way fast enough after counting on the rift to give me a boost of speed and then just narrowly missing this distance 2. That put me dead to rights for the TRC vette and LTT yavaris. The squad fight went my way, but the flak burned me to the ground. Took a lot of rock hopping just to keep them alive. I lost the Quasar, Maarek, Mauler, Saber, Ciena, and Valen. Cyborg Ninja lost the Ezra Chammerhead, the generic nebulon, and his whole squad ball. Tight MOV reflects the cagey gameplay and stifling tactics that had to be used on both sides. A great game with a wonderful opponent. God I love good armada.
  4. No one questions the fact that it's the same 6 rebel pilots flying every mission in every pivotal battle in the 3 GCW Star Wars movies. They get to be main characters. It's much harder to mine equivalent counterparts for the empire simply because they are faceless. If you want to consider Ciena Ree "that one-of-billions interceptor pilot who is just a cut above the rest of his squad mates" that's totally fine and completely believable and harmonious with the movie-exclusive universe. But the pressure is to match aces with aces for the face value, even though that's more the artistic aspects of game design interacting with the "band of rag tag heroes versus big faceless empire" trope.
  5. Ah, then you just posted in the wrong forum. If you are looking to complain on the Xwing forum you can find it https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/222-x-wing/ right there. Otherwise, there's an off topic you can rant about another game in. Getting mad about a problem that is exclusively the problem of a game that is not Armada does not belong on this forum.
  6. That sounds fine by me, I just know from experience these things have a tendency to go away if they aren't acted on quick and run at a pretty quick pace throughout. There is NOTHING worse than having someone ghost a campaign 3 rounds in cause they simply forgot about it since it was moving too slow. Doing the google form seems like a great idea as a first step, so maybe get that out asap and give till next Weds when you have wifi to get that done, and then if you want any help going through and sorting the stuff out and forming a couple of teams and things I'd be happy to pitch in. That would likely have us getting teams and things ordered by Friday, and then the weekend to coordinate and build fleets for a Monday Jan 27 start, then a 1 week per round timeline to get games done. It looks like there is enough for a couple teams, so thanks for throwing this out as there is obviously a lot of interest. PS - In addition to preferred times and factions, make sure to self approximation of the player skill. Something like a 1-10 rating where 1 being brand new to the game and still learning complicated mechanics to 10 being a past regional or above champion.
  7. @ExplosiveTooka It appears we have potentially ..... 10? Interested. Might be enough to do 2 campaigns if we sort via skill level for balance purposes. Do you have the ability to organize the first steps before we lose momentum here?
  8. Without a true ISBN number Barnes and Noble cannot purchase Armada stock, and it appears that the only non-wave 2 or earlier products with a true ISBN are the campaigns. This is, of course, based off me physically checking with Barnes and Nobel and confirming yep, nothing released after ISD/MC80 or Rogues and Villains other than the campaign even listed on their stock list. So this seems, essentially, like a complete over blow of the situation. B&N will severely discount their stock, but that is their prerogative and why FFG shifted to the "protect the FLGS" sales model which included shutting retailers like B&N out of purchasing stock through their ISBN agreements and disallowing those huge price cuts to continue on new stock. FFG may have made huge missteps the last few years that are pretty indefensible, but to say they pandered to B&N at the expense of FLGS' is just misinformation. If anything, the critical way they failed FLGS' is FFGOP's complete inability to function on any sort of level that would help their games to flourish and foster game communities. But FFGOP and FFG are 2 different entities.
  9. Your prize is a single upvote - from me. Congratulations!
  10. I'm in took. Been wanting to set this up but too little bandwidth to put myself as organizer. I'll happily be a player though. Prefer imperials.
  11. Will Armada return to a non-invite format for Worlds?
  12. I played IamnotDan. I won 10-1 cause hyperspace migration is broken.
  13. Mando Moose and I played. He crushed my SSD with super lasers for a 10-1 his way. Next game will be better....
  14. Beanicus and I played and Bean and his JJ decimator MSU dodged my hate and pulled out a 7/4 win.
  15. I love it ovino. Lean and mean. I'd probably opt for dcap/hie on the dictor. With that it will basically *feel* like triple cymoon cause Vader will give you a high chance of nailing the hie crit which puts the overall pushed damage on par with the cymoon with less weakness to the brace. While xi7 are nice for sure, it's a tough toss up between that and a third threat bubble. I think basically there's no wrong choice, but definitely dcap hir or xi7 seems the right call.
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