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  1. Love it! Madine is so slippery. Do not like
  2. The SSD can't play like an ISD. It is imperative you play it defensively. This isn't bad, it's just different. In most games with the SSD I want to play objectives that let me at least influence if not outright guarentee the location of the station. In addition, panned cards such as repair crews that have already been mentioned are legit. Finally, and possibly the most massive shift of gears for the SSD is that you CANNOT simply nav (or squad) all 6 turns and be generally ok. It's going to need every command on the dial throughout the game, and takes a lot of skill to get that timing right. The end result is that in a game where you are playing double isd for instance, if one isd dies its gone. It's firepower and upgrades are gone, and you can't repair it back to deny points. When the SSD is half hull it suffers no negatives offensively and CAN be healed back up, denying points.
  3. I'm looking for the alt art damage deck and at least a pair of the acrylic shield/speed dial sets. I have dice, customs, frosty plastic glad, plenty of decent trade fodder to get it, just need some people willing to help me out. Greatly, grearly appreciated.
  4. Reality is we both want the same thing - a more positive discourse - I just feel that some people bring that and others consistently do just the opposite. The reality is that it's been tough on the forums, and that when things get tough the good people simply leave because they don't have the time or effort in them to have pointless discussions with people who don't or won't see reason. Which makes having a positive discourse even more difficult. I wish the internet wasn't that way, but unfortunately that is pretty much it. My hope is that now that we FINALLY have something new (cause lets be honest, SSD is now old enough it doesn't feel new even though we've not even got it yet), people will have something to talk about other than what is wrong and their opinions on how to fix it (that 99.5% of the time has already been tried or is unoriginal and is most likely to only make the whole game worse.)
  5. Or you could realize that Allwings is a huge freaking troll that brings negativity with him everywhere he goes. This forum isn't the problem, he is.
  6. Subjective issue? Not really. The OP is stating flatly that there is mechanical problem in the game system (unlimited measuring takes to long) that is causing delay that can be fixed with a mechanical solution in the game system (disallowing measuring). This is anything but subjective, this is a mechanical theory that can be tested. FFG themselves, pursuing this "less measuring = less time" thought process have limited measuring to 1 tool for this exact purpose (speeding up gameplay) and the result has, again, not subjectively, been shown to actually slow the game down. So the clearly non-subjective evidence we have on this topic is pointing clearly in the direction that the OP's theory is false, and his solution does not in fact speed up play. I am sorry to say that you cannot say a non-subjective issue is subjective simply because you have no non-subjective evidence to contribute to the greater discussion in support of your opinions.
  7. Good luck Karnek. I'm watching you, ride or die haha
  8. I use the term mockingly, I know the answer to every question is not simply becoming more skilled. THIS topic, however, is dealing specifically with the causes of extended playtime. Extended play time is not a fleet composition problem, or mechanical system problem. If it was then it would be IMPOSSIBLE to finish a game in less amounts of time than reality shows is possible. This issue is first and foremost an experience issue. I can lampoon it as one needing to "git gud" or I can be an ******* and say you are simply wrong. When you know how to play armada, you move faster. That's simply the end of this discussion. The idea presented in this topic is based in a hypothetical that does not exist and the sole result of this change will be to further slow the game down. Why? Because it's been tried. It's not fanboyism when the OP is simply, empirically, wrong. You want to have a discussion? That's fine. Most of the people who are experienced and have actual things to say have moved on from these forums because THESE pointless types of discussions where people who have an (often totally unfounded) opinion tout it as unassailable fact are the only discussions that seem to pop up. Ones that are misguided armchair admiralling at best and annoying, trolly, and destructive at their worst. Sorry it's not cool to tell someone they are wrong, especially when I tried to do it in a somewhat humorous way instead of just coming out and saying it. But that's what this thread is. Wrong.
  9. I am an optimizer. I whole heartedly disagree (and explained why in my post) that your solution doesn't speed up optimizers. Those are EXACTLY the people who will REFUSE to make an imprecise movement and instead spend MORE time using the secondary alternatives to measuring to make sure that their moves are what they want with the minimal margin of error. That said, I am also "gud". I had to git gud to be an optimizer and play quickly, but it's not impossible. My point stands, as skill increases so does speed. The solution is making the mechanics of measuring easier, thus increasing the speed of the learning curve required to git gud, and reinforcing the fact that as skill increases you SHOULD be learning what moves do and don't have a beneficial effect so you don't need to follow every path each and every game to find the optimal outcome. If I have moves A-Z a new player can narrow it down to 100 positions, an experienced player can narrow it to maybe 3-4, I typically know as my turn starts where each of my squads are going within 1-2 mm, and just need to measure to make sure that my formation and engagements are accurate, which takes about 2 seconds. You don't let me make those measurements I am STILL going to get the result I want, I'm just going to be basing it off of the stars, the thickness of my thumbnail as I hover it over the board, the length of the shadows of my squad pegs, whatever I have to do to get it there.
  10. Also- Holy S$#! how we need new objectives.... thank goodness this is coming it's not a moment too soon.
  11. New red objective in action - that ISD was unfortunate enough to have a token on it!
  12. The red is about getting rammed to death by purrgill Also, new expansion has purrgill you can get rammed by
  13. agree! and I think most others do. This has been a long time coming because it simply makes too much sense. Third party card sales are super common and it's just money FFG isn't tapping that is already in the market.
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