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  1. I got tagged.... is this an *armada based* game? A text based forum game? Not that I'm disinterested but I am not sure what's going on 😂
  2. You are forgetting WBT in your fleet makeup. That completely negates the need for screed basically. You have to roll 3 hits on your raider not to trigger HIE when you can shift an acc to a crit. Raider II, Weapon Battery Techs, Disposable Capacitors, Heavy Ion Emplacements. It's brutal. I'll add to doomed station. If you are taking a dictor you have the choice of moving it near you or them. You can pull it toward you where you can go speed "0" while using defense tokens, or you can push it on them where they are forced to overlap it and go to speed 0, then destroy them before they regain their speed. Its tactically a very interesting objective combined with the scoring potential of contested outpost.
  3. Nice fleet! Did you get around dco, or did they not have it on the SSD?
  4. The first upgrade that allows imperials to pull squad power from ship points- it's no yavaris, but it's a step in the right direction.
  5. You memory might be shaky I think. Cr90 spam was always tough. And it still is in the right hands. Especially when you add in dumb stuff like truthiness used to play with madine and engine techs. It was also unbelievably fragile, lacked sticky damage (meaning if you stuck in the fight you would slowly lose ships and therefore damage potential. You had to rely on hit and runs and couldnt reengagel, and unlike the real "winning" msu lists of yesteryear (that weren't pay to win) it lacked the big punch of demo or admo to go last first and salt away a kill before the attrition damage started eating into your mov. It could be tough to table it, but similarly it always got narrow wins because it sacrificed too many ships to get a kill. When cr90 spam was in vogue I was playing motti bombers, and those msu players always groaned when they saw me accriss the table cause they knew they were beat out the gate. They were hoping for ackbar assault frigates or or another msu they could kite cause those were about the only games they could make a good show in. All that to say, Armada has never in it's history been pay to win. It wasnt ever even really brought up until the SSD, so manufacturing some fantastic pay to win past is revisionist history.
  6. Topic was pay to win, not pay to get slaughtered by almost everything. There definitely skew fleets like this that are expensive to set on a table, but they are usually not that good or effective, so far from pay to win.
  7. SSD, rebellion in the rim, and Starhawk/onager are all awesome, but more so than anything I'm looking forward to them flipping the meta on its head with many new modes and methods of winning games.
  8. I think there was a real fear with the SSD that they would lock an amazing must own ubiquitous upgrade behind it, forcing everyone to shell out $200, or multiple $200's, in order to be competitive. They CERTAINLY COULD HAVE done that. If they were a mobile game dev, you bet they wouldn't think twice to do it. They kind of did it in X-Wing with the huge ships there. But they didn't do it here. Armada remains, with a few exceptions such as trc, a game you can be competitive at with 1 of everything, which I think is a fair standard to set. There are useful cards in the SSD. They are all unique and faction locked, and none of them are so powerful you cant live without them. That is fortunately pretty far from pay to win.
  9. I actually like the combination of overload pulse and emperor palpatine, though it does heavily incentivize going first. If you get given second, overload pulse is largely useless against whichever ship they activate first. Still a nifty combo! Love the creativity.
  10. I discovered something super important today- faulty countermeasures is absolutely devastating on SSDS. Especially when you take it on the first shot of a double (or triple) arc that you blow all your tokens on that you would normally easily survive and go on to win the game next round. That is all. This has been a brobafett PSA on how to lose your SSD. 😂🤣
  11. Broba v @LTD ends 400/81 for a 319 10-1 for me. A great game where I got to drop yavaris in the fleet ambush zone and run away with 7 hammerheads chasing me down. Both flotillas went down as they attempted to block the hammerheads from getting in range, but ultimately with slaved Turrets preventing LTD from being able to flak my bombers just ate hammerhead after hammerhead. Still, with so many ships the table took all 6 turns, and relay was the unquestioned lynchpin that allowed me to keep squads in the action while I kept my ships out as long as possible. End of the game Jaina's was 2 hull no shields down to her last evade, the flagship was 3 hull no shields bow or starboard, and yavaris was 3 hull no shields starboard or aft. So my fleet is a smoking wreck, and one more good clean shot on any of my ships could have sealed the deal and swung the game into a much lower scoring affair. LTD is a great opponent who I always enjoy sparring with, and I appreciate him being flexible on our scheduling.
  12. So if I take a bad list with good objectives, get given second player, AND my opponent picks the objective out of the three that allows me steamroll them it is all ok? Lol I'm giving you a trolly time of course, you aren't wrong that there is much more to a fleet than just its components. Deployment and objectives are HUGE. But to say they trump solid fleet building is a bit of a stretch. Objectives can't help much if you get tabled turn 4. It's also super not fun to run a "there's a reason why you dont see fleets like this at regionals" kinda fleet and then curb stomped by an experienced list builder because you truly feel like you never stood a chance. So I want to just be in good faith before I tell someone that they can run whatever they want and be successful, because while I certainly will never discourage experimentation, but imo if you are on the newer end there is real value in learning the game using fleets that are tried and true first so you can win or lose based on your decisions on the board rather than the ones you make upgrading a cr90.
  13. Ok.... but when can you reach it before turn 5 or 6? The tactical value of a turn 5 fork at the expense of removing a combat ship from the action the entire game is questionable.
  14. Hard to fork a speed 4 ship that is doing everything in its power not to engage. You have to be really dumb to let a lifeboat raider get forked. And if you are committing 2 ships to kill my lifeboat, and I'm flying that lifeboat on the opposite side of the board from the rest of my fleet which is destroying the rest of yours I'll take that as a win.
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