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  1. There's no official movies that take place between RotJ and TFA. Like the Clone Wars era, the intervening time is not being detailed beyond a few years after RotJ and a few years before TFA (leaving a long gap still to fill with whatever). Publications and games that fill in this period include Star Wars Aftermath series by Chuck Wendig, Bloodline by Claudia Grey, any of a handful of other books leading up to TFA that focus on individual characters, the Poe Dameron comic series, the Shattered Empire limited series comic run, Star Wars Battlefront II (releasing in November of this year, which follows events of both Shattered Empire and Aftermath), and some other stuff that I'm not especially aware of because I've been out of touch with Star Wars for most of this year. That depends on whether or not you count folks like Bendu, or people who are likely unidentified sensitives like Poe Dameron (is likely to be).
  2. My source is this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/yxXVx4sv0r4 Which I will grant is not the most reliable canonical source. Luke was pure until he was busy killing a hundred thousand plus people all in one go. That was my point. I don't know about Yoda (that one actually fascinates me, but there might be some answers in his trip to Malachor in the lost missions of Clone Wars). But Qui-Gon Jinn was kicked off the council from being a renegade. Dude was unstable, and he repeatedly made poor decisions.
  3. Do you hear yourself? That sounds incredibly petty. Your lack of research is not the fault of the publisher. Glad I don't play games with you.
  4. Remember that Luke had a great deal of conflict in him. Luke isn't as pure as Rey. Rey doesn't have parents but she didn't see their charred corpses or destroy a space station with 100,000+ people on board. When Luke builds his own lightsaber, it is green because he walks the line between light and dark. The only reason the Skywalker lightsaber is blue to begin with canonically is that Anakin was genuinely good when he built it (thus sharpening the impact of his fall to the Dark Side). imho
  5. I will be interested to know, when this trilogy is over, if anyone from FFG will be willing to comment on this promotional product -- what their desires were, what their limitations were, what their time constraints were, etc. I think it will really shed some light onto why this product has so much that is just almost close to what people wanted, but still not quite there. Except for the map. Which may have to be updated per episode.
  6. I believe the text was red for Revenge of the Jedi, at least in the teaser trailer that got shown way back in the day. Also much of the text for Return of the Jedi was red on the old Kenner toy sets. If you're looking for a symbolic link through coloring, I'd say this is a safe bet. It'll be one of only two movies that reference Jedi directly in the title.
  7. Actually it might speak to the brutal nature of the First Order if they're willing to gas their own troops to take down the heroes. That said, the FO is supposed to be significantly more competent as a fighting force than the Empire was. So it depends on who's commanding the stormtroopers.
  8. The best way to start this is two or three stormtroopers per player character and if they're handling that then send in reinforcements of at least as many stormtroopers as there are party members every round. They won't last forever, unless the Force wills it. And if they look like they're about to take down a whole battalion of Imperial troops, then the Empire always saves self-destruct sequences for that kind of scenario. Remember what they did to Scarif, and that was just over some data. They weren't even going to lose that combat.
  9. The adventure is quite a lot of fun, too! And plenty to do in the free follow-up. Worth it just to try, even if you normally prefer Savage Worlds as a system!
  10. It seems likely to me that Darth Sidious influenced the Trade Federation into blockading Naboo so that Senator Palpatine could draw attention to himself and his system, and thereby gain some opportunities: A) for Queen Amidala to call for a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Valorum; B) to attain the Chancellorship himself; and C) to have Representative Binks instigate the vote to give him emergency powers during the secession crisis. -Nate While I can certainly agree that Sidious was trying to play with elements he knew he could manipulate (particularly a 14-year-old Queen on his home planet) I seriously doubt Binks was initially part of his plans. Probably more like something fortuitous that happened that he took advantage of. The Force placing someone in the right place at the right time? Binks is too obscure from the outset for his being a key part of Sidious's plan to make any kind of sense whatsoever. He was a banished nobody from an isolated race whose interests and mental capacity were no where near loud enough to attract the attention of a Senator from Naboo (especially one who was orchestrating a plan to take over the entire galaxy). Keep in mind that all it took to keep the Skywalker twins a secret was to put them on two different planets (one of which was literally an active member of the Senate). Sidious was not omniscient by a long shot. My friend also made that point, that Naboo was far enough out that it wouldn't cause the whole Senate to go into an uproar if there was a blockade, but it was important enough to get him elected to the seat of Supreme Chancellor following Valorum's forced resignation. EDIT: Amidala's age was 14 during TPM not 17. Still. She was a child. That's the important bit.
  11. I think you've made some excellent observations. I have had similar observations, in particular about the Whills, and am excited to see how they play into the new narrative of Star Wars. Interesting side note to that - the first named character for Star Wars (if memory serves) was one Mace Windy. So... we'll see if that has any relevance. I'm sure the "Mace Windu is Snoke" crowd would lose its mind over that tidbit of knowledge but I think that's reading too much into it. Historically in Star Wars when someone is thrown off of a very large structure it's pretty well accepted that they're dead. Unless you happen to have been cut in half first. *Ahem* As far as Illum being Starkiller base, I think that it's quite likely. However, space being the size that it is, and the map being the size that it is, they could be planets in entirely different solar systems and still retain basically the same position on the map. I have been pondering over the map myself, lately, but more in curiosity of where they put Naboo. It's not exactly on any vital trade lanes, so why would the Trade Federation blockade it? It's infrastructure is clearly not a major trade hub, so... why Naboo? Anyway that derails your main thread so I won't go off on that anymore than I already have. I also need to finish reading Ahsoka. It's on my list.
  12. That's my guess. Whomever does marketing, the Mouse or the Jedi ordered it to be so. It's a promotional product.
  13. I agree with you about the artwork. I'd have loved to see some stuff akin to the rest of the series, gorgeous original artwork done up for TFA era stuff. Maybe they'll make a special edition some time down the road, but it probably depends on how well this first boxed set sells (which I think was probably quite well for the boxed sets). The map really made it appeal to both old and new players.
  14. Ray shields? We're smarter than this!
  15. As a fellow parent, I cannot say that I would take too kindly to hearing that internet stranger "Orcface999" said to "loosen up." I'd probably roll up my sleeve and raise my fists to do fisticuffs with... no one. But I'd still be cross that my kid was taking advice from some internet stranger. That said, as a gamer, I feel that perhaps if it was one game a month or even every couple months that might be acceptable. But I see no reason why you couldn't own more than one Star Wars game. Are they trying to prevent you from becoming a nerd? Because that's not something you can prevent. You're born with it.
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