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  1. Some back of the envelope math here, but an unmodded 3 dice attack would normally yield 1.5 hits. If you change the odds so that the dice are now 55% hit/crit, an unmodded 3 dice shot would now yield 1.65 hits (.55×3), so over 10 rolls with 3 favorable dice you'd expect to see one extra hit. Considering i've seen dice variance over the course of a game vary as much as +/- 10, it doesnt seem like its a real deal breaker, not enough to justify dice testing or exclusively playing with a shared dice pool.
  2. But it is though. 'During' isn't a defined term in the RR regarding timings, and the closest defined term would be While, which isn't a moment in time but a longer window. TIMING There are several terms used to indicate the specific timing of an effect: • Before: The effect resolves immediately preceding the timing specified. • At the start of: This timing is used with a specific phase or step. The effect triggers before anything occurs during that phase or step. • While: This term is often used in combination with multi-stepped game effects such as an attack, an action, or a maneuver. Although less specific than the other timings, this term is used to narrow down when the ability is resolved during the round. Additional verbiage is required to identify when exactly the effect is applied. ◊ For example, in the context of an attack, if the ability rolls additional attack dice, the ability triggers during the Roll Attack Dice step. If the ability modifies defense dice, the ability triggers during the Modify Defense Dice step. • At the end of: This timing is used with a specific phase or step of ship’s activation. This effect triggers after the normal effects of that phase or step have occurred. • After: The effect resolves immediately following the timing specified. The ability queue is used to resolve abilities that would resolve simultaneously
  3. At least the autopilot drone has the claim of existing in reserve. The bomb is just on its upgrade card in front of you when the timing passes. AP Drone also uses the nebulous 'during the system phase' timing, which isn't very well defined, similar to 'during the end phase', which only has an unofficial community ruling. Bomb triggers are just 'At the end of the Activation Phase'. Did you finish activating all ships? You're at the end of the phase, put all bombs on the play area into the queue to detonate. Any bombs not on the field at that moment aren't placed in queue to detonate.
  4. Once you finish placing abilities into the queue off a trigger ("At the end of the Activation Phase") and start resolving them, you never go back and add more abilities that activate off the same trigger you just resolved. The new bomb waits until the end of next round's activation phase.
  5. I once took too long resolving Electronic Baffle and went to time. We didn't start the next round.
  6. While I was looking through the quick build cards for the vulture, I laughed at one of them, as it loaded out the vulture droid with proton rockets. As a joke, I decided to make this list. Vulture Prockets (200/200) ========================= Sith Infiltrator: Count Dooku (61 + 44) + Hate (3) + Ion Torpedoes (6) + Chancellor Palpatine (14) + General Grievous (3) + K2-B4 (5) + DRK-1 Probe Droids (6) + Hull Upgrade (3) + Scimitar (4) Vulture Fighter: DFS-311 (24 + 13) + Energy-Shell Charges (4) + Shield Upgrade (6) + Grappling Struts (3) Vulture Fighter: Separatist Drone (22 + 7) + Proton Rockets (7) Vulture Fighter: Separatist Drone (22 + 7) + Proton Rockets (7) Anyway, I was thinking about possible setups for launching them and came across a situation where you could possibly pass one to a droid that was stressed, specifically after executing a red maneuver that turn. Would this be possible? -Perform a coordinate with Sidious -Target a stressed ship -Coordinate completes, Sidious ability triggers -Coordinated ship gains one stress and one focus token
  7. I know the rules don't specifically state it, but they do state that if you can't do step 2, the coordinate fails. If you complete step 3, but the action fails, the coordinate does not fail. So, if you can't do step 3, (The chosen ship cannot perform one action) it should follow that the coordinate fails. There's a distinct difference between attempting to perform an action and failing, and not being able to perform an action in the first place, since the rules say that a stressed ship cannot perform actions.
  8. I was actually discussing an interaction with Darth Sidious crew, and we wound up at the conclusion that if you choose a ship that cannot take any actions (due to being stressed or similar), the coordinate also fails, since you don't complete step 3 of coordinating. Might be worth revisiting the criteria for failing a coordinate. I know the rules don't specifically state it, but they do state that if you can't do step 2, the coordinate fails. If you complete step 3, but the action fails, the coordinate does not fail. So, if you can't do step 3, (The chosen ship cannot perform one action) it should follow that the coordinate fails.
  9. Both bombs have the same trigger (At the end of the Activation Phase), so you would use the ability queue. Since you control both bombs, you would choose the order in which the bombs detonated, and also which ship receives the critical damage from the proton bomb first.
  10. If an ability references an arc but no range, the implied range is 1-3, see RRG pg. 3 'Arc'
  11. If you try to drive a car through an alleyway, as long as the alleyway is aligned with and wider than the license plate, and you're going fast enough, you can make it to the other side.
  12. They stack, at the end of the phase is still during the phase.
  13. That's right, and none of the three are in the conversion kit, they're all from the Reaper, I'm sure you're aware. It's one of my gripes with the format. Not from a balance perspective, since none of the rebel crew are very popular outside of Nien, but why wouldn't less popular Empire crew also be included? No Ciena Ree, Jerjerrod, Tarkin, etc.. Same with Scum. Reinforces my thought that HS is just a dartboard format.
  14. While Kanan is triggered and placed in the ability queue in the middle of Inertial Dampener's ability, you must finish resolving the current ability before moving on in the ability queue, so you would gain the stress from ID before resolving Kanan. The exception being if it is a replacement effect, which are resolved before all other things.
  15. In the Rebel Faction alone, the following are HS legal and only found in the Rebel conversion kit: Crew: Chewbacca Lando Calrissian Leia Organa Nien Nunb Gunner: Han Solo Luke Skywalker
  16. This is a discussion about whether partially resolving the second half of the effect is legal. Of course you have to fulfill the initial condition.
  17. IMO, you can resolve it if the enemy ship has a shield to lose, or Dalan has an inactive shield to gain, or if both are true. You definitely can't resolve it if you can't do either.
  18. I've played a couple lists that include something that punishes you for shooting it. The big three I'm looking at currently are low-initiative VCX w/Magva, Tavson with PerCo/Adv.Optics or the like, and QD. You', re right on Dengar being costed and nerfed into irrelevance though, that new dial is just god awful and that's not something that can really be adjusted. As for the people saying this is a case of 'fly casual', if I'm interpreting it right, it's falling into the same area as measuring for a boost/barrel roll. Once the template is on the table, you've declared what you're doing. I'm all for letting missed triggers resolve after the fact, and this'll be something I'll mention to my opponent before matches so as not to be a surprise, but ignoring it is 'do whatever you want' levels of fly casual.
  19. I've been running some Ghost + Jan nonsense lately, and realized that the timing chart for attacking provides very specific criteria for not performing an attack. Main points here are that once you begin measuring range to enemy ships, you've chosen to perform an attack. Once you've done so you can choose not to attack only if you either have a weapon that has no valid defenders that meet the weapon's requirements (turret arc with no targets, ordinance without the token requirement on a defender in the attack arc) or have a weapon you cannot pay the cost for (ordinance with no charges). Thoughts? Seems sneaky to force someone to shoot the Ghost (with Magva) after they measure and see that Jan is out of range/arc.
  20. That's funny to hear Brothers Grimm has no scheduled OP events, they hosted the area's regional in 2016. Maybe try this FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/stayontargetli/
  21. The most straightforward answer is that Thannison doesn't instruct you to make a choice, therefore the correct interpretation is the one that doesn't require one. The second token assigned should be identical in every way to the first.
  22. "same type" is not clear, but it's definitely a reasonable assumption (assuming is of course not good) that it's just the same color, not necessarily the exact same kind of token it just gained. hence, any red token should be fine.
  23. In the same vein that 'same type' isn't clear, it could also arguably refer to red or orange tokens, so that if the ship initially gained a stress, you could assign an ion token. Or if they gained a jam, you can assign a tractor. Please just stop and accept Thannison doesn't work with lock tokens, since you should copy all aspects of the token.
  24. I imagine if you include Phasma crew with Thanisson it highly discourages charging at the shuttle, which is the fastest way to get behind it. I find most of the time it's hard for a ship to both execute a blue maneuver and clear Phasma's range one bubble again, but it would be useful against ships with blue 4/5 straight, or 3 bank + boost, keeping them stressed an additional turn.
  25. @Lace Jetstreamer The abilities are seperatable from the heroes, see Ability Draft. There's no real comparison to D2 items, since you can't make adjustments to your squad mid-game, and list building is done in a vacuum, not an alternating format.
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