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  1. You're right, I misread it as the mini has 2 wounds left to give.
  2. I don't think that's the case, as there's still the part in there about restoring a mini to one less than the wound threshold
  3. Saw that too. With Sabine coming out for the Rebels, I was wondering if we'd get an upcoming Grand Inquistor/Kanan release. Maybe these guys would be some of the troops in that wave.
  4. Well that, and Impact only converts hits to crits, not surges.
  5. Fair enough, I could see them going either way with it. We'll probably just have to wait on an RRG update to find out.
  6. The text on the card seems to indicate that he would be able to spend a dodge when he's using Guardian. "While defending or using Guardian, if you spend a dodge token" I don't think dodges can be applied during Guardian normally, so maybe this is an exception for the Soresu Mastery keyword.
  7. High Velocity just applies to the Apply Dodge and Cover step, Guardian is applied later, so it seems like it could be used against snipers.
  8. True, but it seems like you'd want a dodge on Obi-Wan as much as possible. Will be interested to see if he gains any from his command cards. Just drop the next Clone Wars article already, FFG!!
  9. I would think Saber Throw and Force Reflexes would be his bread and butter, but maybe there are more interesting force powers coming
  10. The Soresu Mastery keyword seems to indicate that it counts when you guardian as well, so seems like you can deal a wound back then too.
  11. 29.95 and I think you're only allowed to purchase one per person (or maybe one per day?)
  12. Fair enough, and I'm sure there's probably a limit to my suspension of disbelief, but so far they haven't hit that. Maybe when they come out with the Ewok faction 😀
  13. It's a little funny how often I see people getting hung up on the "realism" aspect of legion. This kind of thing doesn't bother me in the slightest. I just want balanced and engaging gameplay. But I don't come from a wargaming background, so to each their own I suppose.
  14. I'm pretty sure the mines from the new minefield objective are "area weapons" as well
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