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  1. Nedend50

    unpainted "regular" miniatures

    You can get the painted ones and paint over them.
  2. That's because no one would jump to buy half the mini's if FFG didn't assure them that they could buy the other half later. I think it would be cool if they remake them as MoM or EH miniatures (and slightly different for collectors sake) then they can add new ones when new monsters come out in the games, i.e. A lot of Eldritch Horror monsters do not have minis and that game is the reason why I started collecting them. @FFG - Kickstarter please!!!! (With paint option of course)
  3. Nedend50

    missing figures? or numbers missing?

    I would so buy more minis if they made the others from Eldritch Horror. I have the complete set up until now including the last 4 which I got today I also started buying them late and you don't want to know how much I was willing to pay for the complete set of investigators.