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  1. I know this will come as a shock but after going up against two well piloted good lists I got my ass handed to me.... To answer my own question. No.... this is not a viable list. I did learn a lot and will be making some adjustments.
  2. I'll keep playing it for now. Thanks
  3. Before I change him is this viable for the long haul. I have played it about 6 times as of last night and it keeps winning. It seems to start strong and then go to attrition which isn't all bad since Dengar is super maneuverable. I know that effectively removing my action bar runs counter to common sense ... My biggest issue was crits that require an action to remove. Y-Wings aside... I am not married to them but they seem to draw a lot of fire for me.
  4. I like lone wolf and recon specialist idea. I was looking at Tokil.... PS2 is terrible. I will try out your suggestions on Thursday. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Hey all, looking for feedback on a list. I like the look of it and it seems straight forward and simple to fly. Is there anything I should consider changing? Basically I take on tons of stress with Dengar using Zuckass ... I have not missed the action bar since with zucas it is like having reverse focus for the defender. The y-wings are there to chip away. I am considering the BTL-A4 Y-Wing fixed turret gig for extra attacks but I love the 360. Dengar (50) JumpMaster 5000 (33), Adaptability (0), Zuckuss (1), Glitterstim (2), Punishing One (12), Anti-Pursuit Lasers (2) Syndicate Thug (25) x 2 Y-Wing (18), Twin Laser Turret (6), Unhinged Astromech (1)
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