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  1. I happen to like the "May" also the fact the card is worth an Amber as well there should be a little bit of a down side other wise it just feels to good
  2. Hi AJ I think its a case of people enjoy playing, people have to travel for events so prizes are they to help pull in the numbers.. play it online you have no outgoing costs so start nice and easy and build up.. also your first event or two might throw up some unforeseen issues so slow and steady Thanks Plagueis
  3. I don't really see the need for any prize support to start with other than official bragging rights... If you wanted to make it interesting you could do something similur to what was held by the Armada lot, and you could do both a EU and US event and then have crown a champion from both.. and end the season with a EU vs US final taking the top 4 from both events to have your world champion.. If you get that event under your belt with a few snags, i'm sure you could rinse and repeat with a little donated support.. Thanks Plagueis
  4. In truth I don't mind if people concede or quit... but I would like them to say thanks for the game and bye.. It takes 30 seconds to type after all and regardless of win or lose you should always be polite and let someone know you are moving along.. I tent to talk during the games anyway which tenants to build a minor relationship with the other player so all games I've played have ended with a Good Game and Thanks... and often a long natter about the decks. If people sit in silence in a game with no interactions with the other person the likely hood is people will just leave the game when its over or are losing badly without a word.. at which point your just as responsible for that reaction if you yourself did not invest in the relationship. Thanks
  5. Enjoying a relaxing night playing games at the Travelodge at Carpark 7
  6. So the big question!!!! When is breakfast? Anyone around Thursday night or Friday for a beer???
  7. I think an event like worlds should be a invitation only to those that have won a place though a premier event as it should be a headline of those people playing at the top of their level, not an event filled up with anyone that just happens to buy a ticket... make worlds special not just another normal everyday event
  8. The Yoda special is a new action as it was not done at the time of the force speed special so he stole a action,
  9. I would think not as your resolving a dice side not the card itself
  10. He should have rolled out Sabine before claiming the specials and it would be fine, te way you have discribed it he's cheated a action.
  11. Findo..... fin lets you put the sexy ATST in your deck and Lando brings the bank!!!
  12. Well after having the new dirty ISD in my grubby hands and looking at the cards... FFG have pulled me back in so tonight I shall start working on a list and get back on Vassal next week and shall practice my list until I'm utterly sick off it and to break from my normal habit I won't change my list at the last second ..... so see you all at Euros
  13. The new ships are tempting me to roll out Armada for Euros...hmmmmm
  14. Good morning, afternoon and evening. After an enjoyable time last year and regrettable not being able to attend many events since, and missing out on the next Nationals as I will be on my two week cruse (it's a hard life) I've sorted out the time away from the wife and the kids to enjoy another Expo woop woop. This year I've made arrangements to stay in a hotel around the corner so no issues of No Pillow this year or running from the tent to the loo in the pouring rain or turning up late to my opponent looking the worse for ware. It also means no driving so I can have a beer!!!. The sad news is I will most likely not be playing Armada but I will be bringing my ships to play if anyone wants a random match Friday or Sunday! Maybe even some cap the station if people feel daring. On a side note I expect to see you all for breakfast!!! We just need to decide on which day....
  15. Remember the cost of the dice/card you got is the same valve as any other to the manufacturer. The fact that some dice go for silly money is down to us the players being happy to feed the second hand market and nothing to do with the manufacturer. They are replacing a faulty blister pack with another, as what you bought was a blister after all. Yes is a little salty but they are in the right to do it this way.
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