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  1. Try: Nephren-Ka Abhoth Ithaqua ElderThings (as long as you use all the movement tricks)
  2. source does not matter - when you start putting dice in your cup - all +1, +1, +2, +5 go on a pile and all you have to do is to pick the highest one no matter where it came from and add it to the cup then add all additional dice apply the test modifier (0, -1, -2, +1 etc)
  3. they kinda go with b) norman spends the clue seems fair
  4. I will need a reference guide citation for this mechanic...
  5. yea they should work the same anyway if it was spend clue to place eldritch token after some encounter it could be done with 0, but the "spend zero clues to place that clue on X" is the issue, I'm starting to agree with option B)
  6. It's his reward, but silver key has the same wording
  7. Mystery: Beyond one - "After an invest. resolves a Research Enc., he may spend 1 Clue he gained from that enc. and place that Clue on this card." Norman gets a clue from Research Env. and has already achieved his reward - "Once per round, you may spend 1 fewer Clue to pay for an effect" a) Norman keeps the clue and a new clue from baggy goes on The Beyond One b) Norman has to loose the clue ?
  8. Rules on this are in reference under the "Tests" entry tl;dr: all +X go into a bag you only pull one of them out, the highest one there is no choice on the matter, you have to do it for every test +X does not know "where" it's from
  9. you basically peek at top gates on stack without changing their position monsters will move to nearest investigator, using the shortest path and dream lands is connected to mainland by dream portals. city is a city but you can only buy tickets for paths connected to it - so to get boat tickets you need a sea path
  10. All right, following Errata "A" it is...
  11. gaining does not have to end up with actually having the card at the end of it as there are things that can prevent it. that does not mean that the gain action wasn't executed fully. you would not protest taking "gain Amnesia" just for it to be canceled by Wendys ability. This is the same thing but comes from core game rules.
  12. Reference guide definition of unless Investigator that has an Amnesia condition, rolls for Plumb the Void, passes with 1 success and resolves effect on the back: Now you can't have two Amnesia Conditions. There are now two schools of thought: A. You have to discard Plumb the Void because you did not gain an Amnesia. B. You can still pick and resolve "gain an Amnesia Condition" since the choice does not rely on actually getting it (like it could be blocked with Wendys ability). Even if you don't endup with a new Amnesia next to your Investigator, the "gain" was still resolved fully, thus Plumb if not discarded. Which is it? I'm in the B camp by the way...
  13. token will be removed by mystery being solved
  14. when you rest all "when perform a rest action, you..." effects trigger, so you resolve all that apply if the is a "you may" you don't have to roll each roll/test is separate from the others when it reads "roll 1 dice" it's not a test, so no re-rolls with focus or other effects that affect "test"
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