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  1. I have two lists built. We will see what happens tomorrow.
  2. I don’t know the group and want to be ready when I walk in. I’m a “pack your own chute type”
  3. Is that legal???? **** I could easily run 4 if that’s acceptable?
  4. You’re fine. I’ve done it to myself because I’ve been playing with the new X-Wings since I could read the cards.
  5. How big are TLTs right now? When I was thinking Poe, that was really his main goal, survive TLT games and be a late game menace
  6. Yeah I don’t play tournament I enough and in friendly games I allow a lot of proxying, so nobody minds if I’m running an extra S-Foil Refitted X-Wing. Here are some lists I’ve been fooling around with in my head: Saw’s Rogues: I like the synergy but I don’t trust the durability: https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v4!s!82:27,264,69:-1:34:M.20;0:18,264,3:-1:20:M.34;287:49,267,264,75,61:47:12:M.4&sn=Saw’s Rogues&obs= I’ve also been throwing this around: Ashoka and the Rogues: https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v4!s!82:27,264,69:-1:34:M.20;0:140,264,253:-1:20:M.34;298:235,264,252:-1:20:M.34;222:27:46:29:U.75,U.-1&sn=Ashoka and the Rogues&obs= This list is a bit more durable effectively, but has a ton less firepower.
  7. Also that list is 98 thanks to the renegade refit cost reductuon.
  8. Oooh that might be better than my build with Hobbie. I was doing something very similar to that. I also thought of an XXU build but I’m not sure if Opprotunist Saw is worth it.
  9. Wedge is a wild card I admit. I’ve had high success with him in casual play. Indeed Wes, Wedge, and somebody is my typical setup. A cavern zealot Biggs is not a bad idea, in fact I thought of that configuration with Wedge Wes and a headhunter. Idk there’s a lot of good options these days it seems like. Last time I had time to hit a table it was all jumpmasters.
  10. Wedge Wes Defender Hobbie and a blocker was another idea... idk
  11. 2 X + Poe was my first thought. I was debating a Wes and Wedge with Poe. Problem is that limits me to PS 8 Poe, but based on this that might be ok. Sadly I can’t do 4 t-65s. I’ve always been playing on a budget, so I’m not buying a second Saw’s Renegades so my limit is 3 T-65s. Idk if ordinance is an issue with the fall of the jump, so disabled Wes might be invalid. Also is it Predator Wedge time? I was thinking PTL with FAA, but predator might be more worth it now it sounds like.
  12. I’ve been away for some time, but there’s a store championship on Saturday, and now that my beloved X-Wing is finally buffed, I figured I’d make a showing. Problem is, I have no idea about the state of the meta, or what’s worth flying. My hunch is it’s still bombs and damage mitigation, but what’s popular right now, and what would be your recommendation to face it. I’m really debating 2 T-65s and a T-70 to help with turrets or a 4 ship list with 3 T-65s and a blocker. Then again maybe I should try out an E-Wing or more T-70s... so many ships so little time. Anyway, what’s the last wave of 1.0 looking like?
  13. Ahhh! Thank you for that! Regardless, blessings and Happy Chanukkah!
  14. So dumb question from an ignorant Catholic, is it spelled with a Ch or an H? I've seen both.
  15. There's also a matter of Tech. Wedge's X-Wing would have been an older ship that had been in service for some time, held together by whatever pieces the rebellion could stitch together. I know the Resistance doesn't have the full power of the Republic, but they are technologically better off than the Rebellion for sure.
  16. Regarding all of the "they're mercenaries" no, they're not. Their services aren't for hire. They are freedom fighters. Let's be real, in an actual battle the Partisans aren't siding with bounty hunters over the Alliance. I admit they aren't Alliance proper, but to put them in a faction with no vested political interest in the GCW, is just silly.
  17. What exactly caused this? They are never shown flying anything, they have 1 named character and he doesn't look like much of a flyer, and despite what people claim, they are not Scum. Why do people want this particular paint scheme so badly? I've seen partisan U-Wing requests, they don't even have those!
  18. I always wondered what the massive random gear just behind the droid is...
  19. Sorry, I worded poorly, this is what I meant. The picture is awful and the window should be bent, but in the card art it is not.
  20. My two cents, yeah that's an X-Wing alright, but the real issue isn't the clear glass, it's how the "glass" would be at a 90 degree angle compared to the fuselage. On all of the models and art, it's clear that the back window is on a curve. If the metal window panes were on an incline, it wouldn't look so janky.
  21. I think it's actually red and gold in that attack if you look closely at the X-Wings
  22. God's speed, I'm dealing with the med schools so I know the feeling
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