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  1. Any word on whether the Republic can use the same Wookie unit as Rebels? I understand there's no obvious Imperial unit to hand the CIS for balance, but thematically can't see not being allowed wookies with my clones.
  2. These are great! Very visual I love it, nice paint jobs btw. I can't watch a 30min YouTube video where it's all watching them roll dice. No one wants to see dice rolls, just show moves and shooting results.
  3. All I want is a Naboo Security forces set (mix of the royal guard and army uniforms) and a Padme Commander in a handmaid combat suit. Make it happen Alex Davy, Please and thank you :)
  4. When the Naboo fighter activates its special speed ability, it doesn't automatically get the evade token right? It just has the option of taking the evade action? If you have two handmaidens, do they have to escort the same friendly ship?
  5. That makes sense. It reads "next C" so that's where I got confused. Thank you!
  6. *SPOILER* I'm stuck on this mission and found this thread. There are 2 objective locations that advance A and 2 objective locations hat advance C. BUT there are 3 more quests to get to, so even if you switch from A to C or vice versa you can never get to the last quest. I'm stuck on stage 3 and there's no way out.
  7. Awesome thanks all! Love the game
  8. Okay sorry for the follow-up. So in a deck with Brand, Bard, and one other leadership/spirit hero you COULD play tactics items due to Bard ability and Warriors of Dale due to King of Dale, but you could not play a tactics event like Valour of the North (0 cost)?
  9. Thank you! So with Bard's ability you could play Bow of Yee without a Tactics hero, but you couldn't play that card in say a Lore Rangers deck Im just getting into the game myself after playing with some friends' decks
  10. 1.Can you include cards from a sphere outside your characters' sphere in your deck? Example: Bow of Yee is a 0 cost resources, can you include in a deck with no Tactics heroes? What about cards with a resource cost (Warrior of Dale)? 2. King of Dale- does that ally not need a resource match just from the equipped hero, or any hero? Example: Playing Warrior of Dale while Bard has King of Dale. Can another non tactics hero contribute resources?
  11. Hi all! Brand new to the game! Love it! Played through the starting scenario with all starter characters and just opened Dunwich. "Ashcan" and I are BFFs I can tell. I noticed the chaos bag for all difficulties of Dunwich does not include Cultist Tablet/tombstone, yet every scenario has the icon on the "difficulty card" whatever that shows what the symbol means for that scenario. Am I missing something or is that correct and I'll find out as I play. No spoilers please :)
  12. I'm fairly new as well. I started with Jabbas Palace just to collect miniatures for the Edge of Empire rpg (highly recommend). I eventually bought the core and really liked it to the point I've almost collected everything. My gaming group was really into the miniatures and I ran a few games of IA with them, but I can't get them into it enough to start their own collections. For casual board gamers no one wants to drop $X00's on one game. To play, I usually have to make 2 balanced lists and bring them. It does mean I'm not restricted by meta and can play the cool models that aren't great on the board. But I also can't challenge myself in list crafting against others. I did attend a regionlas which was awesome and exciting, but with a 5 hour drive I think it might have been a one time thing. Morale of the story I'd love for them to come out with something like "duel box" starter or "faction box" where I can get my friends a competitive list and models for maybe $50 +/-. Just rules, 8-10 models, and 15 command cards.
  13. Team lady force! Not what I limited myself to but kinda turned out this way, glad to see FF repping great diverse models. Ahsoka-8 Diala-7 Leia-8 KoTun-7 Hera-4 R2D2-3 C3PO-2 BotF-1 List is focused on the 2 Jedi, hitting hard and fast. And even my "support" core of Leia, Kotun, and Hera each hit with 3 dice! I'm also really considering defying conventional wisdom and putting in MHD instead of the other droids to make this list ultra beefy and he also comes with his Mercy ult card, but R2 card draw seems too valuable for a list like this. Heroic would be nice, I just don't own it.
  14. Not sure if this has been covered but with the new Coruscant set there's a new all Wookie squad without duplicates, which seems really cool to me. I tend to play flavor over meta. Chewbacca w/avenger- 11 Gaarklan- 8 Drokk- 9 Wookie warriors-8 Fury of Kashyyk-2 Rebel high command-2 The rebel high command might be a bit out of flavor but I needed 2 points to fill, plus play style this needs it as only 5 models leaves little hope of terminal control. I really like how a tiny list like this packs so much character. Strategy question: I know conventional wisdom pushes max activations, but in a list where I just want to go full ham, mid game against a 8 card list I would get to activate and attack with 100% of my strength before my opponent can hit 50%. That seems super strong to me.
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