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    ArtemisKnab got a reaction from Mandalore of the Rings in Is Imperial Assault Dead?   
    Interesting idea, I'd like to go back and do most of the unplayed missions eventually. I wonder if you could use an existing campaign structure to dictate threat and rewards, but just plug in whichever missions and come up with your own story. I'm sure it's been tried.
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    ArtemisKnab got a reaction from Rtannu in Obstacles 3D printed and painted. From Core to Lothal   
    This thread might be what tips me over into finally buying a printer, you should get a commission.
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    ArtemisKnab got a reaction from Alarin in Obstacles 3D printed and painted. From Core to Lothal   
    This thread might be what tips me over into finally buying a printer, you should get a commission.
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    ArtemisKnab reacted to Alarin in Obstacles 3D printed and painted. From Core to Lothal   
    Thank you all!
    Yes I'm working on one folder. Most of them were free downloads you can find on thingiverse, but I'm uploadig my files today too. I will paste here the link then
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    ArtemisKnab reacted to Gerontius in One year of IA painting!   
    Thanks for the feedback! I haven't had too much time for painting in the last months, but I'm happy to share my most recent miniatures.

    The Coruscant heroes, finished just in time for the campaign finale. The red carpeting on the bases was an unusual choice, and will certainly stand out in non-Coruscant campaigns, but I like the end effect.

    After the heroes I wanted to paint something simple again. They're not much different than my first set- even with practice, highlighting takes a lot of patience. But I'm hoping for gradual improvement.

    Lastly, my first massive figure! I use brush on primer and varnish, so a figure like this gets time consuming. 

    Following Sorastro, I tried to represent a strong light source on one side of the tank. But I'm not sure how best to photograph it then- is it cheating to place the real light source where the fictional one should be?
    We've finally reached the point where the majority of figures in any given campaign mission are painted, but there's still plenty to do. I've avoided a lot of the named film characters so far because they're a little more intimidating to paint, but I think I'm about ready to get around to them.
    Thanks for viewing!
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    ArtemisKnab reacted to Annette Soleil in Sorastro's Painting   
    I recently picked up painting over the summer, and your videos were a huge help. This was everything I finished up through about September or so (aside from the Trandoshans and Bossk, who I finished more recently before taking this pic). Although I didn't do anything special with the bases, because that was just another cost I didn't want to add on to the paints I'd already bought. So I opted for leaving the imperials grey, rebels red, and mercenaries green, and I did the rims of the heroes in blue to differentiate them.
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    ArtemisKnab reacted to Mandalore of the Rings in Now that the sequel trilogy is done... (spoilers)   
    Not too boring at all, although I disagree.  But that is fine.  I thought the ST had good characters and very strong growth and arc for Rey and Kylo... admittedly not as much for the others.   But, to each his own.  Not that this thread is really about why we liked or didn't like it, but in brief, what made me love the last movie (with reservations) was looking over and seeing both my kids REALLY loving it and raving about it afterwards and even crying (my oldest daughter) in the final scenes...  to me, that makes the movie a success, when kids really love and enjoy it, 'cause after all it's sort of for them too right?  But mostly for us oldies!  hahaha.   I could go into specifics but that's my main reason for like it.  Gonna go see it again this week, this time in 2D (where I live they ONLY showed it in 3D, and they turned on the lights before it was even over so I missed the last 5 minutes!!)
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    ArtemisKnab reacted to Agis in Agis IA painted minis ...   
    Onar Koma, a hulking Aqualish bodyguard with an almost unmatched strength in battle.
    From Jabba's Realm!

    more -> http://www.adpublishing.de/html/imperial_assault.html
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    ArtemisKnab reacted to Doc.Juego in Sorastro's Painting   
    Sorastro, I must say, your videos are quite awesome. I recently got imperial assault even though the hype has pretty much vanished. 
    I got it mainly because your videos made want to paint again, as I did when I was a child, however you videos has also made me become a better painter.
    Thank you so much for your videos. The game is awesome in itself but painting is a really nice way to just relax, and focus on something, really helps with managing stress. 
    I have only painted some stormtroopers and a probe droid so far, but hope to move on to imperial guards, Boba Fett, Luke, Vader, emperor and a lot of other figures. 
    Just wanted to express my gratitude.
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    ArtemisKnab got a reaction from lunitic501 in How did FFG get away with it.   
    It's also possible they did a ton of market research and concluded that the next generation of kids would be more interested in the next trilogy if all the characters weren't in their 60s and 70s.
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    ArtemisKnab got a reaction from rdennett14 in Rdennett14's adventures in painting   
    Those are some top-notch jowls on Sorin.
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    ArtemisKnab reacted to rdennett14 in Rdennett14's adventures in painting   
    So, I just got into IA, unfortunately it appears at end of life so I'll be probably spending more money than I want to make sure I get the things I want. I've decided to try my hand at painting to add a little more excitement to the game and seeing so many other works of art has been a real inspiration. I've looked at countless images on the forums, instagram, etc to come up with ideas and realize what I do and don't like. Although I appreciate most forms of art, I have never been an "artistic" person myself. Give me a set of directions to build things whether it be Legos or Ikea furniture and I'm happy, lol! So this is going to be quite the adventure. I don't expect to produce amazing pieces right away or even quickly but hopefully with practice and studying other pieces my work will improve.
    Like so many others it seems like my first introduction to painting was through @Sorastro's amazing videos. While I may be cutting down a few steps to start with, these videos have given me a great appreciation for the artistry as well as instruction on certain techniques. There are so many other great pieces on here but @Fourtytwo and @Utforskarn have really amazed me so hopefully I can model some of my work after theirs while keeping it unique. My current goal isn't to try an make artistic pieces, must semi-realistic pieces to enhance gameplay.
    My first pieces were the Imperial officers. I went with an ISB officer as my elite. This was my very first piece and I'm not really happy, but will probably keep most of these as is for the time being just to track improvement. I hate faces, lol. That is the one thing that will eventually get fixed.

    Next up was Jyn Odan as I was using her in the tutorial LotA tutorial campaign. I really started feeling a little more comfortable on this one and used it as a way to play around with some various techniques for shadows/highlights.

    The last one that I have completed was General Sorin. This one I was really excited to try and am actually quite happy with the result for my 5th attempt at a miniature. 

    My next one will be Gaarkhan, who is already in progress and then either some Rebel Troopers or Stormtroopers. Between the Core, Stormtroopers add-on, Blaise and the Jet-Troopers who will be arriving today I will have plenty of those guys to deal with. It is definitely more exciting to jump in and paint the characters I like the most, but at the same time I kind of want to push some of them off until I have improved my technique.
    Thanks for looking. I'll post more as I go. Even though they aren't as masterful as most of the others on here, maybe they can still provide some inspiration.
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    ArtemisKnab reacted to rdennett14 in My attempt at painting IA   
    I just picked up IA core game a couple weeks ago and have been playing using the app and am absolutely hooked.  I've also decided that I want to paint my minitures and have already spent hours watching @Sorastro's videos among others and looking at tons of photos. It truly amazes me the detail you folks can get into these. @Utforskarn, I must say these are among the best miniatures I've seen and absolutely love Captain Terro. He has not been on my "to get" list but after seeing what you've done with him, especially the leather work, I think he will get added. I wasn't a fan of the clear bases either as I think basing is such a unique artform in and of itself but yours look great. I'm not going to lie though, I'd love to see some of yours with terrain bases.
    I'm in the process of finishing up my first few. They definitely aren't that great, but better than if I had never tried learning from others' work and I'm happy with them for enhancing gameplay so I guess that's what matters!
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    ArtemisKnab reacted to ClassicalMoser in Andrew Navaro Q&A   
    It’s only as much a children’s show as The Clone Wars is. Personally I find it the single most compelling cast and story arc in the Star Wars universe, even more so than the Skywalker saga.
     I definitely wouldn’t dismiss it out of hand. Though Tyrants of Lothal leaves something to be desired.
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    ArtemisKnab reacted to Mandalore of the Rings in Inflight Report 2019   
    I don't get how much some of you hate the sequel movies.  I mean, that's fine.  You can like what you want.  But they are SO much better than any of the prequels and I quite enjoy them.  That's cool.  Whatever.  I like 'em all but I'm more embarrassed to like the prequels...  They're pretty awful movies. 
    This is interesting.  What do force and calculate mechanics do?
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    ArtemisKnab reacted to KalEl814 in Inflight Report 2019   
    I’ll buy 3 just to even things out. 
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    ArtemisKnab reacted to Castlecruncher in Core Set Painted   
    Finally got around to painting my core set of Imperial Assault a few weeks ago. There's still a couple more touch ups I need to get around to (cleaning up the bases, finish some details on the Nexus and Vader, etc.), but overall I'm very happy with how they've turned out. Not gonna win any awards, but very pretty to look at all bundled together.

    The whole set together, along with some paper terrain too keep them from looking totally barren on my desk.

    Luke Skywalker. I used the same two paints to get his skin, shirt, pants, and boots; lots and lots of blending.

    Jyn, Gaarkhan, and Diala. The heroes were definitely my favorite to paint up. I gave them all a matching paint scheme, to try and make them feel like a cohesive unit. In hindsight, it kinda makes them feel less unique, but I still think they all look cool together.
    I mixed a lot of paints together to get Diala; I imagine it's the sort of thing most experienced painters are used to, but I hadn't done any mixing before this project. As such, I'm really proud of the colors I got on her.

    Mak, Fenn, and Gideon. I really like how Mak's skin came out, plus Fenn and Gideon just look cool. I realized after painting Gideon's coat that I'd used the color I usually use when painting dark skin. Had a fun time figuring out how in the heck I was gonna get his skin right without looking like the coat or being too light/dark.

    Vader. Pretty simple, really; half-and-half black and gunmetal for the chestpiece, then just gloss for the shiny bits and a red saber. He still needs the colored lights/buttons on his chest and belt (something my sister pointed out, and she's not even a Star Wars person).

    Royal Guard. I painted these guys last, so their simplicity was a huge relief. Red base, black wash (with gloss on the helmets and gloves), then black and silver weapons.

    Stormtroopers. I did all my Stormtroopers first thing, so they're some of the shoddiest painting; the white I have is atrociously thick, and I had to lay down a heavy wash to get them looking anything like clean. Still, they were some of the easiest to paint, and they still look decent.

    E-Web Engineer. At first I was loathing to have to paint these guys, then I realized I could do just the white armor and leave the rest black. I plan to go over the gun with at least a metallic drybrush, maybe some glossy bits, but still. Stormboys are delightfully easy for how bothersome the paint I use for them is.

    Officers. Did some research for these guys; turns out the grey is the Navy uniform, while black is for Stormtrooper officers. I really like how the Elite turned out; simple, but effective. I would have considered trying white, but a) that would be ISB, and b) atrocious paint. These are the guys I did my first skin-tone tests on.

    Probe Droids. Another wonderfully easy group; black base, metallic drybrush, glossy eyes.

    Trandoshan Hunters. Basic is in Yellow, Elite in Red. These were some of the earlier guys I painted, and they're probably my favorite. Admittedly they had a bit too much wash pooling, but I really like how much they pop with color. I really need to invest in a wider range of paints so I can get more colorful models like this on the table.

    The Nexu. The one on the left is the traditional style (minus the stripes; can't be bothered just yet), while the one on the right is meant to be like a black-panther deal. They both still need their eyes and tongues painted, plus maybe some other greebly bits.

    The AT-ST! One of the most fun to paint, and one of the most satisfying results. It's so big!

    Back shot.

    Bonus Rebel Troopers. I've run a couple of solo games, and included these guys as much as I could; they kind of developed their own story, so I had to paint them up. Sergeant Billy, Private Gubbins, and Captain Philip, of the infamous B-Team (the guys you call when the A-Team can't be bothered). They may not get the job done, but they'll distract the enemy long enough that you can!
    Overall these guys were really fun to paint, if exhausting (I kind of spent an entire weekend painting non-stop to get them done). I plan to take the rest of my guys from the expansions much more slowly, first painting the guys I like most and getting to the less exciting characters later on.
    I still need to finish up everyone's bases, and while I'd really like to give them some actual flocking (I love basing minis), I still want them to work on any tile from the game (can't have a grass base in the middle of a desert!). The biggest trouble is I want them all to have the same basing, which gets awkward with Snowtroopers. Any suggestions from other painters would be appreciated.
    But anywho, them's my minis! Hopefully y'all enjoyed them. I'd love to paint up Murne Riin next (I love Ithorians), but I suppose we'll have to wait and see. Best wishes to you all!
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    ArtemisKnab reacted to Utforskarn in My attempt at painting IA   
    Time for an update.
    I have now painted almost all of the Jabbas realm-minis.
    I tried painting these a bit faster than what I usually do. In part because I wanted to practise painting faster and not get stuck in the smallest details and in part because I just wanted to be done with painting the game and actually start playing it. Very excited to start the campaign soon!
    I'm mostly happy with how they turned out, even though I know there's much room for improvement :)

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    ArtemisKnab reacted to Tvboy in Fully Automated Campaign Tracker v1.4 (Large Update)(Mobile Friendly)   
    Both of those items can be tracked in the Reward sections of the Rebel sheet (E12:E13, H12:H13, E22:E23, H22:H23). They are available in the dropdown menus. 
    Also you all are posting in a thread for the old version of the tracker. The most updated version can be found here: 
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    ArtemisKnab reacted to Majushi in Fully Automated Campaign Tracker v1.4 (Large Update)(Mobile Friendly)   
    1. Um. Actually. There are two that do carry over if you draw either of them... They're both in Tyrants of Lothal expansion.
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    ArtemisKnab got a reaction from Tvboy in Fully Automated Campaign Tracker v1.4 (Large Update)(Mobile Friendly)   
    Gonna try and answer these:
    Supply cards don't carry over from mission to mission, so there's no need to track them in the spreadsheet. Some mission Additional Rewards give a bonus to one side or the other under certain conditions (check The Source from the core campaign for an example). Only after you've completed a side mission and you've drawn a new one to make it active. Before you can add an active agenda mission, the Imperial player must have spent influence to purchase it. After one has been selected on the Empire sheet (under Purchased Agendas), it will become available on the Dashboard. Threat missions are only used in a Return to Hoth campaign.
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    ArtemisKnab reacted to Utforskarn in My attempt at painting IA   
    There we go. Had a difficult time photographing these, but it turned out ok in the end I think.
    I'm happy with most of them, but jedi Luke looks like crap. Especially up close on a photo.

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    ArtemisKnab reacted to Fourtytwo in Fourtytwo brings a brush and colours to Imperial Assault   
    As I promised - new painted minis for IA:


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    ArtemisKnab reacted to udat in Sorastro's Painting   
    This time it's the AT-DP. Rather than repeat the AT-ST or Weiss looks, I wanted it to look a bit more like the CG look of the Rebels TV show and the flatter grey they use.

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    ArtemisKnab reacted to Fourtytwo in Fourtytwo brings a brush and colours to Imperial Assault   
    I will! 
    I've painted Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight two weeks ago. It's currently going a bit slower with my Imperial Assault painting, since I've also started painting some X-wing and Y-wing for X-wing Miniatures, but I will continue painting more Imperial Assault minis, because it's my favorite Star Wars game and I just love all the characters.
    Anyway - here's Luke:

    Edit: Here are also the first two of a few group shots I'll make:

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