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  1. Yes just the boxed expansion, and you get 4 of them.
  2. Agree with a1bert, since we introduced the new ally rule my Rebel players have chosen to bring an ally every time they had the opportunity. Where before they'd only take one half the time. Since I bought and painted the figures I'm happy to see them used even if it gives them a boost.
  3. I found the issue with the sold item calculation. On the Calculated Data sheet, cell B32 should be: =sum(A20:D29,B30:D31,A33:D34) Right now it's =sum(A20:D29,B30:D31,B33:D34) which means it's not counting the cost of the top row of sold items. And the Spread Barrel cost can be fixed on the Data sheet, if you set cell AK101 to 300 instead of 30.
  4. The mission is Sorry About the Mess from the core set.
  5. I'd say you're right, you spend 1 movement point at a time on Lorn and then have to move to catch up to him before you push him again.
  6. Insidious is not a forced mission, the card says to play this as a side mission. You can look at the Impounded card to see a forced mission. If the Imperial player had purchased a forced mission like Impounded after the side mission in your step 1, I think you would have had to play the forced mission right away before moving on to the next story mission. The rule you quoted says to resolve it between campaign stages, so you'd have to resolve it between the Imperial Upgrade stage where it was purchased and the next Mission Stage.
  7. Rules as written, that seems to be correct. I've never bothered enforcing that sequence myself.
  8. I think if you deploy 4 regular Death Troopers, then you can distribute 4 block tokens among any of your LEADERS, but note that each figure can only have at most 2 power tokens. So if you only had 1 LEADER on the board, you could assign them all 4 but then they'd have to discard 2 of them. A power token is used once during an attack and then removed. You choose when you want to use it, it's not like when they're Focused. And each figure can only use 1 power token during an attack.
  9. Also, looks like there's something off with the Spread Barrel item. If I add it to a hero, I'm debited 300. But if I move it to unequipped, I'm only debited 30. And if I put it under Sold Items, I'm refunded 15.
  10. I see this issue too, unless I'm using the sheet wrong. I assume that after I sell an item, it should only be listed under Sold Items and not appear elsewhere on the sheet. But if I do this, the refund is added to my credits but the original amount is no longer debited.
  11. It took me a while to figure out how to store all my figures. Here's a list of what I bought and how they fit in. https://us.battlefoam.com/ig-72-troop-foam-tray-bfl/ I bought 2 of these at a 2" height for all the regular figures. There were 7 left over which I put into the 2" pluck tray further down. Wider figures like Gamorreans and Riot Troopers fit nicely into the top row. https://us.battlefoam.com/battle-foam-large-pluck-foam-tray-bfl/ I bought one 2" and one 4" pluck tray to fit the irregular figures. I found after placing the rancor that he's about 2mm too high, so if I could do it again I'd probably get the 4.5" option instead. The first one holds everything over 2" tall: the 3 walkers, Rancor, Gaarkhan, Kanan, Bantha Rider, and Captain Terro. This one holds irregular figures that stand under 2 inches: Vader, Inquisitor, Maul, Lando, Nexus, Tank, Wampas, Ewebs, and Jabba. Plus some regular figures after the two troop trays filled up.
  12. Looks like there's a typo in MHD-19's class cards. Bacta Radiator is listed twice, the 1XP card should be Bacta Injector.
  13. Excited to hear this, but nobody start holding their breath just yet. "We're not prepared to talk about that, that's a long long way out, but there's still some more stuff to say about that."
  14. Interesting idea, I'd like to go back and do most of the unplayed missions eventually. I wonder if you could use an existing campaign structure to dictate threat and rewards, but just plug in whichever missions and come up with your own story. I'm sure it's been tried.
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