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  1. If he has Target Acquired it's also easier to trigger Ambush, it just costs an extra strain and there has to be another figure in between him and target.
  2. Gonna try and answer these: Supply cards don't carry over from mission to mission, so there's no need to track them in the spreadsheet. Some mission Additional Rewards give a bonus to one side or the other under certain conditions (check The Source from the core campaign for an example). Only after you've completed a side mission and you've drawn a new one to make it active. Before you can add an active agenda mission, the Imperial player must have spent influence to purchase it. After one has been selected on the Empire sheet (under Purchased Agendas), it will become available on the Dashboard. Threat missions are only used in a Return to Hoth campaign.
  3. My group is just about to finish the core campaign, and I've painted less than half the available figures. I think I'll still be playing for years.
  4. My best attempt: "We have a couple new things coming up for the app relatively soon that are going to be cooperative, kinda cooperative challenge-based maps, where the idea is you play through them as a group, and you receive a score at the end based on how you performed, so that you can replay them and try to get a better score. Those are a couple things that we currently have in the hopper right now for Imperial Assault. So as you can see, in the past year we almost exclusively focused all of our efforts on just making that app better and the cooperative experience better." <Questioner pushed for an answer on physical products> "We currently have nothing additional planned as a physical product for Imperial Assault. But that line obviously has approximately 60 physical products in it, so there's a wealth of content there, and a lot of the campaigns that we released as 1-vs-many campaigns, you can now play fully cooperative through the app as well. So there's a lot of opportunity to go back and revisit some of that material. At this moment we don't have any plans for additional physical products for Imperial Assault."
  5. Looks really good! I'm always too lazy to add battle damage...
  6. I'm using 2 of these at the moment (2-inch size), they fit pretty much all of the 1x1 figures with some exceptions like Gaarkhan and Vader. https://us.battlefoam.com/ig-72-troop-foam-tray-bfl/ I still need a solution for bigger figures.
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