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  1. Yes that's the section I have been looking at and in my rule book the word "twice" is never mentioned which is why I wondered if it was in the errata or digital copy. In my copy.... word for word... Pg 62 under passing out & strain "If a character is unfortunate enough to suffer from so much stress that he has suffered more stress tokens than his willpower rating, he passes out from exhaustion" If it has been updated in an errata or digital copy than maybe I should be reading that instead because there might be a few other things cleaned up.
  2. Thanks! I had a suspicion it could be twice but I could not find that written anywhere, was that in the errata or something or do you have a page reference? I am reading the physical book from the core set.
  3. Hey Guys, New GM and yet to play a game so I am reading through the core rulebook and I am a little confused on passing out and insanities. The rulebook says... A character who has suffered more stress than his willpower rating passes out from exhaustion..(pg 62) pg 67 under Insanity states if a characters willpower is distressed they are susceptible to the ravages of insanity.. if willpower becomes distressed don't they pass out??? Cheers Rob
  4. Lol shameless plugs more than welcome if it provides me some interesting content to pass the working day!. This is another resource I stumbled across, has some links at the bottom not that I have looked at them. http://www.orderofgamers.com/games/warhammer-fantasy-roleplay-3rd-edition/
  5. Ok its all starting to make sense... I think I will stick with the core, the adv toolkit and the 4 expansions mentioned, I also like the sound of getting the creatures guide/vault down the line and some other expansions... now to keep the search on for the toolkit. On a side note any recommended podcasts? I am just starting reckless dice from scratch.
  6. Also what are the guides/vaults? do I not need them?
  7. Ok I will put the GM toolkit on the completion list. I have been trying to hunt down a copy of the adventurer's toolkit... I assume it has been out of production a while which is why there is only limited/no stock at independent stores and ebay sellers are trying to rip people off?
  8. Cheers Ralzar The Core box says it is in stock so that shouldn't be an issue. Is the GM's toolkit worth it or just the adventurers?
  9. Hey Guys, Is this game still in production? I have read conflicting information and I am thinking about picking this up. I am a long time warhammer/bloodbowl player and have never done any roleplaying so I know nothing about anything. If this is still in production can anyone advise what products are worth getting? I was going to start with the Core and take it from there. Cheers Rob
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