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  1. So here's my issue. This just popped up in a game me any my buddy were playing. Scum Boba VS Omega Leader. Range 1 Omega Leader HAS a target lock. IF Omega SPENDS that lock. Can Scumba Fetts ability trigger AFTER it is SPENT to re roll defense results?
  2. So if I K-Turn over an E-Wing with a Tie Fighter I loose my actions correct? Not just from the Stress. But if even I just flew over with say a 4 Straight. I still get my shot as well right? But if the bases are touching at any point the two ships in contact cannot shoot at each other. But at other ships.
  3. So does this mean that if I have a Focus on The Falcon, that I cannot mod it. But the Pilot ability is irrelevant since it is re rolling correct? That is not considered modifying? I assume if the above is correct that Evades are irrelevant as well. Since they add.
  4. I do like where you're now taking this. But how would you re format this list in that light? Mara Jade was one of the reasons I started off on this list. The cannons just fit the idea so I threw them on (I'll admit I tend to suck at building anything in gaming). But I liked the Shuttle. So I used it as the base for this list, and since I love Death Rain, I opted for him here as well. But please tell me how you would tweak this! I really want to know!
  5. So I did some working around on this list and finally got what may appear to be a final version going. Without further ado. The Inquisitor Tie Adv. Prototype Autothrusters TIE/v1 Adaptability Squad Point total:28 "Deathrain" Tie Punisher Extra Munitions Conner Net Seismic Charges Enhanced Scopes Long Range Scanners Squad Point total:35 Captain Yorr: Lambda Class Shuttle Rebel Captive Flechette Cannon Sensor Jammer Mara Jade Squad Point total:36 Total Points:99 The idea here is to have the Punisher be a wingman to Yorr while he absorbs and deals stress (Through Rebel Captive and Mara Jade). The Punisher will be sort of escorting with ordinance and hopefully ionizing a lot of targets with 2 Connor Nets. As well as just plain blowing stuff up with Seismic Charges. The Inquisitor was needed for extra firepower. The Omega Leader who I had in this list originally did not have consistently good enough attack strength to keep up damage. So. What do you think?
  6. Updated Wants List: Auto Thrusters x2 Royal Guard Tie Emperor Palpatine Veteran Instincts Repaint Tie Defender x2 (ship + dial) Tie X/7 Please inbox me if you have any of these and want to trade.
  7. Fantastic trades with stmack and chief4ryan. Would recomend both of them! Both very communicative.
  8. Hey guys. I love X-Wing. I love the ships. I love the gameplay and everything else that has to do with it. But as a new player. These can take up a lot of space rather quickly! How do you guys store your ships inside and outside of tournaments and matches. How do you take them to and from the stores you compete at? Any help in this matter is great. Thanks!
  9. Cool man! I'll have to see if at some point I can get myself out there. Not having a car kinda sucks. Public Transportation isn't maneuverable either. But I will have to check it out!
  10. Yeah. Game Shack is where I got most if my ships from. So it was great to see that that Brampton even had anything. Dixie and Matheson huh? Is that the name of the store? Or the intersection? I'm interested in actually playing a game with someone. Seeing as I've only been play testing solo lately. Thanks for all the info!
  11. I'm in Brampton. Not sure which end that is. But fairly close enough to places. What facebook group was that? Do you recall the name? I'll also have to look up Docking Bay 416. Is that a store? Or the name of the tournament?
  12. Updated! Additional wants listed below: M3-A Interceptor (complete) Long Range Scanners Emperor Palpatine
  13. Hey guys, Being a Canadian resident. I'm not totally sure if there is any Organized play, or stores that support the game in any way shape or form. I'm an Ontario resident close to the Toronto area. Anything out there for me to sink my teeth into?
  14. Updates Wants list: Autothrusters x4 Mara Jade Gonk! IG-2000 (expansion) M3-A Interceptor (expansion) Stealth Device Royal Guard Tie If anyone has these for trade, let me know via PM.
  15. Nothing far as I can tell. Seems pretty legit! I'll have to give it a go once I grab an IG-2000. Thanks for the input guys. Keep it coming
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