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  1. 3 months then point adjustment on jumpmasters would still have been so much better than what we actually got. Or the X-Wing/Defender fix titles. And since it’s just an app adjustment hopefully if they feel the need to do an emergency change they way they did with Nym and trajectory simulator they can just do it.
  2. That's roughly $48 dollars, and I've pre-ordered here in the US for $39.99 each kit, or £29.88 (also free postage but only because I got all 3 kits at once). That French price is really good if it sticks though, equivalent to $29.30. I'd be happy with 40% off full price haha, heck I was happy with 20% off for my pre-order.
  3. And the link to the thread: Google says that "Na poczatku fazy walki mozesz wyden 1 (force symbol) aby obracie wskazinik (symbol)" means "At the beginning of the combat phase, you can spend 1 (force symbol) to rotate the pointer (symbol)"
  4. And totally doesn't get a better, robot hand minutes later.
  5. No way to know yet. I think Dash (if he can carry Luke) is going to be the refuge of the 1.0 PWT flyer, Defenders look amazing (points dependent), TIE Swarms with Howl and Iden could be a thing for people who remember how to fly them, and support ship+Aces has more options than just Palp now on the Imperial side at least. Add into that B-Wings are back and knife fight-y as ever and Force users seem really good and there are a lot of possible meta options. We could see a lot of PS 4/5 aces being used with great value if PS 6 has to pay an extreme amount for their PS.
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    Ok, one last attempt to inject reality into this: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1VnCpaNfSaJV37_a-GCerQuPSgr25hrdLv3s2dNMdfhw/mobilepresent?slide=id.p This is the analysis done by the Krayts and maybe other not me people since Jan 22nd of the lists represented in top cuts of tournaments ending April 9th. The most represented list archetype in tournament cuts this year is *drumroll*: Ghost/Fenn. At worlds (after this analysis) Ghost/Fenn was 3/16 (18.75%) of the top cut, it and Palp Aces were the 2nd/3rd most represented archetypes after 100pt Ace in the cut. So the Ghost/Fenn list was the most dominant list between Jan 22 and worlds, and was one of the top represented cut lists at worlds. So the Ghost not performing well in 1.0 is demonstrably untrue.
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    Hahahahahahaha Edit: That example is the most amazing part. A single tournament result is mostly meaningless but it’s too funny that the specific Nymranda was called out: http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=4260
  8. Don’t know if it was already said but the Moldy Crow title gives the hawk a 3 dice primary front arc attack and it can keep up to 2 focus tokens without discarding them at the end phase. So a 3 die primary, 2 die mobile arc Moldy Crow is a thing in 2.0
  9. A local, awesomely run, objectives tournament did a prize table where we all lined up first to last and got to grab one of the prizes they had. There were old alt arts, custom tokens, fan-made cards, and stuff like that. It was fun and everyone went away with a few things. The idea of doing achievements in a tournament is also fun. You could also do prizes for things like the best paint job, most thematic squadron, the Red Shirt squadron for most ships lost, or even give the tournament itself a theme like "Battle of Endor" or "Battle of Yavin" and give out a participation prize for anyone who brings a squadron that matches the tournament's theme.
  10. Playing proxy 2.0 using lists that have already been spoiled also sounds like fun.
  11. Saw's Renegades and the Reaper also give you medium bases and 2e cards a couple months early, for proxy purposes.
  12. Only that there are going to be generic force user inquisitors for it I think.
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