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  1. LordTesla

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarty

    I may have exaggerated the extreme positions of each camp a little
  2. LordTesla

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarty

    Im pretty sure the forum in dividing into 2 camps. Those who grovel for FFG and a virtual lynch mob who want to string up the grovellers
  3. LordTesla

    Vader Fan Film - Must Watch

    I believe Lucasfilm has since renounced that claim allowing him to keep the profits (well more like recoup some of his losses)
  4. LordTesla

    Steel Command Editorial: Armada 2.0

    Leave Demo alone!
  5. LordTesla


    Last couple of episodes of season 3 have some good shooty-shooty pew pew laser scenes.
  6. He's probably the guy in charge of releasing Armada articles and he saw this and went "nope! No articles for you now!"
  7. LordTesla

    Vader Fan Film - Must Watch

    Except he was more relatable in 1-3 (as a hero) and a bit in 6 (being redeemed). Vader is barely in 4 and 5 he is just a really awesome villian
  8. LordTesla

    Vader Fan Film - Must Watch

    I dont know if Darth Vader could carry his own movie being a villian and all but I defiantly think it would be a good subplot/alternate side to an Obi-Wan movie.
  9. Next time he tries to rage quit be a true viking and grab an ax and slam it into his pricest model then demand to make the square and fight him to the death. Make the ground red with his blood! Strip him of what he has plundered! Make him cry out for mercy! And there shall be none! NO MERCY!
  10. LordTesla

    Trying Something New

    IO on the ISD allows you to target one of your own defence tokens to gain the Devastator buff sooner. Just food for thought
  11. LordTesla

    Trying to use Wide Area Barrage

    I think having so few fighters runs counter to using Sato, if they die, he's useless and if you save Luke for that one double shot from the MC75 thats quite a price to pay for one turn of firing. I think WAB on the Hammerheads and other small ships (maybe drop the 75) and more fighters with a death by a thousand cuts approach might work better. But TBH i dont play Rebel scum so I dont know them very well. My idea I just had while writing this would be a couple of Glads (with WAB obviously) being supported my an Interdictor with Targeting Scrambler. Just a thought. It would be gimmicky at best Im afraid though 😐
  12. LordTesla

    Never have I ever...

    My thoughts exactly. You sir, are an effin meme god!
  13. LordTesla

    We Weren’t Expecting Special Forces

    Any reason you're not maxed out points wise? If you're going for second player why the need for the bid?