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  1. Not only is there an egregious amount of packaging, but the hammerhead models are some of the worst I've seen from FFG in a while. Definitely going to be repainting mine if they start seeing serious table time.
  2. Pacific northwest (Seattle, Olympia, Portland). I've run an 18-20 point bid when I really wanted first. It's frequently not enough.
  3. All I really want is initiative to be randomized
  4. If Obi Wan vs Jango is on the list, my write-in favorite is Rey and Finn vs TIEs. Seriously one of my favorite action sequences in all of Star Wars.
  5. Just to throw in my two cents, Armada suffers from a couple core issues that prevent it from being a tight, varied, balanced competitive game. A huge factor is the lack of support from FFG. Waiting months on end just to get clarifications on how upgrades are supposed to work is ridiculous, and it suggests that we can basically forget about getting any erratas to the core rules or existing releases. Deep seated problems in the metagame probably aren't ever going to be addressed (and I would argue that something that causes a not insignificant portion of the competitive community to consider leaving is a problem, even if it's an aspect that I don't mind personally). Another is the small number of releases and factions. In games with higher model counts and more factions, even the scariest of competitive boogymen will rarely be able to answer *everything,* but in Armada everyone has access to nearly identical toolboxes. If something is clearly top tier, you're gonna see a lot of it. There's probably more i could say but I'm waking up in 7 hours to drive to a store championship
  6. My proposal is to find a strong list that suits you and play the **** out of it. Pretty sure that's the best way to win in any war game. "Give it a try" isn't a very convincing argument. You've been very, hmm, aggressive about your opinion that Rhymer blows away Rieekan but I'm not seeing how. If a good Rhymer player auto wins against Rieekan, I would like to know why. That seems like something important to know
  7. I'm sort of confused about how Rhymer's purported ability to bomb Gallant Haven while avoiding squadrons in Gallant Haven's bubble makes him a hard counter to Rieekan. Even if you're kitted out with an ISD super carrier, that's at most a 6 squad alpha strike. 6 squad attacks don't instantly kill an Assault Frigate, and once they're committed the Rhymer ball is obviously open to retaliation. After that it's hard to predict how it's going to turn out - every game is going to be different. And sure, a 6 squad Rhymer alpha can conceivably take out Yavaris, but if the Rebel player is leaving themselves vulnerable to that then I think it's fair to say that they've screwed up. Rhymer is definitely strong, but nothing that's been proposed here makes it look like the silver bullet that it's being made out to be.
  8. Once you start getting bids like that I'm surprised people don't start building lists around going second...
  9. Are ridiculous Demolisher list bids still a thing in your area or something?
  10. Gabi's Olympic Cards and Comics in Lacey has a small group that meets up on Fridays. I can't usually make it due to my work but the folks there are super friendly. We have a store championship coming up there in August too
  11. Rhymer? Demolisher? TRCs? Are these things really still breaking the meta?
  12. Looks like Meeples Games in Seattle is having their store championship July 23
  13. Locally, the Armada group has been stagnant to the point where I took a break for a couple months (getting back into it with a pile of store championships coming up within a 2 hour drive). We've had some new people pop in for a few weeks or a month before disappearing forever, but mostly it's been the same small group for as long as I've been playing. X wing seems as strong as it's ever been though
  14. It's an interesting pick. It's probably not so much about "needing" it as about opening up your maneuver possibilities even more
  15. Oooh I'll have to try that. I'm just worried about getting the maximum possible value out of that front arc since it needs to do work in this build
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