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  1. Enigma44

    Selling 3e Collection

    If you have The Enemy Within, I'd be very interested depending on the price! Can't seem to find any for a reasonable price...
  2. Enigma44

    Help... Passing out...

    Well that IS odd, because my softcover book from the core set says "twice." I suppose they must have fixed it for one of their reprints? Wonder what else they must have fixed...
  3. Enigma44

    Range difficulties in 3rd edition

    Well I don't have the official rules on me right now, but what I love about this system is how fluid it can be with such rule calls. I think you have it right though. By each range increment above whatever the weapon's range is, I would say add an additional challenge die. So a long bow shooting extreme range would have 2 challenge die and a handgun at extreme range would be 3 challenge die. The Extreme Shot action card would change that rule, though, as it specifically allows you to shoot at one range increment higher than the weapon allows. This would be a great reward incentive, especially if your players have been attempting such feats on a regular basis.
  4. Enigma44

    Next Cycle Location?

    Dragons and eagles fighting in the air above Erebor? Okay, this HAS to happen!
  5. I've been watching the pattern of the locations of each cycle, Gondor, Isengard, Harad, Mirkwood, Khazad Dhum, The Grey Havens, etc. But the map is getting smaller. The only locations I feel are left that haven't been explored are Hobbiton (which aside from the Scouring of the Shire, I can't see), The Iron Hills (I also can't see because it'd be too similar to Khazad Dhum), Rhun (would be cool to see what they'd do with that), and...Mordor. Now I know Mordor is the Land of Shadow and no one would go venturing in there without a GOOD reason, but I feel like that could open up a whole new way to play LOTR! Like what Cataclysm did for Warhammer: Invasion. Maybe somehow throw in some PvP or something to represent the shadow overcoming friendship and cooperation. Anyway, just a thought. What do you guys think the next cycle will bring?
  6. Spirit Aragorn is almost too perfect not to include. As for Fellowship Sam, that has been my hope since I first cracked open the Black Riders. Unfortunately I really just can't see it happening. Frodo really is the true ring bearer (even if Sam did carry it a little while), so Authraw seems to hit the nail on the head with the Burden or Treachery card idea. If they do include a ring bearer form of Sam, you KNOW I'm going to go through the entire Saga with him as the lead character (I always did prefer him to Frodo).