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  1. 2016. Thus you can partially blame me for the card
  2. X-wing is not a game of chess. Rolling dice bring randomness to the game. Furthermore, you have a choice - you can build your list without this card...
  3. This card was designed by the Coruscant 2016 winner, but we get it after 2 years time...
  4. Do not worry. X-wing has a build-in self-regulation mechanism. Next week 3 new ships will arrive and the meta will change. Secondly, if one list is too common then a moment later counter-lists gain on popularity as well. I expect to see more RAC + Ryad lists and 98-99 p. lists with Fenn Rau
  5. PS 7 is too low. A lot of popular ships have higher PS (soontir, whisper, Omega Leader, Carnor, Inquisitor, Vessery + VI, Dengar) I suggest either juke+x7 or Maarek/Vessery + VI
  6. Nothing new, but a lot of stuff. Some open series dark blue shield tokens, dark green focus tokens, light green evade tokens, stress tokens, extra munitions tokens, crit tokens and a set of green/red marble dice (the same, that were used during the tournament).
  7. The lack of streaming was a total failure on the FFG's marketing part. It's a pity, but the 186th squadron guys did an amazing job doing the coverage (Big thanks Jesper, James & Alex). In my opinion, It would be nice to have semi-finals as well (it would allow to reduce the bad matchups effect), but there was no time to do 5 games in one day (4 games took approx. 8h, between 11am - 7 pm). There was no way, that it could start sooner or end later (gates were opened at 10 am and closed at 7 pm). A true round robin would great idea, but you are not able to accommodate it with other aspects related to such a big event.
  8. No, it's not. too low PS to catch Aces at range 2.
  9. During Hangar Bay I've played 3 games against Palp Aces. I won all three games, dealing a lot of damage to aces via combination of Sabine crew and bombs (despite Palpatine). My list was: Super Dash (with Kanan but without EU) & Miranda with Sabine and proximity bombs.
  10. In case of Endor Open the MOV was not reset. It was related with the use of Cryodex instead of Tome.
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