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  1. I'm loving this topic so much, I just ordered another Rebel Aces set so I can field four B-wings! Great builds all around!
  2. I've read really good things about this game, and just noticed it was for sale for $10 less than Amazon, and $15 less than normal street price of $75. Just ordered it and am hoping for some good gaming! http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/221533
  3. The answer of course, is yes! :-)
  4. You suppose Vader has the X1 & adv. targeting computer upgrades on there?
  5. Maybe to make it easier for kids to project themselves onto the main leads. Maybe, but I think kids appreciate fully developed characters as well. My hunch is to save a boat-load of money.
  6. Very similar creative arc to The Clone Wars. Season one of both was just meh. Season two was MUCH better. Still some silly stuff (flying light-propeller-sabers), but very good development. The season premier with the Vader reveal last summer was great. And LOVED his fight at the end of the season! I mean look at this screen cap: I still can't get past how cartooney looking the main characters are. All the secondary characters look really good with interesting faces. The main crew of the Ghost is just so flat and uninteresting. Compare Ezra to Hondo in this image: Hondo is interesting, has depth and character, while Ezra is just smooth and nothing other than a little shading. I don't know why Disney keeps the leads so intentionally bland. And the Ghost is a cool ship!
  7. A small buy fun group showed. Played for a couple hours. Taught a new player the ropes. Ended up meeting some good people, and hopefully turning growing it into a local group!
  8. What, pray tell, was your Corran doing in front of the entire enemy squadron? And where was the rest of your squadron while this was happening? He wasn't in front, so was outside range 3 of Howlie first round. Landed five hits on a scimitar bomber, but due to four of those being ctits, couldn't take it down that round. Second round caught all the focused shooting of the swarm, most swooped into range 1 and all with Howl re-roll. Poof... space dust. Those two hull points go fast! Want to figure out how to use him, as that extra attack seems vicious if dialed in right!
  9. Just played first friendly with a new Corran. Seems like a fun pilot, but over-costed IMHO. And all those points paints a big fat target on him. He was taken out in the second round by a Howlrunner and black squadron swarm sharing VI across the board. If I was able to take her out first round would have worked better...
  10. Hey, thanks for that! Here's a preview of the fun: https://www.instagram.com/p/BFAsK1dihj5/?taken-by=bnredlands
  11. Way to commit!!! Brobots in your future!
  12. Yeah they both run these sales about twice a year. Really good to know! Will bide my time (and money) for these semi-annual splurges! The small base ships are all pretty much 50% of SRV, amazing way to justify the habit!
  13. Jumped on board, although I JUST last week updated the fleet. But I saved nearly $60 on Imperial pieces I knew I would end up with anyway. Held restraint on not going deep and picking up all the S&V ships on sale. Would be able to outfit the entire faction from that sale! Question: Is this a regular spring/summer sale they have, or does it come up a couple times a year?
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