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  1. @Tlfj200 keep it coming when you have time. listener 4 has been a massive help for me to progress as a player. my new favourite example is at nationals i lost bobba turn one of combat to 10 damage from 11 dice, recognised i hit a black swan event and just secured whatever MOV i could before i moved on to the next game. that was my 1 loss for swiss.
  2. if your a few months into the game i suspect your definition of getting good and the krayt mantra to Git Gud are probably quite far apart. my personal suggestion, if you want to get good at the game so you don't hit rocks, and can fly in formation and judge range or movement distance. or know what most ships and cards do. there are plenty of resources that better accommodate teaching new players. i recommend Mynock and Gold squadron. supplement this with Krayts listener 4 which is an excellent roadmap getting better at games, that happens to use xwing examples. after you get good at the game, maybe go to a few organised play events and decide you want to Git Gud (which was defined in listener 4). revisit the Krayts and reassess if the weekly episodes are worth your time or not.
  3. because there are other data nerds in here. before i go and try to build one myself, does anyone have a SQL stored proc for converting XWS lists into comma separated fields or tables?
  4. because of the time difference you were probably watching AU top 8/16 cut matches from start of day 2 against round 6 US games from end of day 1. that alone would drastically change the quality of play.
  5. but what is a "very large" bid nowadays? i consistently see people bidding 5-6 but thats really just the same as bidding 97-98 in the old world.
  6. i would expect 2-4 ship lists as the field just try and recreate lists they knew were good in 1.0. i think the number of people who have put thought into 2.0 meta is not high.
  7. that's sounding like i need the bomb/chute more then, i think we agree i should be running away and kiting more often than straight jousting.
  8. final 1.0 Krayt podcast should be reading the Krayt thread instead of reading the rulebook. so for falcon/deci if we are putting the bowtie either side then which is more valuable, a missle to protect the joust or a device/cargo chute to prevent the chase?
  9. http://xwing.gateofstorms.net/2/ship_durability/?d=AwAAQAAAwAA&a=Ag and Howlrunner only has a 63% chance of dying to the named swarm mirror
  10. or you can TS, reload and set up a bump on your opponent because thats a fair thing to do too.
  11. it does suck that Worlds will not be a open invite anymore. but there will surely be something that becomes the spiritual home of international xwing in its place. Either one of the community events or whatever fills the place of large gatherings like NA champs. the wider community wont settle for anything less and will likely be improved by being a community driven decision. as for Worlds, Australia should still have around 15-20 potential candidates to send each year. considering the price of the Hyperspace Kits i think its reasonable to expect 1 per season per state. With Nats gone i think we should reasonably expect an Australian System open to replace it, considering our nats numbers can match or beat the smallest opens from 2018. Honestly at first glance a System open would be better than nats for the store that is hosting because the day 2 can run a Hyperspace qualifier and get them a better return.
  12. has the new damage deck gotten more dangerous for the likes of soontir and fenn? i feel like the number of game ending crits has jumped a lot for high agility aces. in the FA damage deck i feel like the following crits were game ending for an ace: - Damaged Engine - Damaged Cockpit but in 2.0 it feels like the number has jumped a lot: - Damaged Engine - Loose Stabiliser - Structural Damage - Panicked Pilot - Disabled Power regulator
  13. deathrain might be a more expensive choice but after seeing the dials and slots he might be really good. will he TS+ability+hard stop to try and block you with a medium base onto a bomb, or will he drop a bomb, ability for TL, kturn, missile you?
  14. first glance, is 0-0-0 + lando crew good value? 10 (5) points for a free green token that becomes a situational target lock?
  15. i think this is a reasonable conclusion but after considering it, i disagree. i think we will see more castling, not less. the reason is the earlier waves of 1.0 did not have final salvos. so we can look at 2.0 and see two archetypes that are very familiar, tie swarms and 3 ship rebels (eg. Norra, biggs and luke). if i am the swarm player i am against a list that contains an extremely manoeuvrable ace with infinite defence mods. the more space he has, the worse for me. so i can either try to outfly him or castle. in wave 1, if i castle either: A - nothing would die, i would receive a draw. B - he comes near me, i break formation and kill for the win. C - he picks off one of my ships and i lose. in 2.0 if i castle either: A - nothing would die, i take a final salvo that is easily 85% in my favour to win. B - he comes near me, i break formation and kill him for the win. C- he picks off one ship and i lose. to me this ties back to Krayts listener 3 about how changing the rules of a tournament will shape the meta. the introduction of final salvos and the removal of tied games means castling is more favourable to the swarm players than it was in the original swarm days because castling to final salvo can now be a win condition rather than a loss prevention.
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