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  1. Already working on my own stuff (more Eldar gear and enemies in particular). It's just nice to have official material.
  2. That sucks. I GM Pathfinder as my regular game so I am use to having more support than I know what to do with. Its very jarring to see how little support most of FFG game lines get in comparison. It's a shame that this might be put on hold till Star Wars dies down a bit.
  3. Agreed. There is a lot to work with still (I also own all the Only War books so I can pull a good deal of material from them as well) though at the very least another adventure book and maybe an expanded bestiary would be nice. And as much as I love Star Wars, I can't really get into FFG's system for it. That and the fact there isn't really an Imperial supplement kind of drags it down further (I've always preferred the Empire to the Rebels).
  4. Just wondering if anymore supplements are planned. I have everyan thing released for 2nd edition but I am looking forward to more. The first Dark Heresy had a lot of support. I'm hoping 2nd edition gets the same treatment. Wouldn't mind seeing another adventure released at the very least, as I thought Forgotten Gods was a great adventure myself.