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  1. Due to Joe’s requirement to include at least 11 insight cards, does this mean that this box will come with lots of insight cards? Considering the minimum requirement of only needing one core set (4 level 0 insight events across all classes, I think?) to play the expansion. I know that many people will have more than the minimum requirement, but from a design space, I assume this means the box will be full of new insight events. edit: level 0 insight events.
  2. Actually, you’re right and this changes things from what I had thought. When I read this is the rulebook my mind only went to setup. However there’s no clear indication that this doesn’t also apply to when reshuffling the enemy deck after it runs out. As a straight reading of the rules, if a nemesis is defeated it is moved to the discard pile. However, it the enemy deck runs out and you reshuffle it, based on the nemesis rules the nemesis would not be shuffled in, and instead return straight to the nemesis lair. ... this is suddenly a lot less clear than I thought it was haha. I am definitely looking forward to an FAQ just to clarify this reading of the rules.
  3. Page 6 of the rulebook under threat: “if one or more threat results is rolled, the active hero resolves all threat effects on quest cards, faceup cards in play, and faceup cards in the nemesis lair” So if the nemesis is in the discard pile, or unrevealed after shuffling a new enemy deck, no effect would be triggered.
  4. Just picked up my copy. Absolutely concur with the sentiments on the minis; an incredibly noticeable improvement. Major kudos to the design and production teams.
  5. One of the main purposes of the revised core for Netrunner seems to be adding certain cards from the earlier cycles that they do not wish to be lost during rotation (consider the core set is always legal). As Dale said, LOTR doesn't need rotation and so that purpose is lost, so I'd be surprised to see a revised core for this game. Not that it wouldn't be a pleasant surprise; it would be nice to see what purpose could be filled by such a product, maybe improvements and nerfs to cards from the first cycle isn't a bad idea.
  6. It's not so much a specific card, but rather a mechanic. I'd like to see more attachments similar to Dark Knowledge, which have a cheaper resource cost but you take negative stats as a cost for either an ability or boosting different stats. Adding the requirement that you must have the stat to spend (can't attach if willpower is already 0 etc) adds some value to heroes with stats that are often considered 'wasted'.
  7. This. Whilst it would be nice if the core set scenarios were more replayable, I would prefer to see time invested into new stuff. However, as a part of that, I would like to see replay value addressed in future scenarios, so raising this issue is definitely useful. I'm not sure how easy it would be to tweak the model used for the scenarios, but I would rather this issue be solved with new releases, rather than edits.
  8. I agree with the sentiment of voting with your wallet in these situations (after all FFG is a business that aims to make money, so this is the most effective way to show disapproval), though, I also think that these conversations are another great way to show consumer opinion, even when people disagree. After all, the original price drop on announcement will have been based on a number of factors, and I imagine that the discussions taking place on forums were a key one.
  9. I have to agree that I was a little taken aback by how empty the box was. However I'm still not sure how I feel about the price; given that the box also unlocks access to in-app content such as mythos events and scenarios, which would traditionally be present in the form of more decks of cards in the box, it is difficult for me to directly compare the quantity with that of other games. That being said, I'd like to think that one advantage of moving towards a digital model is cheaper distribution, and it is a shame (though not surprising) that this saving can't be passed to the consumer in any way. On a related note, thanks to recent events, $29.99 now equates to £29.99 in U.K. stores, so that was fun. However, as I said, I was shocked at the amount of empty space in the box, and if just from a "I wish games companies would stop wasting so much cardboard" I wonder if it would be possible to release future expansions in either medium blister packs (like x wing and imperial assault) or even a small box akin to the Foresaken Lore Eldritch horror expansion. I understand that bigger boxes make the products more visible and take up more shelf space from competitors, but I feel this business model can be reserved for the already massive core sets, rather than the expansions,
  10. These are wonderful. You've completely changed my opinion of the deep one sculpts, they look great with that paint job! I currently have all of my miniatures in a box out of a desire to avoid sticking them to the big bases. This has definitely inspired my to look into clear bases, and maybe even getting back into painting myself.
  11. I imagine that part of the problem comes from a combination of: 1) how specific some of the locations depicted in the tiles were in the first edition. After all, they were designed for scenarios created in the first edition. 2) how despite variation in map layout, the overall structure of the map needs to follow a set pattern for each scenario. So whilst it's straight forward to swap a bedroom for a different bedroom, or an entrance hall for a different entrance hall, I'm not expecting to wander into a Chapel or Laboratory in the Vanderbilt manor (please correct me if this does happen, I don't think I've actually fully explored each map variant!). As a result, when a first edition map tile is used, I've been a little underwhelmed by its effectiveness, as it has often simply been a 1-to-1 swap for something from the second edition. I suppose that the best way to make use of the expansion tiles is to design scenarios that specifically require them, and with the recent announcement of Descent's Nerekhall campaign for Road to Legend, I hope this something that is being considered.
  12. The exact colors could certainly be up for debate and I agree that color blind toggles in the menu are a good idea. The advantage of this being a app makes this easy compared to a physical printed game. That said, even if a player was color blind, it would be no worse than it is now with everything monochrome. This would be a benefit to 11 out of 12 people and a wash for the last 1. Don't let the fear of offending the minority hold things back, especially when the solution doesn't negatively effect them anyway. The main problem isn't necessarily the difficultly distinguishing between different colours to interpret their different meanings, it is in distinguishing the colour from the background. A common colour combination in board and video games with a horror theme is red text on a black background. Whilst most people have no issue with this, I find it impossible to read without great difficulty, and there are lots of text/background combinations with the same problem. Though again, so long as the monochrome option remains available, this is not an issue.
  13. This. Whilst such a solution is definitely useful (and could be added / should at least be considered) it is important that it could be toggled in the options, as this would make the app unusable for myself, and many others. However, +1 signed as I would like to see solutions to issues like this considered.
  14. Any of those suggestions would be great to see. Really anything that takes us away from the core set, rather than just more of the same (though understandably only really possible with a big box expansion). Campaign mode, along with items/relics as rewards that can be used across scenarios, or maybe character abilities would be good to see as well.
  15. I've been interested myself in how descent would play with a complete swap for the Imperial Assault dice. The results are slightly different, for example, whereas only the grey defence die has the X symbol, completely negating all damage, the black die will always either block at least 1 damage, or evade one surge. Little changes like this help balance the lack of the X result being on the blue dice. On the whole, damage, range, and number of surges are similar overall, however how they are distributed is more spread. I imagine if you swap everything it wouldn't affect the balance too much (but I could be completely wrong), however it would be difficult to pick and choose the dice. The only obvious issue I can see with a complete swap is that IA has no brown defence die. I'd be interested to see if anyone has ran the numbers (the expected values look similar on the whole) or if there is something about he balance that I have completely overlooked.
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