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  1. Yeah, I was wondering if this might be the case.
  2. AND combo's well with LRS, for when you can't disengage far enough to re-lock.
  3. Next week (or the week after): A release date for Wave XI OR A teaser for Wave XI or Scum Corvette
  4. Errr... you missed one : (this is of course a picture of Broken Horn, so excludes a dorsal mounted engine, but you can see that there is a small thruster exhaust in the middle of the fuselage)
  5. ... ah, perhaps this is the step I missed. As for your progress - Wow! - both brave and skilful!
  6. Ask-eth and the Forum* provideth: (* or more precisely, Zealux)
  7. I really like this idea (not so sure about the double Boost/BR bit). The player dropping the bomb won't feel so hard done by, because they've managed to strip a token off you at least, so when they take a shot you're more vulnerable. Of course, it doesn't help against lower PS ships dropping a Mine on you before you get your action... so perhaps, instead of the double Boost/BR clause, you have a "pay it forward" whereby you can forego taking actions during your activation (if you have no Evade token to spend). [wording that last bit could be tricky!]
  8. It 'plugs' into the body. I've seen a picture somewhere that suggests that the fin that holds the engine has a tab that is almost as long and wide as the fin itself (and about 5mm in length) and there's a corresponding slot in the hull. As for dismantling the whole ship in general, I think that the LED engine modders are going to have one heck of a time pulling this one apart - I tried, I gave up.
  9. When will they learn not to give light sabres to babies?!
  10. Arg! My first double...!
  11. Oh - I hadn't twigged! Yeah! I've been wishing for a way to get a bomb onto a G1A... just a shame it's a unique way.
  12. That being said... how about, instead of a bomb buff, Imperials become the 'anti-bomb' faction and gain some way for agile ships to mitigate damage? What would an Imperial anti-bombing upgrade look like?
  13. How about: "When a friendly ship drops a bomb, it may use any 1 or 2 speed manoeuvre template instead of the 1 [straight]." Or "After an enemy ship rolls attack dice due to a bomb detonating, before they apply damage you may cancel their results and add one [Crit] result."
  14. Hardly "Confirmed!"...
  15. I don't get a fire engine vibe - even after your suggestion of it. They look great!