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  1. ABXY

    Han and comandos

    How dare the miniature actually resemble Han! - it totally invalidates weeks of indignant ranting.
  2. ABXY

    Gozanti Lighting

    The radar dish, or one of the gun turrets.
  3. ABXY

    Han and comandos

    On the other side of Kessel - I believe they'll be here in 12 parsecs.
  4. ABXY

    Han and comandos

    You know the routine - pictures or it didn't happen! ?
  5. I, for one, welcome our new unnamed overlords! (I just won't know what to call them...?... ... perhaps Jenn-eryk O'Feesor... ... then again, who am I to be addressing my superiors in any other way but Ma'am/Sir?!)
  6. ABXY


    Sculpt looks female to me - the fabric creasing from the belt to the chest sort of suggest something more prominent than simply male pectorals. (this had gotten me looking far too closely at the mini)
  7. Yeah - and that's without any apparent weapons! (even the attack is underwhelmingly called 'Overpower')... ... Chewie - the galaxy's leading proponent of Pankration!! Though, to be fair, once he's defeated his first opponent in melee each subsequent target is probably being savagely beaten with a disembodied limb. (in fact, if they wanted to be cute, they could have called his melee attack something like 'Improvised Armaments'... and everyone would call them 'Improvised Arms')
  8. ABXY

    Clone Wars is coming to Legion!!!

    It's great that the Officers can be fielded as generic Commanders OR as unit-bound mid-rank officers - clever! One thing that would make them even better is if each box came with two head variants (Imp - 1 female, 1 male; Reb - 1 human, 1 alien)... if that was the case, I wouldn't hesitate buying 2 boxes of each from the get-go!
  9. ABXY

    Commandos Up

    Mythbusters did a segment on it
  10. ABXY

    Crashed Imperial Raider

    Droooool! I'd have to agree with this - doesn't really look like it crashed... ... but it's still awesome!!
  11. ABXY

    New PDF Discrepancies :)

    I simply meant that the Title is a valid option for a Scum HWK, but not present in the Scum pdf.
  12. ABXY

    New PDF Discrepancies :)

    Moldy Crow missing from Scum list.
  13. ABXY

    2.0 Points Values & Slots

    Ah - didn't read - just went straight for the juicy bits.
  14. ABXY

    2.0 Points Values & Slots

    List builder app releasing at Gencon next week?...