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  1. ABXY

    Will we get a Medic unit?

    Or, rather than have what amounts to regen (and all the possible complaints that could stem from such), it could be: When defending, you may re-roll X defense dice. (obviously this is much better when defending with a red than a white, so either the points value or X needs to be balanced against the die colour of the host unit).
  2. ABXY

    Rogue Dakotan's Legion Painting

    That verdigris is so perfectly realistic! Would seriously believe it's bronze if I didn't know otherwise. Great work on reproducing the Phantom II symbol! AND those kill markings.
  3. ABXY

    The Imperial March

    I was wondering how long until someone did OSL for a flame-thrower.
  4. ABXY

    Chemnitz's Legion Log

    Looks good to me - a very intense expression.
  5. ABXY

    'Nimble Bomber' Makes Me Happy

    I assume this means the Striker has been confirmed to have bombs on 2.0? (I hadn't notice this come up yet)
  6. ABXY

    E-Web Engineer

    Agree, it would be great, but don't think they'd give three different sets of crew, especially if it's crewed by three troopers. If it does come with just one style of crew, I am intensely curious which of those three they would choose... (Imperial Assault of course went with Scout) ... then again, perhaps they could introduce a different style of uniform altogether. Nevertheless, I'll be happy whatever they choose.
  7. ABXY

    That Boba Tho

    Let's play "fill in the missing name" game... ... my guess: Palpatine Oh wait... perhaps it's Jabba!?
  8. ABXY

    Characteristics of each rank

    Though this is the case for Boba (and thematically right to be so) it may not be necessarily the case for all future operatives. There might be Operatives that grant a single order (or other benefit) to another unit - not as powerful as a Commander, but still a augmentative role. It may be that there is some kind of affiliation to the unit that's buffed (eg Chewie could assign a single dodge token to a Commander within R1 when issued his order OR an infiltration-themed Operative having a single card that gives a command to one Spec Forces unit).
  9. ABXY

    So what's next?

    It has been mentioned many times - perhaps not in this thread, but there's been previous for-and-against dialogue. But speaking of something I don't believe has been suggested yet... That One Rebel Guy
  10. ABXY

    So what's next?

    6 - perhaps a DF.9 could be a heavy choice (given a lack of combat vehicles). 13 & 14 - I'd expect these to be Special Forces. I'd like to see a unit of Political Officers that you buy as a Support slot, that contains 3 minis - but when you deploy them you can put them individually into Core units and they provide a single re-roll to your Rally step (and an extra wound to the unit).
  11. ABXY

    So what's next?

    Will introduce a new die type, you think?
  12. ABXY

    Alpha's Army

    Ah, playing the old Capture the Brick scenario - a classic, to be sure. I really like to colours you chose for the lightsabers.
  13. Your gaming friends are lucky gaming friends!
  14. Not sure if you missed the point of the earlier comment - but the new X-Wing model being released by FFG (in a couple of months) has S-foils that will open and close.