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  1. The British Empire has always been a paragon of enlightenment and virtue - there's no way anything so malevolent and insidious as the depiction of Imperials could be based on them! Neverrrr!! - - - Joking aside, I've haven't heard them compared to the British - Nazi's, Romans and even the Nixon administration, yes, but not British. Is there school of thought that posits the GCW as analogous to the AWI?!
  2. Perhaps that's why ol' Palps was looking to recruit Luke. "Look, frankly, your predecessor set a pretty low bar - you really couldn't fail to succeed in the role - you know, comparatively speaking. There's two weeks paid vacation, and free dental... ... and of course, unlimited cybernetic limb replacement - since your bloodline seems to go in for that kind of thing. So, what do you say? - are you ready to embrace the hate?"
  3. If something is immeasurable, how do you know there's less of it?... 🤪
  4. But you can have FIVE support in a Grand Army! 😉
  5. That sounds more like a sure-fire path to power creep. 😖 (if it's a genuine problem, I'd personally prefer to see list composition restrictions resolve it. Sniper weapons becoming Strike Team only, and Strike Teams becoming a detachment of a Scout Squad - creating a larger investment decision)
  6. "Luke, we are what they grow beyond. That is the true burden of all masters." - Yoda
  7. Hope! (and a self-righteous feeling of moral superiority)
  8. I do believe the OP asked: "what do you think" not "what can you scientifically prove with a high level of statistical confidence"
  9. A Hoth themed Commander (Rieerkan?). Or a special scenario box that contains alt sculpts of Leia, Han & Luke in their Hoth outfits. (if either were to be the case, they should include at least two copies of whatever the buff is)
  10. What if the Hard point upgrades could shoot from the 'Sides' as well? (physically speaking, they look like they could traverse through that range of movement) And if that's not enough, what if they were simply not 'Fixed' at all??
  11. And with short furry death lurking in every tree, and behind every bush, it doesn't get more hostile than Endor! I think I recall someone painting Snowies in a jungle camo scheme.
  12. So we haven't seen Obi's 2-pip card, right?... ... what are the odds of it being 'Higher Ground'...?
  13. Wouldn't 2 tokens mean 3 wounds?... if a model starts 2 health and loses them, you don't need to mark the 2, you'd just remove the model. Thus you'd need 2 tokens to mark a model with 3 health that's lost 2 (but remains with 1).
  14. Another tip - use a gel-style superglue for better control.
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