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  1. Just a lil' tweak. I think there's a "Do it!" meme that belongs here.
  2. Fixed that for you.
  3. PLUS Munitions Failsafe (it's even free with the title) so you can keep doing it until you actually hit (which you probably don't want to do). In combo with Assault Missiles, (potential) splash damage even on a miss.
  4. You read it all here first folks... ... even some expectant guesses at the (disappointing) 2pt cost.
  5. Yep, that should work too!
  6. The First Order should have been flying something like this.
  7. How do you intend to allow models to stop half-way up/down the stairs? You could make a few accessories that are a square of thin plasti-card (the length of two steps) then glue a block that is the dimension of a single step on the under-side. That should allow it to sit on the steps creating a small temporary platform. If the steps aren't half a base long, then you could make it a step longer and have a inverse double step underneath.
  8. There's more than one type of Dash?!...
  9. Maaaaaaan! Phenomenal!!... Just keeps getting better.
  10. Also, a portable power generator - like in the bottom left of the below pic - with a power conduit/coupling.
  11. Just need a beige table cloth.
  12. Wow! (puts me in mind of the Rebel Depot on Tatooine from Star Wars Battlefront) Idea for landing bay gubbins: An access ladder for the X-Wing And a work platform for the technicians: (a loading hoist for the droid might be too bulky for the available space)
  13. The card art sort of looks like the red one in this post:
  14. The product of two negatives is positive, but the sum of two negatives is just a larger negative! You might as well be saying two wrongs make a right!!
  15. When do you need protection more than when you're running away! But you have a point - a Bomblet Punisher with a reinforced butt could be annoying to chase.