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  1. Just one point of feedback - might you pick out the panel lines in the grey section? - that area looks just a little flat compared to the great detailing on the rest of the model.
  2. Love this one! - great mod, beautiful painting.
  3. Those TL tokens - WOW!
  4. Yep! While at it, you could also restrict large ships to use only the 1-straight when performing a Boost.
  5. My apologies to @thespaceinvader! - I didn't spot that.
  6. <s>Yet, ironically, your "Ordnance Technician" will need a Bomber-shuttle (or such) to ride in. - - - That is, assuming you're intending that it be crew... ... and if that is the case, and using the "shuttle" title, you won't ever be able to make a TIE Bomber (FO or otherwise) have two bomb slots (for Bomblet).</s> - - - edit: I should read more closely (that should be all struck out, but can't remember the tags)
  7. Lone Wolf hoooooowwwll
  8. Was wondering how many responses before this would be said. Or even granted re-roll on [eye] results (a la Wookie Commandos) I guess Sarco Plank might be a potential platform, seeing that when he's moving 2-speed or faster he can effectively ignore the Agi penalty.
  9. I was initially in the camp of feeling robbed if the opponent had no tokens to discard and using that to dodge the damage... ... but on further consideration - they've got no tokens! - if you've got another shot on them, they're in no-mod pain already. (plus, one less source of guaranteed auto-damage suits me)
  10. Awesome work @IAmRhyn - IAmWaitingInAnticipationOfMore! Awww man!! - now someone HAS to make up a cocktail called 'A Dirty Barry'. (@Barry Harker - what's your favourite spirit, so we known where to start)
  11. Bigger IS badder - just ask 1933 New York, or 1954 Tokyo!
  12. The warmth with which you welcome a new forum member is exemplary! (yes, this is sarcasm)
  13. I think two minor tweaks could make a big difference: Only apply half-MOV to all ships with greater than 8 health (ie shields+hull). Errata Miranda's ability to Primary Weapon only. (I don't see Poe & Corran around all that much in my locale, so they don't feel as much of a concern to me... ... and I've only seen one game where Kylo was proxied, so haven't seen how irritating he might become - but that will no doubt change from today)
  14. It'll come with a 4-bank template and a Small Ship Illicit that adds it as an option ... ... you heard it here first folks!