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  1. Yet another Punisher fix thread

    That's not too dissimilar to suggestions in the past - only that earlier proposals were to "discard another missile or torpedo upgrade", that way you get full use of the underlying card as well, once the tokens have been exhausted. So, Thread Tracers and EM provide quite a cheap bank of TL surrogates. Even though improving the Punisher's access to attack mods would go someway to bringing it up to speed, I think the majority opinion is that it is survivability that is the bigger handicap to overcome - hence why other prior suggestions (also similar, in a way) have been to spend ordnance to mitigate incoming damage.
  2. Who is next?

    Yeah, especially if the Rebel speeder bike rumour is legit - the factions almost become mirrors. (Chewie in a captured AT-ST would just round it the whole deal)
  3. That Han Solo Sculpt Looks Like...

    That Han Solo sculpt looks like... ... KD Lang.
  4. HD New Trooper from Solo

    This has suddenly reminded me of a frontier fur trapper. Given the text on the back of one of those boxes, the connection is probably not coincidental.
  5. Flight assisted Pilots

    Who ate all the pie(lot)s?... ... Jabba did, of course!
  6. The Role of a Quadrijet

    Its role is to look cute... ... it doesn't have to try hard.
  7. (I think you mean AT-ST) Based on the clever things I've seen people do, I imagine it would most definitely be possible.
  8. Emplacements Confirmed?

    Perhaps a 1.4 FD P-Tower might be a "trooper unit". It certainly seems very stationary. The modified deployment giving you an opportunity to get it into an advanced firing position. (though you'd rarely want artillery in a position where it could be sooner overrun)
  9. Squad Leader - The Original Coordinate

    I guess the comparison would be closer if Coordinate was worded such that you could only give an action to a ship on the same size base or smaller. That way, Huge ships could Coord anything in Epic, the Upsilon could Coord anything in Standard play, but the Sheath could only Coord other Small ships. - - - - - In this way, if Fenn wanted to Coord a VCX, he'd have to take SL... and then he's no longer PS11, and has to stay at R1
  10. The Firespray Fix!

    Gen Red - getting his token-mirroring TL after everyone has built their stacks... just not sure how many points he'd have for weaponry... perhaps he could just be a mindlink focus factory for the Fireghost.
  11. The Firespray Fix!

    It's not doing too well camouflaging itself against that newsprint.
  12. The Firespray Fix!

    Would be worth it just to see the awesome Cloaking repaints that would be done.
  13. Madeline of LightCraft's Miniature Repaint Thread

    Cock-eyed TIE
  14. Showcase: TIE Striker

    Still no - I just get a white box with a small grey circle in the middle.
  15. New preview: save the dream

    Hang on... ...wasn't Alderaan demolished to make way for building a hyperspatial express route through the system? - with the (admirable) goal of developing the outlying regions of the galaxy. I'm sure all the planning charts and demolition orders had been on display at the local planning department for fifty years by that stage. If the Alderaanians had been too busy usurping the established government to lodge any formal complaint it was a little to late to make a fuss.