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  1. No tail gunner for you! Great job with that power plant, looks like it always meant to be there. Would love to see an underbelly shot, to see how (where) those cannons are affixed.
  2. I found it to be lacking in gimmicks - you had to rely on the raw power (and dice) of the ships - which, perhaps pre-nerf, might have been viable(...?) - but with everything around at the moment, perhaps not. Looks fantastic though!
  3. ... and a N.I.P. too. (Nym-in-progress)
  4. The Aggies were on a verrrry deep space recon mission - by the time they got back, things had... ...changed somewhat.
  5. @OP Hedge your exposure - take 2 of each!
  6. This guy is great - I love Willi!... ... that didn't come out the right way... ... try again... I love Bald Willi!! ... Oh dear!...
  7. Triple Brobots! (if we disregard the doubling of large ship costs)
  8. Ah, because shields will eventually let you down where extreme agility never will. (Imperial Pilot Academy Basics 101)
  9. As you'll see from the first two responses above, you're probably going to get many suggestions that include the as-yet unreleased "Guns For Hire" components - is that what you had in mind?
  10. Besides Krylo (spelling intended) there should be two other named pilots... ... one should be Simon, and the other... errr... Gar-something. - - - - - Perhaps if 'Jam' assigns a weapons disabled token (to the ship taking the action) it might not be so imbalanced (in 100/6). Release a System at the same time which grants the Jam icon - it could go on a bombing Punisher, which won't mind WD, using the opportunity to set up a bomb drop against a potentially more predicable target.
  11. This games loss is another games gain. I trust it's a game that gives you a similar canvas for your creativity and talent!
  12. Awesome! - I think that would be THE best rendition of card art I have seen - with extra marks for technical difficulty (on what is actually a small and fiddly model despite its appearance).
  13. That's the exactly the sort of adjustment I would implement if it were me making a change.
  14. ... 9 or more... - - - - - Would your suggestion involve removing the Large-ship qualifier?... ... cos that would give U-wings and Brobots a bit of a leg up.