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  1. The forum has just achieved a new level of Zen! (that deserves a one-handed round of applause from everyone)
  2. Must be one I haven't tried flying yet
  3. It might be tricky, and somewhat painstaking, but I'd suggest: * "black-lining" the white sections using the light grey colour; * "black-lining" the light grey sections using the dark grey colour; and * "black-lining" the rest using black.
  4. That Wampa scheme is simple but effective - nicely done. Makes me wonder if anyone has done a skull design (just realised the hull shape would lend itself to it).
  5. Yeah, that's exactly it... ... I guess you could go with whichever way you expect it to fly most often. How are your photoshop skills? - perhaps you could mock-up the extra red on the wings-open pic, and see if it's not too much...
  6. Sometimes less is more - what you've done so far is awesome. Absolutely loving the subtle changes to the A's! Your one suggestion about the red engine panels on the U is worth considering, to tie in the the A scheme - perhaps keeping the intake cowling white then the rest red (but leaving the nozzles as is) or maybe even leaving the 2 rings just before the nozzle white as well. Also leaving a white stripe along the top of each upper engine (to match the A's fins)... I think too much more red would disrupt the symmetry of the squadron. - - - - - Let me say again, fantastic work!
  7. I'll settle for that compromise! (*handshake*)
  8. Or just make Sabine factionless!! (haha, not likely) But seriously, despite still not liking the design of the ship, I have become fond of flying it - and have felt myself in the exact same position of wishing their was a bomb option.
  9. It'll get its fix when it's released as the small ship in a Star Jewel Epic pack.* (* = which should be about the same time the Emperor is awarded 'Queen of Love and Beauty' at a Rebel held Tournament)
  10. I think I've said "me too" to another thread like this, but as alluded to above, the thanks should aspire to match the effort spent on creating those wonderful tools. So I'll expound this verbose expression of gratitude.
  11. Only during the Combat Phase.
  12. Link no longer works(?)... ...all I get is "File not found".
  13. Observed: There's an inverse paint scheme to the original (red sides, white down the middle). Speculation: Besides, new generation pilots, how could it be differentiated from OT... ... Tech slot?