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  1. I've been, recently, afflicted by a need to play around with Defenders. I think I might need to test run your Vess/5thBro/Deathrain. How would you reckon something like Sai would fit (in place of the Punisher)? Sai+ST-321 and/or even Krennic... Comes at 189...Her coordinate shenanigans can be really awesome, together with the title. On the other hand, it's a shuttle and a drag on the other two ships, I suppose... 😄
  2. How are you finding LeHuse? I'm very excited about the different combinations you can come up with in FO right now, in terms of "FO Salad". Vonreg hasn't exactly grown on me, so currently playing around with Holo + Friends. I did have a list with LeHuse but haven't given it a go yet... Was a bit wary I was building it a bit too much around trying to use his ability... But still, might be a good tool.
  3. Holo - Proud Tradition "Scorch" - Fanatical, AdvOpt "Muse" - Fanatical "Backdraft" - Fanatical, AdvOptics Epsilon Sqdr Cadet Earlier this morning, on the train, mulling about the /ba after flying it last night for the first time...
  4. bahourmat


    Gave the /ba a first spin last night. It's....weird. I'm definitely keen on trying to "crack" it though. Flew Daredevil Vonreg, AdvOpt Kylo and Backdraft with all the trimmings (SpecFor Gunnner, Optics and Fanatical). It was a list a squadmate has struggled against and as he's going to the UK SystOpen, I thought I could help him with the practice. Had a fun couple of games (won one, lost the other). He's flying Boba/Genesis Red/Skull Sqd Fang. Vonreg takes a lot to get used to, and I really struggled to figure him and his Fine-Tuned thrusters out. Not sure why it is I found it so "complicated", but I ended up agonizing about when to use it, paired with Daredevil and when to not... I think I just need the practice. Keen to try Holo as well, with a mixed bag of FO bodies. At the moment I'm thinking of Holo - Proud Tradition "Scorch" - Fanatical, AdvOptics "Muse" - Fanatical "Backdraft" - Fanatical, AdvOptics Epsilon Sqdr Cadet Total: 197 What an odd little ship...
  5. I've been playing around with 3-ship variants in First Order (on the builder at least). I think they can really pull it off at the moment but especially when the TIE/ba drops. On the other hand, the idea of "only" having 3 ships against most people's 4+ lists, tends to make me slightly anxious. I will definitely give something like this a try, though. It looks really fun. Wonder if I would put the new Deuterium thingies instead of the Hull Upgrade, though. Guess it gives the extra two points for the bid, which is helpful. Mag-Pulse is just mean, though
  6. Had a first go at it yesterday and it's really strong. Particularly after having hit a bit of "open world gaming" fatigue, the chance to get into a full on SP Star Wars that is (relatively) contained. The combat looks and feels great and challenging at the same time (don't think there have been other games doing lightsaber combat this good since, well, Jedi Outcast...), I'm definitely interested in the story (so, check that KOTOR box) and, as someone that really hasn't played any Tomb Raider or Uncharted, the whole platforming and puzzle-solving is definitely taking me back a few years... Just glad there's a beautiful and enjoyable single player SW experience again.
  7. Interesting... I've been struggling a bit with the game, in terms of finding a list(s) that I can really get behind, even if they don't allow me to do particularly well in tournaments. One way to do this has been to try and identify specific ships I haven't had the chance to play frequently or at all. The Bomber definitely fits into this label. Earlier today, had a couple of games with Rhymer/Jonus/Scimitar and Soontir and it got me thinking of ways to play around with Ace + 3 Bombers. At the moment, I'm keen on giving this one a go: Soontir Fel (53) Predator (2) Scimitar Squadron Pilot (29) Barrage Rockets (8) Proximity Mines (6) Scimitar Squadron Pilot (29) Barrage Rockets (8) Proximity Mines (6) Captain Jonus (43) Cluster Missiles (5) Total: 189 Thought I could replace Rhymer with another Scimitar, and throw some bombs into the mix as well. Going to see how this feels like on the table.
  8. I'd say it's a pretty valid choice as well, so definitely worth trying. But I've also found AdvOptics to be remarkably consistent.
  9. The other list is: QD with Fanatical/FCS/Gunner/Pattern Analyzer/Afterburners First Order Test Pilot w/ Fanatical/AdvOptics x2 It's the one I have most reps with, and have been enjoying playing quite a lot, especially after a somewhat disappointing stint with Republic.
  10. In my ongoing HS practice with First Order, tried a game with Kylo (AdvOpt + Hate), two Zetas (Passive Sensors, Cluster Missiles) and Scorch (with Fanatical). Played only the one game, since I've been focusing on QD and Two Silencers, but it looked surprisingly fun and mildly effective. I hadn't tried SFs with ordnance yet, and Passive Sensors is a nice trick to pull with the lowly Init2 Zetas. Now wondering if this would merit additional reps, or if I should just stick with the other lists. Decisions, decisions...
  11. Antonio? Wow, saw the top 16 match, was definitely rooting for you! In any case, great effort making Top 16 at Euros with that list! Definitely got intrigued by it. Was hoping to try that in upcoming casual nights.
  12. Still can't wrap my head around Werner Herzog being in it! Looks very interesting, to say the least.
  13. I've now gone back into First Order's warm, fascistic embrace (boy, that sounds terrible...), after a stint with the Republic. Felt like it needed the love. I love the /SF, and was curious about the variations of the 5 SF lists that are flying around in the forum, so gave it a spin yesterday, but couldn't really make it work. Definitely will like to get better at flying that many of them, but at the moment, my heart is set on Quickdraw and 2 First Order Pilots. Such a fun list! The Silencer is a solid platform, and the mind games that Quickdraw still manages to play with opponents is still quite gratifying Currently 4-2 wit hit and will be probably taking it over to one or two of the Hyperspace events that are coming up later in September.
  14. I've been tinkering with the following atm: Gold Squadron Trooper (25) Gold Squadron Trooper (25) Luminara Unduli (43) R4 Astromech (2) Calibrated Laser Targeting (3) Padmé Amidala (45) Daredevil (3) R2-C4 (5) Ric Olié (42) Predator (2) R2 Astromech (4) Previous version had Ric with Daredevil and R2 Astro, but while the 1-hard boost is pretty solid, I found myself really struggling with pushing damage through. Not sure if Predator will necessarily fix that though... Trying to keep Daredevil on Padmé though, to try and maximize "time in arc", although still not sure if it's better to try and get some mods in with R2-C4 or bring in R4, to account for the stress that comes in from all that daredevil'ing. I still had a good time at a very small tournament this past weekend, and will probably be taking this to another one next weekend.
  15. I've been really having fun playing around with both Padmé and Ric with Daredevil. Ric has the "spend evade to turn focus to hit" astro, which helps a bit towards dice mods (my biggest issue with the daredevil boost, really...) At the same time, could see r4 astro helping with shedding some of that extra stress... I have them paired with CLT Luminara and a generic Arc with 7th Fleet Gunner.
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