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  1. I've been tinkering with the following atm: Gold Squadron Trooper (25) Gold Squadron Trooper (25) Luminara Unduli (43) R4 Astromech (2) Calibrated Laser Targeting (3) Padmé Amidala (45) Daredevil (3) R2-C4 (5) Ric Olié (42) Predator (2) R2 Astromech (4) Previous version had Ric with Daredevil and R2 Astro, but while the 1-hard boost is pretty solid, I found myself really struggling with pushing damage through. Not sure if Predator will necessarily fix that though... Trying to keep Daredevil on Padmé though, to try and maximize "time in arc", although still not sure if it's better to try and get some mods in with R2-C4 or bring in R4, to account for the stress that comes in from all that daredevil'ing. I still had a good time at a very small tournament this past weekend, and will probably be taking this to another one next weekend.
  2. I've been really having fun playing around with both Padmé and Ric with Daredevil. Ric has the "spend evade to turn focus to hit" astro, which helps a bit towards dice mods (my biggest issue with the daredevil boost, really...) At the same time, could see r4 astro helping with shedding some of that extra stress... I have them paired with CLT Luminara and a generic Arc with 7th Fleet Gunner.
  3. While I've been spending more time playing around with Jedi and (now) with the N1, I kinda miss First Order a little bit. I had a lot of fun playing that Quickdraw/2 Silencer list that did quite well at the Denver System Open. I never got around to play with generic silencers, but AdvOptics+Fanatical on those init 4 is nothing to scoff at. Some really nice lists in this topic though...
  4. This is in no way a validation for either config. I attended the SOS in the UK this past weekend. While I played Imperials in the open, I had planned on taking CLT Anakin + Jag and Wolffee to the HS Qualifier. Unfortunately life got in the way, and only managed to do R1 of that. Was up against Nien Numb/ Ello / L'ulo / Greer, all with Heroic (I think they had something else, but can't really remember, even though it was just yesterday...) Unfortunately my opening engagement was somewhat lacking, and while the Arcs did manage to push some damage through, they both melted quite rapidly. Anakin though was so much fun and although I lost 100-118, he was awesome at lining up shots and dodging arcs. Unfortunately, I overextended the time he was out of the battle a bit too much, otherwise I might've been able to squeeze in a few extra points, but it was an awesome game and makes me want to keep practicing with him. Would love to try a triple 'sprite or go back to two Jedi + Arc for the next few games.
  5. After seeing that match over on GSP, I gave it a go. Unfortunately, I continue to be hopeless flying a Reaper, for some reason. So played around with it, and have the Vader/Sabacc/Countdown/Wampa version. It's really fun to fly, although haven't had that many reps with it (this week's HS trial here in the UK will definitely change that). Seems like a decent change of pace from just "I'll take a Swarm then" when thinking about HS and Empire...
  6. I'm very curious at giving this a spin. Didn't really fly the Decimator in 1.0, so I'll probably struggle with it, but I like the look of these three ships on paper. Plus it'll help me get better at the noble art of the annoying bump.
  7. So, where is it stated that card abilities trigger in the End Phase? In that sequence? Sorry, probably missing something...
  8. Playing at a Yavin event myself this weekend, so planning to bring a bunch of TIEs as well. I started playing around with Inferno + Soontir a while back (the whole team), but then tried a few variations and ended up with Iden/Del/Wampa/Howlrunner. Except when beinf blown apart by TrajSim bomvs, it's loads of fun For the Yavin thing, I thought I could try Kagi, on account of all the rebel torps that might find their way there. Still not sure though. This is where I'm at Yavin List (48) Captain Kagi (3) Tractor Beam Points 51 (40) "Howlrunner" (3) Swarm Tactics Points 43 (40) Iden Versio (1) Crack Shot Points 41 (30) "Wampa" Points 30 (30) Gideon Hask (1) Crackshot Points 31 Total points: 196 Good luck with yours!
  9. In my current version, I've only got Predator on Soontir, particularly since I tweaked the original list quite a bit (after some discussions with a friend of mine). Although, I'd say a Shield Upgrade can be handy, particularly to dodge that one sneaky Proton Bomb. This is the current iteration: Howlrunner w/ Swarm Tactics Wampa Iden Version w/ Crackshot Del Meeko w/ Crackshot Soontir w/ Predator So, only two Infernos but Wampa shooting at I5 is fun. Plus people seem to prefer to take him out first and that saves Iden and/or Howlrunner for another turn or so. Unfortunately, with the amount of Punishers flying around in my local area I'm putting these on ice for a bit. Did a small tournament where I went up against double Punisher + Lambda, Bomber mini Swarm and a Boba/Palob/Teroch. Lost against the first two (although I'd like to think I put up a good fight...) and won against the last. But it's a bit of an uphill struggle. I'm going back to my beloved Triple Aces for the next comp or two. A
  10. I've been playing around with similar concept, particularly in terms of Ace+Mini-Swarm. The current iteration is Howlrunner w/ Swarm Tactics, Wampa, Iden w/ Crackshot, Del Meeko w/ Crackshot and Soontir w/ Predator (199 pts) I've been going back and forth in terms of pilots. Had Seyn at some point which was fun, but then Wampa at I5 is pretty cool. Hask can also be annoying, but Del Meeko's rerolls have also been pretty effective, as have been Howlrunner's. Unfortunately, the last few games have been tough, due to a spike in the number of Punishers flying around. I was interested in trying out a Sloane version (Howlrunnner, Whisper w/ Sloane, 2 Obsidians and 2 Academies). As I didn't often fly more than 3 ships back in 1.0, it's been an interesting change of pace for me.
  11. Yeah that's the one I'm going for as well. Howlie is just to good to not bring along
  12. *Update* Currently 5-2 with this. Last week managed to put them up against 2 Punishers and Soontir and it was a bit of a mess. There were some unforgiving devices being thrown around. And after that it was up against Boba/Guri, where was able to squeeze out the win by some fancy blocks on Boba. Even so those Boba re-rolls were a pain to overcome. *Pictured above - My "This is fine" moment of that particular game* There's a small tournament this week I'm probably going to, but since they're going for the "2nd Edition" format, Soontir will be having a day off and I'm bringing a Reaper to help out a slightly adjusted Inferno mini-Swarm. I think the 4 TIEs+Ace/Support ship might not have the competitive punch of a full blown Swarm but, at least for me, it's been a really cool squad to try and get the hang of.
  13. Great work! Flying the exact same thing and have been loving every game. Sadly still only have three games under my belt (currently 2-1), but this is the list I'm sticking to for the time being. It's super fun.
  14. Sadly, only managed to squeeze a single game this past Sunday. Sadly, Inferno blew up against Wedge/Luke/Thane but it was such a cool, nail-biting and really close match! Luke can really take a beating and just refuse to die. It was the wrong ship to leave for the end game, so a rather big mistake on my part. I think Howlrunner definitelly is a must, much more so than Hask. Does mean it's another Init5 pilot there, which seems like quite a crowded slot at the moment, plus with such a low bid, I' will probably be getting initiative often. In any case, having a chance to shoot first was actually not that bad, although I missed some of the repositioning element, I'm used to when flying aces. Deal with it, I guess I'm sticking with this semi-Inferno+Soontir for a bit and keep at it. At the moment, I'm only 3 games in, so it'll be good to have a bit more practice with formation flying, breaking formation, reforming, etc.
  15. I thought of doing a separate topic but I remembered there was at least another one of these discussing Xwing in Brazil. I'm close to moving there (to S. Paulo to be more exact) for an extended period of time, so was keen on taking my hobby along with me Was wondering if there had been any changes to the situation there towards the end of 1.0, or if things still relied on the player community there. Would be good if 2.0 helped set things straight now.
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