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  1. If only you guys could see him playing... I was very close to stand up and start clapping when he won top4. Long story short: rival with 1 honor left, an honored character and a dishonored character. Reprieve on honored character.
  2. It doesnt say it has to be on the die, so it hasnt need to.
  3. "Immediately" doesn't mean nothing in this game. "After X" is a trigger condition, and must be done right after X is resolved.
  4. Step 1 of the attack is declaring target. Even if the attack misses for any reason, the smuggler in question is still the target, as he/she has been declared as that. Remember that an attack missing is not the same as an attack not being done.
  5. That's not the case. Tatsuo IS directly affected by the ability. So it must be a legal target. And he is not, because the resolution of the ability would not affect him at all. That requirement has to be met.
  6. Precedent is M9G8. It forces the friendly ship (while locked) to reroll a die, and can because the source of the modification is the ship with m9g8. Lowhrick is the same. It spends the reinforce token and forces the friendly ship (as there is no "may" anywhere) to add the evade result. The source of the modification is Lowhrick, so that modification can be made. EDIT: Or cannot. I'm just telling what the precedent is. It needs clarification.
  7. No, it will not. You are using IG88 special. You are not changing cunning's special for IG88's. It's kind like if you "activate" IG special side.
  8. Actually, additional actions do not enter the queue, and are resolved in the order they were created. Look at rules concerning extra actions on page 15.
  9. It is absolutely not the same to "allow for a reroll" and to "force a reroll". It doesnt matter who has the ability. The one doing the modification is the ship using the ability. The one that makes the call of which die are being modified.
  10. A month ago I mailed Lukas with these question: And the answer: Willy, Thanks for the question. You cannot play a second copy of Luke’s Lightsaber if you already have one in play, or even attempt to play it. Unique cards prevent you from playing a second copy of themselves, according to page 3 of the Rules Reference (https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/2c/86/2c86896a-7138-4f9a-b05a-357481a02738/swd_rules_reference_14.pdf). May the Force be with you, -- Lukas Litzsinger Game Designer Fantasy Flight Games llitzsinger@fantasyflightgames.com
  11. As I said in other threads: the ship making the decission about the modification is the source (in particular, the one choosing wich dice and how are going to be modificated). Not the ship with the ability, not the ship who is attacking/defending. That's why M9G8 works against OL and with snap shot, and that's why you cannot Zuckuss OL. Etahn allows other ship to choose and change a result. The one choosing is the attacker, so it is the source of the modification. That's how I understand it, and I have found nothing that proves it wrong. On the other hand, Etahn is worded like Howlrunner, not like M9G8, and we KNOW Howlrunner doesn't work with OL, so the friendly ship (and not Howlrunner) is the source of the modification.
  12. Etahn and M9G8 are very differently worded, actually. The droid forces the attacker to reroll a die he (as the ship where M9G8 is in) chooses. That makes that ship, not the attacker, the source of the modification. Etahn allows other ship to modify a die it (as the attacking ship) chooses. That makes the attacker the source of the modification. So that being the case, M9G8 can modify snap shot, and etahn can't.
  13. The reference card is a general card to all types of bombs. You have to check the detonation conditions of each bomb itself, and there you can find that some of them actuslly detonate when placed pverlapping a ship.
  14. It has to be said when does Kestal ability happens. Regardless it has no timing specified, for it to work it can be resolved at 2 moments: when attacker modifies defense dice, or righ after defender rolls the dice. The difference is the interaction with Palpatine.
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