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  1. Nice collection, especially the wheeled and walking. I use armour instead of shields on the majority of my ground vehicle designs. I tend to stick with values of 1 for medium armour and 2 for heavy. Armour - After defense has been resolved, before an attack hits, cancel hit results equal to the armour value. Armour is not removed.
  2. Ha, I did click on this expecting something frightful to appear. That however is beautiful. Works really well.
  3. On a slight aside, does anyone know the diameter of the Hoth ion cannon? I wouldn't mind scratch-building one if it's football size, urm soccer/bball, but I have a nasty feeling it's bigger, much bigger. Thanks
  4. Tried my first fortress a couple of weeks ago. I did what it was meant to do, just wasn't amazing... Bossk (35) - HLC (7), APL (2), Wingman (2), Inspiring Recruit (1), K4 (3) Moralo (34) - HLC (7), APL (2), Outlaw Tech (2) Plus 5 points of your favourite crew. Bossk sits at 45deg in one corner, Moralo at 22deg next to him. Bossk always 1 straights and Moralo always stops. APLs stop anyone sitting on your tail and shooting the other one. It was different and I had fun trying it.
  5. Yep, TLTs fate lies with the Aggressor. But it comes with one, so they playtested them together, right?
  6. Who knows what will happen with TLT. I might put the next wave of ships I get in a cupboard for six months, and then find out what I've bought...
  7. Oh why don't you fly in space little ships? They'd have been so sweet with my Sandcrawler and Sail Barge
  8. Looks like they'll be flying in close. If you want to change the Y, how do you feel about Torkil joining your pack. Torkil Mux (19) - Intelligence Agent (1), Autoblaster Turret (2), Vectored Thrusters (2) Help drop a threat before your fragile ships get shot at and some positioning assistance for Unkar. And you need chips on the tracer pirate.
  9. The Starviper's a good ship, but it's the low PS that hurts the most. It's an advanced ship, so how about some experimental tech (test it on the generics first) Prototype Integration - Starviper only, Non-unique only, Title. Increase your PS by 5. 0pts Like to see a Most Wanted 2 (More Wanted), 2 BS Kihraxz, Red etched Starviper. And some YT pilots!
  10. Maybe the Tie Aggressor will come with a similar title that has an additional bonus, then no-one will use the IG card, problem solved!
  11. A-Wings should have about Shields 5 by your calculation. TIE Defender should have 10 shields, lmaoMan...the horror. Could you imagine that? Any ship with 3 green and 10 shield would be.....scary. Haha, forget about the shield discrepancies, 2.5km range... We're going to need a bigger cardboard stick!
  12. ElGentleman

    Outdoor X-wing

    Definitely print off card lists. Played MTG in the sunshine, once. You could watch the cards curl up in front of you.
  13. G-1A. It reminds me too much of some sort of Citroen van that's been chaved up to the max with the biggest spoiler possible. Ugh.
  14. Certainly a different way to play! It's a house rule, so if you're enjoying playing it, that's all that matters. I'd probably equip my faction only upgrades at the start and then use a shared damage/upgrade deck to keep it balanced for the players with less cards, if that's an issue in your group.
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