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  1. Part of me is wondering if they were working on Rise of the Separatists as the started up Collapse, meaning to have them out a few months apart and Collapse of the Republic is actually what caused the delay.
  2. Maybe we're all sharing in a random sleep study and somehow the scientists tapped into a group dream state and initiated a nightmare and in reality, there is a posted release date and it it tomorrow. Look on the brighter side of things. We're all able to think what we want and complain. Well, until the stormtroopers show up.
  3. Maybe those space whales (At the end of SW" Rebels series) took the boat into hyperspace with them? Maybe the FFG base is trying to fend off an Imperial ground assault on their offices while they bug out. Maybe FFG had to recruit the ship crew for an assault on the Death Star because it got loose from a copy of Dawn of Rebellion. Maybe the boat left without a GPS and they're still looking for cell service to call the Aquatic AAA. Maybe they were looking for a shortcut and decided to travel from Hong Kong by way of the Atlantic. Just adding a few thoughts to the growing list of What if, maybes and conspiracy theories. lol And for those wondering, I've noticed updates on the site happen by evening on Thursdays from US point of view, so checking everyday isn't really necessary. Ooh! Maybe someone crossed the streams and the Terran Empire from the Mirror Universe "confiscated" the books AND the ship!
  4. I was wondering if there were going to be any updated erratas for any of the material. One of the players in my group pointed out to me that Ib Fully Operational, the "Dockyard Expertise talent shows a different number on the Shipwright tree than the actual description (25% cost reduction versus 20% in the full description). Also, the Cloaking Device vehicle attachment has a cutoff sentence at the end of its base Modifier description. Just wanted to point it out to anyone that may know.
  5. And so it begins. This Saturday, our group begins the game, and our GM, Trey, allowed for numerous things to be played, expanding the horizon of characters. Although Force-sensitives are allowed, no careers from the Force and Destiny line were permitted. I went so far as to make some additional trooper squad members as NPCs as I wrote up a past. Being a long time GM, I find putting that much effort into my characters as a player makes things more interesting and gives the GM more. I plan to post an update after the first session. Trey and I have been bouncing more ideas back and forth, and quite a few of the ideas presented in this thread seem to have lit up more than a galaxy full for the campaign. Once again, thank you and don't forget to tip your waitress/.
  6. To start off with, my group has 4 GMs in it, so we have regular Hash sessions for game ideas, helping each other out to help with settings and giving things to think about. The newest idea I chose to bring here for more opinions. One of ourGMs wants to run a F&D/AoR game that is an alternate SL. Timeframe will be around 0ABY, but his idea for an alternate timeline started with this" "What if Palpatine was found out to be the Sith Lord during the Clone Wars and was taken out before Order 66 was issued?" We've brought a few of the following questions and considerations to him. "When did they finbd him" He was considering right after episode 2, probably right before Revenge of the Sith. Other consideration were, if Dooku was still alive, he might be carrying on leading the Separatists in the Clone Wars, so it is most likely still going on. With a full bloen war going on that's been raging for the past two decades or so, what is going on with the heroes from the original trilogy? Han and Chewie? Are Luke and Leia born or did Anakin and Padme have some other kids that may be Jedi? Is Anakin back toward the light or is he in a gray area? Or did he fall trying to go after Dooku and Grievous? I'd like to know your opinions to be brought up for this? He's planning on a long campaign.
  7. Okay, so far I am loving this book as I read through it. However, one thing did catch my eye because it was something I was looking forward to: Under the Shipwright specialization tree on page 29, the Dockyard Expertise talent states that there is a reduction in time and price of 25% per rank of the talent. However, the full description of the talent lists the reduction as 20%. Unlike a majority of my group, I actually look at the talents themselves beyond the trees.
  8. I may have missed a post as I was trying to figure this out, but my players and I have enjoyed the crafting rules of the different Star Wars RPG lines for a while now. However, we noticed something quite strange while reviewing Endless Vigil on the Advanced Lightsaber construction rules. The basic lightsaber in all books is listed as having an unmodified Ilum crystal and has 5 Hard Points. Yet, the hilt for the same lightsaber WITHOUT any crystal installed has 5 Hard Points. My group tends to look at things several different ways, and I looked for some form of errata for the book. Not finding any, I have been experimenting with some slight adjustments. At the moment, I have been allowing my players to have the hilts of all types of lightsabers as 2 higher for now.If the players us a crystal that takes up more or less HP, then so be it, but for now, it seems to work out. Opinions?
  9. In my opinion, the curved hilt and the extended hilt use different styles of fighting. Examples are Count Dooku (curved hilt) and Luke Skywalker (extended in Return of the Jedi). Essentially, you are trying to put on the hilt of a duelist and the hilt of a power hitter. Common sense would say they are not compatible, and I would have to say no from a GM's point of view. I only say yes when a player can give me good cause to allow such controversial choices.
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