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    Flengin reacted to Fraggle_Rock in So...it's version 1.5, then   
    There are 168 upgrade cards in Armada. We know that there are at least 2 XI7 Turbolaser, and 2 Engine Tech cards (can't remember if that was in the stream or posted in the article). That leaves 120 extra cards for other duplicates and/or triplicates.
    Of the 168 Upgrade Cards, 77 are Unique (leaving 91 cards that could have duplicates). We're bound to have a few triples of at least 30 cards, right?
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    Flengin reacted to Suermel in So...it's version 1.5, then   
    I like the Card - Pack. I do own 2 Starter - Packs and therefore also 2 Vic‘s. But i never wanted to spend extra money for a 3rd stand alone Vic just to get Motti and that extra Title. Now i get that stuff way cheaper. Same goes with the SSD and ther Upgrades there 👍
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    Flengin reacted to TallGiraffe in So...it's version 1.5, then   
    Adding on to what Dras said, eventually you will get to the point where you HAVE to build a certain thing a certain way for it to work. It kinda removes choice in the matter. 
    Being able to change points via Tournament PDFs is good for the game. Now FFG can't constantly print changed cards which is understandable. This box of upgrade cards is really generous for what it is. At least 1 copy of EVERY card in the game already out? Sign me up for that. It's not like people will force you to use the new cards either. Just keep the updated Tournament PDF on your phone or print it out. 
    If you just play the game at home, then just use the cards you got. 
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    Flengin reacted to Mundo in So...it's version 1.5, then   
    Allowing you to put an objective token on each ship and use it once at timing of the player’s choice would make Tagge great. Like a fleet wide Walex Blissex.
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    Flengin reacted to Atromix in So...it's version 1.5, then   
    TURNS 1 & 6 LETS GO!
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    Flengin reacted to xero989 in After seeing preview what will you be buying this holiday season?   
    2 of each starter, 3 of each squadron pack, likely one upgrade card box, maybe 2 and maybe a dial pack depending on pass rules. 
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    Flengin reacted to shmitty in Would you like to know about Armada 1.5!?!?   
    I tend to see the Ace Cap as a kind of whole game balance.  
    If the data then starts to show a particular subset of aces being predominately taken those can be targeted with points adjustments or errata.  
    They seem to be starting with the big picture so that they are better set to address the details.  
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    Flengin reacted to xanderf in Sliding (Hangar Bay) Doors...   
    That would be my understanding.  When Star Wars was all but dead in popular culture and Timothy Zahn decided to start writing his Thrawn books and there wasn't anything like a formal story group to provide guidance, he was given the West End Game's RPG books as the 'background of the EU as it exists at this point'.
    That's also what LucasArts used as the basis for the ships in their X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and strategic games.
    So the 'small' Interdictor is definitely the most prevalent one in the EU.
    But the EU was poorly managed, and at some point some author made one of many mistakes and thought it was Star Destroyer sized.
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    Flengin reacted to Back Seat Admiral in Making Palp palpable   
    So with point adjustments coming, I know we all have opinions about who and what should be adjusted. In this conversation Emperor Palpatine will certainly be brought up.  While it’s probably unanimous that he should get a reduction in points for his conditional ability- I suggest going the other way- Making him a true menace. While his ability is pretty thematic, I feel for those points it needs to be more dreadful. I propose keeping his ability as written and add the following ( good thing we are getting larger text boxes):
    After deploying fleets, place four command dials each set for a different command. At the beginning of the ship phase you make discard one of these command dials. If you do for the remainder of the turn if a enemy ship resolves the chosen command as a dial it resolves the effect as if a token had been spent instead. 
    This might actually make the Dark lord if the Sith worth 35-40 points ( as the most powerful admiral should be). I think this truly represents the emperor’s power and control over others. 
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    Flengin reacted to cynanbloodbane in Thankyou   
    Fair enough. I apologise. 
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    Flengin reacted to Ginkapo in Thankyou   
    This is a thankyou thread not a moan thread. Please take this elsewhere. 
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    Flengin reacted to Formynder4 in Would you like to know about Armada 1.5!?!?   
    You'll be pleasantly surprised, I think. These doom and gloom predictions are hot-takes, but they're largely unfounded.
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    Flengin reacted to Bertie Wooster in Thankyou   
    Absolutely. Thank you FFG. 
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    Flengin reacted to Ginkapo in Thankyou   
    We asked FFG for game changes. We asked FFG to communicate more. We asked FFG to engage with the community more. 
    Whatever your opinion is on the changes can we take a moment to appreciate that FFG listened and took action. 
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    Flengin reacted to lunitic501 in Would you like to know about Armada 1.5!?!?   
    My guess would be at the beginning of the game u get 1 pass token for every fewer activation u have compared to your oppenent. So if u have 4 activations and they have 5 u get 1 token. If u have 3 and they have 7 then I get 3. Idk though thats just an idea
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    Flengin reacted to NebulonB in Would you like to know about Armada 1.5!?!?   
    I also understood it incorrectly first, that only 400 gives you the 4th ace. Would have liked that better, but admittedly would be harassment re list building. Still, a positive change.
    In any case, squad players are not due a lot of condolences imho: 4 aces, other uniques, strong rogues, they will find a way to be competitive; its MSU players (still; again) who are:
    Pass tokens sound threatening, Onagers and Starhawks are there, and other potential changes (upgrades, point costs) have yet to be revealed and evaluated in the new context. 
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    Flengin reacted to xanderf in Would you like to know about Armada 1.5!?!?   
    Huh, I've actually been tinkering with something hella similar, lately, as an OpFor vs my Imperial lists.  Although I leave the B-Wings and Jan Ors on an MC80(cc) with RLB.  (Only slight difference is replacing the pair of Y's with Norra, so if the enemy has no or few enough squads that the X-Wings are dealing with them, it's Norra and the Bs on the MC80 - which is *super* gross)
    Let me tell you - you do *not* want to get close to that ship.  And gods help you if you end up in a situation where it can last/first you...
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    Flengin reacted to shmitty in Would you like to know about Armada 1.5!?!?   
    We had so much fun with this one. Michael seemed to be having fun as well and was really pleased to see how excited everyone is about Armada.  
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    Flengin reacted to Church14 in Would you like to know about Armada 1.5!?!?   
    They will send a single scatter ace to lock down Shara, and bury tycho under a wall of fire. Just like before...
    Or they will bring intel and ignore the jack squat damage Shara and tycho  will do. Just like before...
    Or pound at them with flight controller fueled Squads that starter with 4 dice anyway. Just like before..,
    Or any number of viable strategies which didn’t change  
    • Biggs Darklighter (19)
    • Jan Ors (19)
    • 2 x X-wing Squadron (26)
    • Dagger Squadron (15)
    • Gold Squadron (12)
    • Ten Numb (19)
    • Norra Wexley (17)
    = 127 Points
    Go take this and run it. You’ll be fine. 
    oh wait. here is one with three aces. 
    • Biggs Darklighter (19)
    • Jan Ors (19)
    • Norra Wexley (17)
    • 6 x X-wing Squadron (78)
    = 133 Points
    Total Points: 133
    Oh wait, here’s a meatball with one ace. 
    • Jan Ors (19)
    • 4 x X-wing Squadron (52)
    • 3 x B-wing Squadron (42)
    • 2 x Y-wing Squadron (20)
    = 133 Points
    But this last screen must not be able to do any damage. It’s got too many generics. /s

    Its fine to be concerned about any changes, but you’re worried about nothing here
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    Flengin reacted to shmitty in Would you like to know about Armada 1.5!?!?   
    Nope, you heard it straight from Gernes.  Garm is the best.  
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    Flengin reacted to CaribbeanNinja in Would you like to know about Armada 1.5!?!?   
    Thank you so much for bringing this to us @shmitty.  I thought the questions were excellent, and was really happy that Michael Gernes was so enthusiastic and forthcoming with his answers.
    I am more excited about the future of Armada!  I can't wait tho see all of the new ships and changes they have planned.
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    Flengin reacted to LMarty8 in Would you like to know about Armada 1.5!?!?   
    You are allowed 4 squadrons in that fleet.

    You consider the fleet limit and are thus not penalized in your squadron limit, due to the presence of a bid.
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    Flengin reacted to Decarior in Would you like to know about Armada 1.5!?!?   
    Also who says that there won't be adjusting points cost of  squads? Some Aces should go up in price, some could come down. The same goes for generics like the YT-2400 is to efficient for its cost while the YV-666 and Gauntlet Fighter are to expensive.
    I think some people will be surprised what effective fleets you can build with 4 aces - looking over my full squadron fleets from last years most were mostly generics with ace support. Y-Wings with Norra, X-Wings with Biggs/Jan, Interceptors with Howlrunner backed up by Reserved Hangar Deck, medium imperial fighter wing +  4 TIE-Bomber group, Sloane with Phantoms.
    Yes. The classical (two-ship) Sloane Ace Ball and Rieekan Aces will be gone and that is a good thing. Hopefully this change will give a rise to medium fighter coverage's as they don't have to the deal with the much higher efficiency of aces as much.
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    Flengin reacted to Rune Taq in Would you like to know about Armada 1.5!?!?   
    I can't wait to see the details of the new pass mechanic.
    In my local meta no one runs squads anyway so it won't change much here.  People here just don't find max squads a fun list.  
  25. Haha
    Flengin reacted to Ginkapo in Would you like to know about Armada 1.5!?!?   
    I withdraw my thanks from @shmitty Garm sucks. 
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