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  1. I've had some success with him using a double large. Wide area barrage is also nice as it allows the ships to synergize with your squadrons.
  2. Nice write up. The other advantage of the title is that you don't have to give up a command token that you're hoping to use later on the Tantive in order to pass a token over. For example, if you're holding a nav command token which you are looking to use on the comms net ship/Tantive, but really need to pass over a squad token to another ship, the comms net first has to discard the nav token to do so, while the Tantive can hold onto the nav token while still passing over a squad token.
  3. I'll have a proper read through this later, but it seems like a great idea! Personally I wouldn't have put Mon Mothma in the Jank list. Her problem isn't so much that she's weak, but more that she's overshadowed by Reeikan. With him, leading shots, external racks, avenger and Ordnance experts out of the way, I think she'd actually feel like her powerful old self again. Edit: actually, never mind. Without TRC90s or Ordnance experts for MC30s she's not a very attractive option.
  4. I haven't played ritr so I really can't give an answer. The only bit of thought provoking I have for you is to ask about opportunity cost. Is that ability a lot better than the other commander ability options?
  5. The new EA game seems to be having a number of throwbacks to that game.
  6. I've been sitting on this one for a while, but now I'm just going to say it. There is a lot to like about the sequel trilogy. I personally really liked The Last Jedi. *ducks* There are also many problems with the sequel trilogy, I don't deny it. There are many things that get under people's skin, my own included. But its biggest problem, its biggest fault, is that those movies don't FEEL like Star Wars. And it's not because of anything to do with the plot, or the characters, or the lore, or even the scripts in general. It's because of how they start. Their problem its that there is no 20th Century Fox opening with a drum roll. And Star Wars movies just don't feel like Star Wars movies without that drum roll leading straight into the Lucas films music followed by THAT silence and then the ear drum blast. No drum roll. No Star Wars.
  7. I just loved the old X-wing/TIE fighter PC Game reference at 0:17.
  8. For the record, I'm also just about to go back and rework this campaign. I won't change any of the substance of it, just tidy up its formatting and add the odd rule that I missed.
  9. Thanks @Blail Blerg! I hear you on this one. Actually, one of my attempts at balancing the 7th chapter (it was initially too hard) was to increase the size of the board to 6'x3'. But this ran the risk of letting the game run on for 50+ turns as the player took advantage of the very limited range of the empire ships to simply fly in, do some damage, then fly out, repair, rinse and repeat. Which would have been boring, to say the least. You'll find that most of the chapters that have unlimited turns also have a natural - and often very visual- clock to them. For example: Chapter 2) The VCX's can't afford to sit around. So they're either getting shot to pieces or running for the table edge. Chapters 4, 5 and 9) The Icon acts as a natural clock. It has the added bonus of causing the tension to increase as the game progresses. Chapter 7 ) This one relies on hoping the player has a natural desire to grab the objectives as quick as possible. Once their ships are in token grabbing range the damage they should be receiving will be incentive enough to grab what they can and get out as fast as possible. The thing that will keep them at the table is the tension of damage control vs trying to get as many tokens as possible. Chapter 6) This one can go wrong. It didn't when we played it (it went for about 5 or 6 turns). As a GM you'll want to set up to make sure that you can take down both stations if you need to, which will end the game before it drags on too long. Chapter 8 ) This relies on the player having a natural desire to clear the table as quick as possible. It doesn't hurt that they are out gunned and more reinforcements are 'on their way'. Sure, the last few turn will probably be not much more than the player making the final distance to the finish line. But you can play those quickly. And if you build the story right it'll feel more like a triumphant dash to freedom. The bigger problem I have is that it feels like the campaign itself might drag on a bit too long and players will lose interest there. I'm not quite sure what to do about it. Maybe take out chapters 6 and/or 8? Sure. I'd be interested to see what you come up with. Keep me in the loop.
  10. Thanks @Redleg101! I am thinking of working on an Imperial counterpart before the year is out. I'll post it up when I'm happy with where it's headed. It'll have a lot of differences in story line and scenarios to this one, but will keep the general feel of 'starting out small and building up'. This is trickier to pull off with the Empire then with the Rebellion, but I've got some ideas. Your idea of capturing a ship has hit a spark with me. Fortunately, the old X-Wing/TIE fighter computer games features numerous ideas to blatantly steal for how to pull this off.
  11. If it had been GW it wouldn't have had anything but skulls.
  12. I'm just having fun trying to figure out who's taking the OP seriously and who's giving sarcastic replies. I think the first 4 replies (and Ginkapo) were at least mostly intended to be humerus. The rest seem to have taken it seriously. But to top it all off, I'm not sure if the OP was being sarcastic or not 😝
  13. Well, to be fair, I've tried and tried to run the Executor 2 variant in tourneys. But no matter what I do I can't even get through the first round with it!
  14. Last I heard, he'd moved onto another game. Maybe Drop Zone Commander or something like it. Don't take my word for it though.
  15. Oh yeah, those two are classic. Now to be fair, FFG did end up addressing this in the errata. Sooo squeaky wheels and all that...
  16. It never ceases to amaze me how much sarcasm goes over people's heads on forums. He at least has an excuse. So yeah. He did do well this time.
  17. Also.... An extra pack of dice. Probably 3 extra between your buddy and yourself. Plus, some extra maneuver tools. Construct one to just speed 2. If you're playing that you need to actually have the cards in order to play something, I'd also consider the two campaign packs somewhere down the line, as together they will triple you objective choices plus give you some other cool cardboard.
  18. Remember the time he tried to argue that the rules didn't forbid ships being deployed overlapping each other?
  19. Yep. And he was probably our most active member as well.
  20. I miss Lyraeus. He was so much fun.
  21. I could try faking an Admiral Nelson if that'd work instead 🙂 But I doubt I could pull it off convincingly.
  22. Hi everyone! I've recently started playing X-Wing and I'm finding that many of the near obligatory upgrades in Armada just aren't anywhere near as effective in X-Wing! For example, here's the list of upgrades that I've found to be just plain useless (so far. I've only played one game, so I'll probably find more as I go): - Leading shots (hard to believe, hey!) - Assault Concussion Missiles - Assault Proton Torpedoes - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits On the other hand, External Racks is still as much of a beast as ever! So, what do you reckon? This feels a lot like a purposeful design flaw to me. It's like FFG is trying to keep us Armada players from just walking in and dominating the X-Wing scene.
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