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  1. The empire had been throwing all it's production resources into the SSD. As many people have pointed out, they could make like 50 ISDs with the resources that gets put into a SSD. But they're the Empire where everything has to be 'super' big. That and the rebels keep on raiding their supply convoys. So, yeah, no other ships for the Empire for the moment...
  2. The simplest way of erratering him would be to make him only trigger when your opponent moves/removes a token. Just an opinion there, haven't tested it.
  3. Another idea I've had, but don't think is very good idea, is to rule that ship upgrade cards can only affect generics. So, everything from boosted comms and expanded hanger bays, to flight controllers, right through to yavaris and squall, could only affect generics.
  4. The biggest selling point with uniques vs. generics is that uniques generally give you higher quality ship activations. Consider a rebel fleet that only has two flotillas dedicated to pushing squads. What would you rather push? 4 generics or wedge, Dutch, Norra and ten? You would have to increase the cost of these squads almost to the point of unplayability before you wouldn't seriously consider taking them over generics. So, how about this. Fiddle with the points? Yes. But also grant some sort of bonus to a ship activating generics. Say, they can activate 2 generics per squadron point. Or can activate an extra genetic if they only activate generics.
  5. Welcome to the hobby! I believe you summed it up nicely with: Have fun!
  6. Somebody just bought their first Imperial class Star Destroyer!
  7. This does look interesting! Actually, what I'd be really keen to try is AI vs AI, remove the bonuses and see what happens...
  8. Where did you get it? I know someone was selling them on eBay a few years ago.
  9. Ahh, yeah, thanks. I missed that in the title. The 4 (5 with a CF) also threw me. The only ship I could come up with was that fit the description was a Gladiator. Though now I think about it there are many ways to get this with Rebels. 1) MC30 with rapid reload. 2) Hammerhead double arcing with either External racks or Expanded launchers. 3) MC75 with External racks. 4) Sato. There is also the a Raider 1 with External racks or Expanded launchers, but not Rebel, so moot point.
  10. Darth Vader (the commander version), if you're running Imperials. But like others have said, this may increase your plausible number of Hit/Crits but will very rarely result in all Hit/Crits.
  11. I like these rules and the thinking you have here. My one caveat is that I'd never want them to be introduced into the core rules, as learning the game is already quite the daunting task for new players.
  12. Your opponents list is ringing a bell for me from worlds. Can't remember who ran it though.
  13. Cluster bombs. We'd take them at 1, maybe even 2 points. But as it is they are expensive for a one use card that takes up a very important slot. Also, check out the old dodonnas ability. Not only did they lower the points cost but they made the ability stronger in 2 different ways as well.
  14. Well, I've been away for a while. Now I'm back. I see a lot of new faces I don't recognize (people have been breaking the first two rules of Fight Ships!!!) Soooo..... NECRO POWERS!!!!!
  15. Sorry @clontroper5 the link doesn't seem to be working. Every time I click it it takes me to some Youtube song. Never mind, I'll just check the FFG news page.
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