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  1. Flengin

    Implementing an APP for Armada without going 2.0

    I hear you on this one. For me, I'd be eager to see such an APP because I'm very interested in seeing points on certain over-costed upgrades come down. I personally don't think there's anything currently that needs a point increase so would be disappointed if anything did receive such a price hike.
  2. Flengin

    Triple MC-30 list?

    I rather like it on Landmothmonition. It's like a nice happy security blanket when I go nose-to-nose with my LS/XI7 ISD2 nemeses. On other shrimp, I think it's situational whether or not it's worth the price. It makes a decent substitute for squadron defense if you're going squadronless, though it's a bit overkill to take them and Mothma. At least the way I run them. Hmm, I can see what you mean in the case of your nemeses and with squads. How difficult do you find it to deny enemy ships the shot against an adjacent hull zone though?
  3. Flengin

    Triple MC-30 list?

    Duly noted. But, well, you know...Gink....Blail....sometimes I can't really tell the difference.... (jking) On a slightly more serious note, if I want a different point of view on something I'll call for Gink or Blail. If I just want someone who I already agree with I'll call for Dras or Ard ?
  4. Flengin

    Triple MC-30 list?

    Also, was it @Ginkapo or @Blail Blerg that used to do Ackbar Star destroyers? Can't remember, but be prepared for lecturing on sensor teams
  5. Flengin

    Triple MC-30 list?

    Paging @Ardaedhel Quick question: no Ordnance Experts? I'm also not sold on the Early Warning Systems on the MC30.
  6. Flengin

    Quick question for the maths gurus

    Correct. Assuming no cards have been delt yet and Dodonna isn't personally directing the shots.
  7. Flengin

    Worlds listbuilding advice

    Well...... ...... I was just going to bring Rogue Squadron and nothing else. Because according to the books, that should work..... But then I saw the Rebels TV series and thought "What the heck. I'll throw in Hera as well. Just to laugh at the expression on my opponents faces as they realise what I've done!" Then I read the rule book (mumble, mumble, grumble, needs a ship, grumble, grumble) But fear not! The perfect answer presented itself once again from the TV series! For they capture a Quasar during the series! And I looked it up! And Yes! A quasar does indeed count as a ship! MWHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!
  8. Flengin

    WTF??? (What The Fluff)

    I had heard it explained to me that after Motti dies his Wookie slaves escape and start stripping all the extra armour off his ships....
  9. Flengin

    CC: Upgrading ships.

    You and Tokra are correct. However, many of us play CC with a list of house rules. In the campaign I'm currently part of we allow a ship to change varient, but at the cost of half of the new varient's point cost (rounded up). So, for example, to change from an ISD II to an ISD I would cost 55 points. Or vice versa would cost 60.
  10. Flengin

    Tips for easier handling of squadrons?

    Paging @Ardaedhel The reverse of the above concept is one of these: https://www.amazon.com/YogaAccessories-Extra-Wide-Deluxe-Purple/dp/B00M7DN1MC/ref=sr_1_4?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1514584021&sr=1-4&keywords=yoga+mat+extra+wide I think that's the correct link. That link goes to purple but comes in black as well. I've bought one and never looked back. It's the exact size (6' x 3', more accurate than many playmats), is readily paintable and grips like a gekko. The only time I've had to lift a squad off the table to adjust the dial is if I just couldn't physically reach the dial (too many other squads/ships in the way) The only drawback is I'm not sure if they'd let you use it in a tournament.
  11. Flengin

    New FAQ

    One question that was floating around that didn't get addressed was whether you have to discard Boarding Troopers/Engineers if you use a dial rather than a token. ie. When using the card, do you: 1) have the choice between using a token plus discarding the upgrade or using a dial without discarding the upgrade OR 2) You have to discard the upgrade either way. While I'm firmly within the number 2 camp I can see the arguement for number 1, so would like this FAQ'd at some point.
  12. Flengin

    New FAQ

    1) No. The new ruling only affects commanders that have no effect upon friendly forces (ie. commanders who don't directly grant their ships/squadrons some kind of ability or benefit). The give away here (for the most part) is that you're looking for any instance of the word "friendly" on the commander card, particularly early on in the text. And then to ask the question "Is this essentially an effect upon my stuff or not?" If it is essentially upon your stuff then no, you don not have to pick one opponent for it to work against. It works against everyone. They put this ruling in because of how powerful Doddona is, with his blanket covering of every enemy ship. He (and Konstantine) is the only commander, to my mind, that this new rule affects at the moment. They didn't worry about nerfing Konstantine in this way because his effect is still fundamentally tied to his fleet. If he had given unconditional speed control (ie not requiring your opponent to be near his ships) then they almost certainly would have nerfed him as well. 2) Yes. And when the interdictor does come into play only ships that jump in after it will be affected by the token. 3) See first point. Essentially all admirals are still the same. Just Doddona isn't over-powered in an All Out Assault any more.
  13. Flengin

    FFG We Need to Nerf Darth Vader (Squadron)

    For whatever it's worth, I got it And even had a bit of a chuckle
  14. I've always held the definition of cute to be : Ugly, yet interesting. You know, like puppies......or babies.... So yeah. It's butt ugly. And cute. And those aren't in contradiction Kinda. We already have this one, at least on paper. It's what the Raider looks like with the Expanded Hanger Bay upgrade
  15. Flengin

    Reply to Warlordus

    An excellent point, I forgot to add that. The MC80 would be a classic for such an upgrade but for the gunnery team. The MC30 is another good candidate, but with it's far shorter range and having second player it's a much more difficult trick to pull off. The Neb is an unusual candidate for advanced gunnery, though I've often used one as my objective ship when I'm first player. This allows my escort frigate to shoot at squadrons without giving up the chance to shoot at a ship. Plus it doesn't give up as many points if it goes down.