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  1. I see many different suggestions, which kind of reflects my thoughts: So many ideas, can't really figure if one of them is the better choice!
  2. I 'll be flying a Defender for the first time in 2.0. The ship looks awesome, but it comes with a very heavy price. I currently own an Interceptor, Tie Advanced Prototype, 4 tie fighters, a Lambda, tie bomber and Tie Phantom. I thought I 'd go with a Defender, a Lambda as support, and another ace, but with the leftover point budget i dont like how the Lambda ends up. I also liked the idea of Soontir + Stealth Device as the other ace, but he becomes very pricey. Any ideas?
  3. I see that some people find it good that we no longer get points In the previews, as people started building lists months ahead of the ships release. That's not an issue caused by points people. FFG's disgusting marketing plan is to blame for that. They could just release the more detailed ship previews one month before release.
  4. Does anyone here get excited about reading new articles any more? This is the first time this happens to me, I see new 2.0 ship announcements and don't even bother clicking. What's the point, with so much information missing? Great, you gave this X pilot this cool new ability. Or you made interesting changes to a 1.0 upgrade. So what? I don't know their cost. I don't even know where I can slot some of them! The whole points-in-the-app thing is something I find positive for the game, but man they should at least find a way to make these articles interesting, or just dont release them at all until the app is out. Update: Please don't justify this new approach by saying that in 1.0 people used to build lists months ahead of release. FFG's idiotic article release schedule is to blame for that. And instead of changing it, they will keep bombarding us with articles months ahead of release , only now they will be completely point-less!
  5. Tbh making it reroll evade dice seems much more interesting and it doesn't seem to break anything
  6. Well this is surprising, I never once saw this community complain about the evade action and now that this change is here it seems it was actually a no brainer lol! I personally also agree with the whole need for the game to be faster etc, I just don't believe treating evade like that was the right way to go. It's nothing terrible, I just can't think of a situation where I'd pick evade over focus or reinforce. Just have to get used to it I guess.
  7. Evade was already the weaker alternative to focus. It all depended on what you are flying and how many green dice you had, but overall, you would see the focus action a lot more. Now they change evade so it doesn't add an evade result, it converts a green die to evade. Isn't that very, very weak? I think the cases where we choose to evade instead of focus will be even less now, unless the evade action is linked nicely with barrel rolls or boost. I think this is the only change I 've seen that doesn't really seem necessary. EDIT: Seeing some replies, I think it is important to remind that the Evade action doesn't exist in isolation, I believe it is important to keep in mind that unless you can do both, it directly competes with the focus action and all it brings to the table (defense and offence wise).
  8. Came here to say I'm annoyed with the misleading title. Unless OP missed the point as to why people are upset with conversion kits in the last 100000 posts that have been made the past 24 hours.
  9. Yeah that will definitely be the picture, but why wouldn't FFG (which Is already playing the greed game) want to get in the action there and sell a pack to you? I mean its just lost revenue for them.
  10. The only negative reactions I have noticed so far concerns the huge cost of upgrading our current fleets. I personally don't have any issues because 1 pack of each covers me (although I own only 3 rebel ships), but there are a lot of people that would need at least 2x packs for some factions. The price is a joke, I think we all know that, no need to defend FFG guys, let's just accept it's a money grab and move on. But the thing is, if they also release some mini packs, they could make those huge margins but also save us a lot of money. They could even sell them only directly from their online store, since I doubt retail stores would order a ton of single ship upgrade kits. If you do the math, I think that even if they overpriced them, we the customers still stand to gain if it spare us purchasing an entire pack. Do you think this is something that could be done?
  11. Lol genius. So since they are a business please explain, why don't they sell them for 200$ each?
  12. You are correct, you didn't say mindlink is broken, you said its the mindlink era. And im telling you it's not the mindlink era, its the J5k era. I call everything you and others say in here propaganda because its simply that: endless complaining or baseless arguments. You are part of the problem, cause you just answer with completely general answers like "all things in a list are connected" or "anyone that actually understands the game and the math involved" wont agree with my statements. Wow! That just convinced me that mindlink is a problem. Pure, textbook propaganda. I give you concrete, logical statements, which you, and literally everyone in these forums are unable to counter. I tell you you can remove mindlink and these ships will win, and you tell me no, anyone who understands the game will disagree. I wonder who these people are, and if they are so smart, why can they not offer an actual fact that proves this. Explain to me, why you re not just spreading propaganda when you have zero proof that mindlink dominates without being carried by j5k and friends how I have delusions that im right when you have 2 worlds winning lists that did not use mindlink. Then come and tell me I have no clue about the game.
  13. Yes, cause your voice is drowned in a sea of community propaganda saying you should only care about the x-wing.
  14. But people are crying, they are not objecting Mindlink is a great upgrade. Thats why the put in on those broken ships. Just like you said, why put anything weaker? That still doesn't make mindlink broken. Please, try to process this. I have repeatedly put it this simply: J5k/Rau/Asajj: Amazing ships, extremely strong performance with or without mindlink (most notable non mindlink builds: pre-nerf dengaroo, pre nerf triple scouts, current dengar-tel) Mindlink: Great upgrade for almost all scum lists, and extremely strong performance when paired with the ships mentioned above. Logical conclusion: If those ships perform extremely well with or without mindlink, but mindlink needs those ships to shine, then you first have to look at the ships. You cannot see it from any other angle if you are just adding together the pieces. IF and ONLY if after fixing the ships, you still saw mindlink lists dominate tournaments (1000$ bet you wouldn't, and I wish people had the balls to admit it) THEN you would look at mindlink. You my friend (or anyone here), simply cannot make the case that mindlink is broken, when there is zero data to support it. Until we see other mindlink fleets dominating tournaments, you just cant make the case. This is not true the other way around, since (some of) those ships are seen in lists not including mindlink (hint: they went on to win worlds). Put logic before forum propaganda please.
  15. Why a nightmare? In what sense?
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